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The 7 Traits of Successful Sales Hunters


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Most sales reps are mediocre. Others know what it takes to get a leg up, and consistently outperform the crowd.

Which category do you fall into?

Discover the winning behaviors of successful sales reps in this presentation from Business Wise Insiders, your local networking and biz-dev ideas group for Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

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The 7 Traits of Successful Sales Hunters

  1. 1. The 7 Traits of Successful Sales Hunters: How to Consistently Outperform Your Competition
  2. 2. Most sales reps are mediocre. FACT Others know what it takes to get a leg up, and consistently outperform the crowd.
  3. 3. There are 7 traits that separate successful sales hunters from the competition... ...can you name them?
  4. 4. CREATIVE ASSERTIVE DECISIVE COMPETITIVE Which of these traits is among the TOP 7 behaviors of successful sales hunters?
  5. 5. TRAIT No. 1: Be Assertive
  6. 6. WINNING TRAIT: WHY IT WORKS: Assertiveness Your prospects want someone to give them honest advice about how to solve problems and address priorities without being coddled or “sold to.” Assertive sales reps successfully strike that balance. They are willing to step out of their comfort zone to give their prospects what they need, rather than serve their own interests.
  7. 7. THE ASSERTIVENESS “SWEET SPOT” Too UnpredictableToo Risk-Averse Don’t Care Enough Too Competitive Too Sociable Too AggressiveASSERTIVE ASSERTIVE ASSERTIVE
  8. 8. Even as you use assertive behavior, remain mindful of rapport-building with your prospect. Don't let your competitive urges overtake the need to be professional and tactful. Always strive to earn your prospect’s respect and trust, not just to close another deal. Wise Guys Tip
  9. 9. SAVVY QUESTIONER PROSPECT PAIN DISCOVERER COOL HEADED NEGOTIATOR RELIABLE PROBLEM SOLVER Which of these traits is among the TOP 7 behaviors of successful sales hunters?
  10. 10. TRAIT No. 2: Discover Your Prospect’s Pain
  11. 11. WINNING TRAIT: WHY IT WORKS: Prospect Pain Discovery Your prospect needs a reason to buy. The better you help quantify your prospects' pain—and its intensity—the greater the need to eliminate the pain with allocated dollars. Pain that's acutely felt leads to action.
  12. 12. Ask probing questions, analyze the answers, and use your powers of deduction and empathy to help your prospects realize just what "pains" them: PAIN QUESTIONS “If changing your approach isn’t a top priority right now, what are your top priorities?” “Wow, I don’t hear that very often. Can you share some of the details of what you’re doing so I can understand what’s working so well (and maybe use it for myself!)?” “I hear that a lot. What’s the one thing you would change about your process if you could?” “It sounds like your process is firing on all cylinders! Are there things about your process you wish were better?” “It sounds like things are going pretty well. Are you ever concerned about [INSERT COMMON PROBLEM]?”
  13. 13. Even in a soft economy, when your prospect believes he has a problem worth solving, “no” budget may become a “found” budget. And the tougher the economic climate, the greater the likelihood to uncover pain. Wise Guys Tip
  14. 14. KNOWS PROSPECT INSIDE & OUT BUILDS STRONG RELATIONSHIPS FOCUSES ON RESULTS COLD CALLS CONSISTENTLY Which of these traits is among the TOP 7 behaviors of successful sales hunters?
  15. 15. TRAIT No. 3: Cold Call Consistently
  16. 16. WINNING TRAIT: WHY IT WORKS: Consistent Cold Calling Successful sales hunters don’t wait for prospects to find them. Targeted, efficient cold calling is a critical component of any proactive sales regime. If you cold call consistently—and effectively— you’ ll fill your pipeline faster. If you don’t, you’ll lose opportunities to the competition.
  17. 17. COLD CALLING STATS ...of successful connections require 6-12 “touches” (more cold calls = more touches = successful connections). 78% ...of sales are made on the first contact, while... ...of sales reps quit after the first “no” (sales reps who cold call persistently have a leg up on half of the competition). ..are made on the fifth through twelfth contact (a well-placed cold call can dramatically increase your success rate). 2% 80% 44%
  18. 18. If you’re struggling to make calls, try the “5 After 5” Rule: Set a daily goal to make 5 calls after 5pm. You’ll be able to go about your daily routine without having to find time for cold calls... and you may find that your prospects are more likely to be at their desks. Wise Guys Tip
  19. 19. EXHIBITS EMPATHY PLANS THE SALES PROCESS CONTRIBUTES TO THE TEAM DEFTLY MANAGES CONFLICTS Which of these traits is among the TOP 7 behaviors of successful sales hunters?
