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RFID Deployment India


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This presentation is all about limitless possibilities of RFID. Sharvani Infosolutions is a leading RFID Product , Project and Services Company

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RFID Deployment India

  1. 1. RFID Limitless Possibilities Enabling Automatic Data Capture Contact: Vijay S Shukla, 9810055734,,
  2. 2. About RFID Deployment Possibilities
  3. 3. Some Applications for which the RFID may be used Attendance  Access / Canteen etc  Loyalty / Membership Card /  Bonus point card toward curricular activities High level secure and cost  effective at mass level – E Ticketing – Cash card – File management System 
  4. 4. More Applications Healthcare Pharmaceuticals 2% to 7% of drugs in the US and 80% Lost/Stolen equipment accounts for up in some Third World countries are to $4000/bed/year in US Hospitals. counterfeit Transportation Supply Chain, & Logistics Mfg. & Retail RFID can help significantly reduce P&G believes that RFID can reduce their Cargo theft, loss, and damage in the RFID inventory by 1/2. 8-12% of items in transportation and logistics industry stores are out of stock at any one time Airline Industry Asset Tracking RFID can help more accurate and real- 1.5 Billion Bags carried each year. time tracking of almost any asset Each lost bag costs the airlines $100. resulting in better asset utilization
  5. 5. OEM solution - Integrate with own hardware Like pay phones – Pay TV – ENERGY Meter – Vending machines – Secure Warranty card – for your products
  6. 6. RFID In Warehouse Logistics RFID tagged pallet stored Warehouse in the warehouse. WMS updated. RFID reader on forklift reads the 3. 5. RFID tag on pallet. WMS validates correct pallet is picked up. 2. Machine Software enables tagging Untagged 1. of pallets. Data base pallets Shipping at receiving Receiving 6. WMS creates a pick list in response to a RFID reader at the dock door reads shipping order, pick list includes ID on RFID tag data on pallet and container. pallet RFID tags. Warehouse personnel start 4. WMS ensures correct pallet goes into aggregating the pallets for the container. the container. Container content info. updated in the Equipment Mgmt System
  7. 7. World's Third Largest Retailer Completes Warehouse RFID Implementation Metro Group Metro Group, the world's third biggest retailer operates 2,500  stores in 30 countries, and employs more than 240,000 people. Deployed RFID for more than 50,000 pallets with a tag-read  rate of 99% accuracy. Metro began its RFID rollout in November 2004.  Benefits : Company hopes to eventually reap are reduced  shrink and loss of inventory, fewer out-of-stock conditions at the store level, more efficient transportation and logistics, reduced inventory and lower labor costs associated with receiving goods.
  8. 8. Expected Benefits Warehouse Labor Cost Reduction  Reduce counterfeiting for goods like medicines,  eatables, CDs & DVDs etc Inventory reduction due to safety stock  Reduction in receiving labor costs  Reduction in picking costs  Reduction in transportation verification costs  Reduction in overall warehouse costs 
  9. 9. Unexpected Benefits Better shipment tracking  POD (point of Delivery) verification  Better visibility of inventory at customer.  Improved internal processes.  Business transformation (demand pull) 
  10. 10. More About RFID
  11. 11. About The Technology (SR solution) Higher security level – Anti clone technology  Unlike other technologies, no known duplicates of the  card available Higher data rate (speed of communication) and Faster  transaction Easy to meet Global standards – 14443 B Type  Easy to meet competition – Works well under noisy environments 
  12. 12. About The Technology Chief usage – Reads ID from a distance of 5 cm and take  appropriate action – Stores data of ID and time – Can send data to relevant server – Can authenticate a person – And also open an electronic lock if authenticated. – Additional data can also be stored in the card for varied  applications A number of additional logics can also be taken care. 
  13. 13. Other Advantages and Technology comparisons A latest design, working directly with DIAC  Long term approach, brings in strategic advantage –  Future product up gradations will be at a fraction of cost. Zero rejections unlike Biometrics (Finger based), which  depends on probability matching. The problems are more acute as the temperatures go down. Also the technology fails to address clearly with one percent of all population. This problem leaves users of this technology with stressful administrative hurdles.
  14. 14. Other Advantages and Technology comparisons Cannot be duplicated in any way, again unlike  biometrics where high tech frauds are still possible, as leaving a fingerprint on a glass can make your identity theft vulnerable. The card duplicates as a photo ID card, which is  an instant human identification, difficult to carry other person’s identity.
  15. 15. About The Product – Short Range Reader for Access control cards and related devices, Specifically for 13.56MZ  tags Unique tag ID’s  Type B Reader – ISO 14443 based  Distance 5 - 7 cm  USB or RS 232 interface to PC  Operation – on line / offline  Memory – for 100 employees and 6 months @ 4 time stamps a day. (This can  be configured to suit requirements) LCD based modules – for stand alone applications 
  16. 16. About The Product – Long Range . RFID UHF Reader  Multi protocol (EPC Class 1 Gen 1/2 and ISO  18000-6B/C tags) /multipurpose application in different areas. Regulation: 865-867 MHz, EIRP 3.53 W (India).  Maximum working range 7m (ideal conditions) 
  17. 17. About The Product – Long Range . This Reader can be used in application within 4-  6m of range with suitable tag. The external UHF antenna with 3m-5m RF cable  can mount as per the required application. The reader with a desktop based software (.NET)  consol where user can read/write and changes lots of parameters.
  18. 18. Software – SQL based A basic level attendance software, which takes care of all  attendance requirement Excellently networked, you can see reports in any PC on the  network, which is attached to the central data server Special Password protection and management software  module for appropriate security levels. Modules to enter data into the database for anomalies like card  not punched, or leave or On duty management or like shift management. It can be integrated to other advanced payroll systems. 
  19. 19. Extended Connectivity GPRS  Motorola Modems  Availability of server based data support,  which can be accessed from anywhere on the world Mobile based data access 
  20. 20. Online Connectivity
  21. 21. Addons – More Intelligent GPS – to get the location of a person or  asset (Call centre / Logistics application) – Landline support  More switches and safety systems support  Automatic SMS Notification 
  22. 22. Case Studies OEM solution for a call centre at Mumbai. – GPS GPRS and RFID all rolled into one  Online Tracking of  – 4000 employees – 300 vehicles – Along with drivers – Time based – Location based Attendance / Access solution in various Industries –
  23. 23. Go To Market Strategy SIPL Go To Market strategy involves active – partnerships with RFID Tags and Card Suppliers Original Machine Manufacturers - DiacSpaa – Local Partners and Dealers at various locations. – Direct Implementation (We implement solutions – directly without diluting project ownership)
  24. 24. The Road Ahead • Know the problem you want to solve. Understand your current processes. • Contact Us, Get Educated, Be Informed about limitless possibilities • Team up with SIPL and do a study on RFID deployment and deliverables • Ask SIPL to do a Pilot …….. • Go Big, Deploy, Reap the Rewards • Showcase your smart RFID deployment to the world
  25. 25. Contact Us For Any Further Details, Contact Vijay S Shukla, 9810055734, Thankyou