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Staying relevant in a data-driven world: FME training module for instructors


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Organizations across the world depend on data integration to deliver information and make better decisions. The need for data continues to grow so exponentially that in 2017, The Economist dubbed it “the world’s most valuable resource.” Students graduating from post-secondary institutions are expected to have strong data analytics skills to succeed in the job market of the future. However, existing education often doesn’t recognize the difficulties posed by a proliferation of data formats and data silos. Recognizing this demand and challenge, this free introductory-level training module for FME Desktop was developed for instructors to easily incorporate FME into their curriculum in Geography or related disciplines. This webinar will dive into the contents of this module, offer instructions on delivery, and a demo of the lab exercises.

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Staying relevant in a data-driven world: FME training module for instructors

  1. 1. Introduction to Safe Software’s FME® Staying relevant in a data-driven world FME training module for instructors
  2. 2. HELLO Your photo here Cat Gracey Customer Engagement Program Manager Safe Software Your photo here Sam Walker, Ph.D. Education Developer & Analyst Safe Software
  3. 3. AGENDA 01. Introduction to FME Platform 02. Free licenses for students and instructors 03. Benefits of teaching FME 04. Demo of higher education module 05. Delivery options for module 06. Wrap-up
  4. 4. OUR MISSION To help you maximize the value of your data.
  5. 5. “When students graduate from university, they leave the safe environment of the computer lab and encounter so ware and format chaos.” Lassi Tani Spatialworld Oy
  6. 6. CHALLENGE: DATA SILOS Organizations spend a lot of money collecting data. However, the data is often stored in unuseable formats, siloed in other department’s systems or needs to be transformed. Students will encounter this problem at any job that uses data. GIS Department Permitting Department Finance Department
  7. 7. SOLUTION: DATA INTEGRATION GIS Department Permitting Department Finance Department “The discipline of data integration comprises the practices, architectural techniques and tools for achieving the consistent access and delivery of data across the spectrum of data subject areas and data structure types in the enterprise to meet the data consumption requirements of all applications and business processes.” - Gartner
  8. 8. “Without FME, such a project would have required such intensive manual labor that it wouldn't have been practical to create.” Niels la Cour UMASS Amherst
  9. 9. FME Workspace Example
  10. 10. FME® Integration Platform FME Desktop FME Server FME Cloud Connect. Transform. Automate. FME is the data integration solution with the best support for spatial data worldwide. Build & Run Workflows Automate Workflows (on-premises) Automate Workflows (cloud)
  11. 11. Real industry technology and challenges Gain marketable skills Competitive edge in the job market BENEFITS FOR STUDENTS
  12. 12. EnergyUtilities Government TelecomCommercial Transportation AEC and more! INDUSTRIES THAT USE FME
  13. 13. How does this benefit instructors? Connect to Industry FME training can expose students to real industry challenges. Innovation FME has been used successfully in innovative research projects. Great opportunity for industry collaboration on research. Free Resources Safe Software provides free learning resources and licenses.
  14. 14. COMMUNITY MANDATE Safe Software supports the growth of youth, women, and cleantech in our local community.
  15. 15. PARTNERSHIPS Tech recycling programs, eco-friendly building SFU Technovation, FRAFCA, Future Science Leaders Driving WinTech, Girls in STEAM, Hacking for Humanity Women in Tech Development of Youth / Education Clean Tech
  17. 17. It’s easy! ● We ask about you ● We ask about your institution ● We ask about your course APPLYING FOR THE GRANT PROGRAM
  18. 18. FME FOR EDUCATION “I was able to say I come with an FME license. I was hired!” - Kelly Dell, City of Niagara Falls, Canada STORY Kelly Dell quit her job as a City Planner in Alberta and moved to Ontario to gain a graduate degree in GIS. While there, she learned how to use FME. Upon graduation, she received a free graduate license for a year, which was portable to an employer. RESULTS ● Upon graduation, Kelly’s FME skills landed her a job offer from a engineering consulting company ● Kelly leveraged her FME skills into her current role as an Engineering Asset Management Analyst at the City of Niagara Falls BUILDING A CAREER WITH FME > Read more on our blog
  19. 19. FME FOR RESEARCH “Using FME to create a visualization of patients’ vision has been helpful in not only allowing us to see changes over time, but also in explaining to patients what the test results are.” - Jasleen Kaur Jolly, MSc BSc(Hons) MCOptom, Oxford Eye Hospital PROJECT Mapping patients’ eyes to assess the progress of genetic eye diseases and to document trial treatment results. SOLUTION Applied GIS analysis techniques to a novel field in medicine. RESULTS ● Visualization of vision changes over time aids researchers ● Results shared with patients to explain changes to their vision ● Shortlisted for 2 AGI awards in 2015 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD > Read more on our blog
  20. 20. DEMO
  22. 22. DELIVERY Lab ○ Same as Introduction to FME Desktop course. About 4 hours of content. Can cover as much or as little as desired. Data integration scenario ○ More of a real-world scenario ○ Has a walkthrough with step-by-step instructions that takes about 30 minutes ○ Has an open-ended data integration challenge that takes about an hour Lab questions ○ 20 multiple choice or open-ended questions available for use as an assignment ○ Answers only available to instructors, email for access ○ Has an essay question that can be modified for an assignment If you have very little time, or you want to learn a bit of FME yourself, just use this instead: Getting Started with FME Desktop
  23. 23. FREE RESOURCES WE’RE ALL ABOUT Getting Started Online Courses On Demand Live chat > Tutorials and webinars > Instructor led > Live and hands-on > Video courses & demos > Knowledge Base > "We had a really tight time constraint... FME Server really helped us because it was so sane." - Jokob Lagerstedt, Systems Engineer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences “I’m not a programmer… I think FME is magical. It’s transformed what I do. ” - William L. Ellis, Associate Professor of Biology, Saint Leo University
  24. 24. THANK YOU! Higher Education training module: Sam Walker (FME in higher education inquiries) Cat Gracey (grant program inquiries) Any questions we can answer?