  20. 20. TRAIT No. 4: Plan Your Sales Process
  21. 21. WINNING TRAIT: WHY IT WORKS: Plans the Sales Process While the outcome rests with your prospect, the process is within your control. A focus on process creates an optimal dynamic for both you and your prospect. If you deliver what you promise in terms of insight and value, you’ll earn your prospect’s trust and respect… and a lot more sales.
  22. 22. KEY ELEMENTS OF THE SALES PROCESS Rituals & Processes How do you connect with prospects? Generate leads? Land clients? Find what works, then replicate and refine. Tools & Technology High-quality tools (databases, CRMs) enhance your ability to generate new business, and demonstrate a commitment to success. Language & Communication Verbiage that’s unique to your team and ongoing communication reinforce your process and engage everyone in its success. Social Structure Managers who also sell and high commission rates for reps engender mutual respect and pride in the craft of sales.
  23. 23. Regular sales meetings are a great way to reinforce your sales process. Have each sales rep review their bests and worsts from the past week. You’ll generate dialogue about what’s working, what isn’t, and how to constantly refine and improve. Wise Guys Tip
  24. 24. Which of the following would a successful hunter be MOST likely to say? “I have boundless energy and stamina.” “I’m proud to serve my clients as a B2B sales rep.” “I am 100% confident in my abilities.” “I set goals, then I achieve them.”
  25. 25. TRAIT No. 5: Consider Sales Your Profession
  26. 26. WINNING TRAIT: WHY IT WORKS: Professional Sales as Career Identity The sales profession faces an uphill battle in terms of buyer perception. Sales has earned a spot among the least trustworthy professions. Avoid falling victim to the same misperception. If you take pride in your job as a sales rep, you’ll stand out from the crowd, and be more likely to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial professional relationships.
  27. 27. WHAT MAKES A SALES PROFESSIONAL? Sell your unique insights: offer knowledge and expertise in addition to your product. Keep learning to hone your craft: seek to understand more about your product and your prospect. Serve your client, not yourself: solve problems and address priorities—don’t push a solution that doesn’t fit.
  28. 28. Stop thinking of sales as a “job.” Think of sales as a profession—on par with doctors, lawyers, scientists, chefs, and entertainers—whose primary goal is to help people solve problems and address priorities (rather than merely sell stuff). Wise Guys Tip
  29. 29. LIKEABLE & SOCIABLE THOUGHTFUL LISTENER TRAINING INVESTOR & PRACTITIONER EMOTIONALLY OBJECTIVE & COMPOSED Which of these traits is among the TOP 7 behaviors of successful sales hunters?
  30. 30. TRAIT No. 6: Invest in Training
  31. 31. WINNING TRAIT: WHY IT WORKS: Training Investor & Practitioner Often, the difference between winning and losing is a very small margin. Sales hunters who seek an advantage by investing in training expand their horizons, learn more about what works and what doesn’ t, and gain a critical edge over their competitors.
  32. 32. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSESAVERAGE BUSINESSES ...invest just 3% of gross sales in training. ...reinvest almost 10% of gross sales in training.
  33. 33. Training leads to more than just closed deals. Use training to create a consistency in your approach to the sales process. Your prospects and clients will interpret that consistency as credibility, longevity, and a commitment to success. Wise Guys Tip
  34. 34. CONSISTENT ROLE PLAYER STUDENT OF PSYCHOLOGY BIG PICTURE THINKER LIFELONG LEARNER Which of these traits is among the TOP 7 behaviors of successful sales hunters?
  35. 35. TRAIT No. 7: Role Play Consistently
  36. 36. WINNING TRAIT: WHY IT WORKS: Consistent Role Playing Role playing for sales reps is like the practice field for athletes. Reps who practice more perform better when it matters. Sales hunters who role play are better equipped to handle the most challenging sales situations with poise and professionalism, and to convert hard-to-get prospects into clients.
  37. 37. ROLE PLAY TIPS Practice a range of different scenarios (different titles, company types) Take turns playing the sales rep role, prospect role, and “fly-on-the-wall” role Offer positive feedback before, and more frequently than, negative feedback Make it challenging without being embarrassing Engage both managers and sales reps Review recent real world challenges
  38. 38. Remember to practice harder than you play. Interrupt. Nitpick. Express skepticism. Ask for clarification. If you make your role play scenarios especially challenging (while keeping them realistic), the real thing will seem easy in comparison. Wise Guys Tip
  39. 39. INSIDERS
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