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Personalized home page school speak(2)


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Personalized home page school speak(2)

  1. 1. SchoolSpeak SchoolSpeak is a holistic and simple to useweb based school management solution built solely for Elementary and Middle Schools. It is an effective and efficient day-to-day operational tool with focus on getting things done in the school community.
  2. 2. PersonalizationSchoolSpeak ensures:•Personalized delivery of information•Every user in the system - administrator, teacher, parent or student -has a login•No searching or clicking around to find the information•No Spam - nothing irrelevant is shown to you It is important that everyone can easily find any and all relevant information with great ease and nothing is missed.
  3. 3. SchoolSpeak Login Page ?? ll T eam etba Bask Team?? zed ic li Mus Persona a Get Page … e Hom
  4. 4. Personalized Login
  5. 5. School Personalized Screen
  6. 6. Staff Personalized Screen
  7. 7. Grade 1 Screen
  8. 8. Why SchoolSpeak? Solution for Elementary & Middle School Community Personalized solution that eliminates use of paper Customize the way you want Easy to use with familiar click and go Improves parental involvement Hosted, no IT administration and maintenance Secured and automated updates One stop solution for your entire school web needs Affordable Cost And much MORE…
  9. 9. Clientele And Many More…
  10. 10. THANK YOU !!(877)