B2B Email Benchmark Summary 2013


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The B2B email benchmark report includes numerical data such as Open Rates, Clickthrough Rates and Unsubscribe Rates for each industry to help you gauge your own email activity and identify potential areas for improvement.

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B2B Email Benchmark Summary 2013

  2. 2. Kenneth has enjoyed a marketingcareer both agency and client side.With over seven years experiencewriting B2B and B2C copy, Kennethhas created content for a widevariety of industries.Enthusiastic about all things copy, hehas a proven track record of creatingcontent capable of generating leads,sales and revenue.In the role of Head of Content atReally B2B (a SundayTimes Top 100firm and ranked agency in B2BMarketing’s Agency League), Kennethis responsible for creating a strongbrand personality and craftingcontent for our B2B clients whichgenerates action and solid ROI.Kenneth is passionate about writingthat gets results.THE AUTHORKenneth Connolly
  3. 3. It’s now time to benchmark your B2B lead generationemail activityIn this Email Benchmark Report we’ll discuss email metrics such as OpenRates, Clickthrough Rates and Unsubscribe Rates. But, more importantly,we’lllook at the numerical data of each particular industry to enable you tobenchmark your own email activity and identify potential areas forimprovement.Why is it so important to address the industry?Well, to put it simply, whatworks for some, appears not to work so well for others.We all know that email marketing works best as part of an integratedcampaign, but in some industries, is this marketing channel more or lesspowerful?At Really B2B, we regularly find that as a lead generation tool, email is anexcellent choice of communication channel - hence its inclusion in 98% of allour lead generation campaigns for our clients.However, let’s look at some data...www.reallyb2b.com
  4. 4. Open rates are the first hurdle in any email marketing campaign.You’ve donethe difficult part of researching the best sending days and times; you’ve used a‘from’ name which you know your reader will recognise and you’ve written aneye-catching and interesting subject line. But, what if you’ve got all theseelements right and your open rates are still low? Is it simply your industry?Using the table above (from 2012 Silverpop Email Metrics Study) you can seethat the average open rate can differ hugely from one industry to the next. Forexample, the Computer Software industry has an average open rate of 24.7%while Education only has an average open rate of 15%. So does this mean thatemail as a communication channel is pointless in certain industries? Certainlynot.Look closer and you’ll see that the top quarter figures in industries such asFinancial Services and Media & Publishing reached a whopping 48% while theiraverage was only in the low twenties.EMAIL OPEN RATESwww.reallyb2b.com
  5. 5. Once your email has been opened, how many people read your copy andclicked on your well written CallTo Action (CTA)?As with the open rates, the average clickthrough rates are rather widespread –ranging from a low of 2.3% to a high of 8.9%.TheTravel & Leisure industry issuffering particularly badly with low numbers across the board.With open rates, the only things which can effectively change the result are thesend day/time, the ‘from’ address and the subject line. But, with clickthroughrates, your copy, content and CTA are all under scrutiny.So, granted the table above would suggest that email marketing in particularindustries is not worth the time, effort and money. However, this data is alsodependant on the quality and relevance of the email content. By using personadocuments (to create a ‘picture’ of your prospects), integrated Social Mediaand real-time data you can create content that is personalised, targeted andrelevant to your particular reader. By providing your prospect with the contentthey want, when they want it, you will surely see an increase in clickthroughrates.EMAIL CLICKTHROUGH RATESwww.reallyb2b.com
  6. 6. It is also important to consider whether a clickthrough is your main CTA. Ifyour business is looking to generate leads or appointments for your sales team,then the call to action may simply be ‘reply’.The purpose of this type ofcommunication is to encourage your prospects to engage with you, thereforeproviding you with insight and an appointment to convert. In this instance, theclickthrough rate would not be a key performance indicator.EMAIL CLICKTHROUGH RATESwww.reallyb2b.com
  7. 7. Unsubscribe rates are generally low, howeverTravel & Leisure has againsuffered with an average unsubscribe of 1.64% and a bottom quarter of 6.77%.In the last section of this report, I discussed the need for prospect insight inorder to create personalised, targeted and relevant copy/content.Theseunsubscribe rates are basically a reflection of people not engaging with theemails they are receiving and therefore unsubscribing from the mailing list.That is not to say that unsubscribe rates can be eradicated entirely, but theycan certainly be reduced by sending the right content to the right people at theright time. For example, if you know that your prospect is tied into a 12 monthcontract with one of your competitors, you can use email in a more timelymanner and strike when you know they are entering the buying cycle.Obviously you won’t ignore them until that point, but there are othermarketing strategies (content and inbound marketing) which you can use in themeantime to help nurture them until they are ‘sales ready’.EMAIL UNSUBSCRIBE RATESwww.reallyb2b.com
  8. 8. So, is email a waste of time in certain industries?Theanswer is no.As mentioned in our B2B Marketing Survival Guide for 2013, email as acommunication channel has a part to play in every integrated marketingcampaign regardless of industry. However, the only way to see good resultsfrom emails is to use them correctly.Know your prospects better than they know themselves.What they like, whatthey dislike, what their pain points are and what they are looking for.With thisinformation utilised in the correct way, you should see an increase in both openand clickthrough rates and a reduction in unsubscribe rates. But mostimportantly,you’ll be delivering leads, appointments and sales for yourorganisation.www.reallyb2b.com
  9. 9. LOOKING FORBUSINESS GROWTH?At Really B2B, our campaign research has show that weregularly exceed average industry open rates by almost4%. How do we do it...?Get in touch and we’ll show you how.We’d love to discuss your objectives for 2013 and howour B2B lead generation services can help supportyour business growth.If you’re interested in improving your lead generationprocesses, request a meeting.© Really B2B, 1000 Lakeside, Western Road, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hants, PO6 3ENwww.reallyb2b.com