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Catholic conferencedenver2013

  1. 1. Eating is a Moral ActHow food choices impact planet, people,animals, health and communityCatholic Media ConferenceJune 2013By Mike Callicrate
  2. 2. 2“Agriculture is a business, not a way of life!”"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." - MikeCallicrate.comTeaching of land-grant institutions fromaround forty years ago to present
  3. 3. Where does your food come from?
  4. 4. "Let us not forget that the cultivation ofthe earth is the most important labor ofman. When tillage begins, other arts willfollow. The farmers, therefore, are thefounders of civilization."-- Daniel Webster
  5. 5. "There seem to be but three waysfor a nation to acquire wealth: thefirst is by war, as the Romans did,in plundering their conqueredneighbors --- this is robbery; thesecond by commerce, which isgenerally cheating; the third byagriculture, the only honest way,wherein man received a realincrease of the seed thrown into theground, in a kind of continual miracle, wrought by thehand of God in his favor, as a reward for his innocentlife and his virtuous industry.“Benjamin Franklin, "Positions to be Examined Concerning National Health," April 4, 1769
  6. 6. Photograph from the book, Great Ranches of the West ©2007 Jim Keen, All Rights ReservedRead a sample chapter and order the book at – 800-363-5336The National Security issueno one is talking about!6
  7. 7. Grocery Manufactures AssociationThere is money in the food business…7
  8. 8. N7100C – CargillN199HF – Hormel FoodsN97SJ – J.M. SmuckerN1897S – J.M. SmuckerN135FT – Albertson’sN46E – HuntN604CL – HersheyN654CM – Crossmark Corp.N457H – Bank of AmericaN606RP – Nestle Purina Pet Care Co.N102CX – CloroxN545CS – Wells FargoN604MU – Dean Mfg. Group8"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  9. 9. Trucks in St. Francis, KSSept. 6, 2009Old Calnon place, So. of St. FrancisWinter day on Webster St.Meanwhile, back on the farm…9"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  10. 10. "What we support prospers, what we feed grows." - MikeCallicrate.comSt. Francis, Kansas - May 201310
  11. 11. America: Becoming a Land Without FarmersEvaggelos Vallianatos, September 10, 2012“The plutocratic remaking of America has a parallel inthe countryside. In rural America less than 3 percentof farmers make more than 63 percent of the money,including government subsidies.“The results of this emerging feudal economy areeverywhere. Large areas of the United States arebecoming impoverished farm towns with abandonedfarmhouses and deserted land. More and more of thecountryside has been devoted to massive factoryfarms and plantations.”11"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  12. 12. “You should be suingWalmart [instead ofIBP], they are theproblem. They tell uswhat they will pay andwe have no choice butto pay you less.”- John Tyson, 200212"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  13. 13. Emptiness: A picture of big meat packerretaliation – Why cattle feeders won’t speak outagainst meat packer abuses…Callicrate Cattle Co., 1999 13"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  14. 14. Average return on equity before tax (ROE)Retail grocery: ROE = 21% (last 6 years)Meat packing: ROE = 17% (last 6 years)All Farming & ranching: ROE = NEGATIVE 0.54%(last 13 years)Packers--for those with sales > $500k - Before tax ROE, 2002-2009: 17.38% - source: grocery--food marketing institute book - - 2003-2009 average: before tax ROE = 20.75%Cattle--for the farm typology "cattle" meaning primarily cattle operations in USDA/ERS annual surveys -"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  15. 15. “In the beginning God entrusted theearth and its resources to the commonstewardship of mankind to take care ofthem, master them by labor, and enjoytheir fruits. The goods of creation aredestined for the whole human race.”– Catechism of the Catholic Church
  16. 16. "The husbandman thatlaboreth must be the firstpartaker of the fruits"- St. PaulThis inscription appears over the porticoof the U.S. Department of Agricultureheadquarters in Washington, D.C.
  17. 17. Farmers and RanchersEatersBIG FOODExploiting Producers and Consumers17"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  18. 18. October 19, 1893 - Tiller and Toiler Newspaper, Larned, Kansas
  19. 19. "Too much capitalismdoes not mean too manycapitalists, but too fewcapitalists."- G.K. Chesterton
  20. 20. Barry Lynns Cornered is..."A manifesto for our time."--Thomas Frank, Wall Street Journal20
  21. 21. Eric Schlosser, author of the best seller FastFood Nation, has an apt description of theindustry.Over the last twenty years, about half amillion ranchers sold off their cattle and quitthe business. Many of the nation’s remainingeight hundred thousand ranchers are fairingpoorly. They’re taking second jobs. They’reselling cattle at break-even prices or at a loss.The ranchers who are faring the worst runthree to four hundred head of cattle, managethe ranch themselves, and live solely off theproceeds… Ranchers currently face a host ofeconomic problems: rising land prices,stagnant beef prices, oversupplies of cattle,increased shipments of live cattle from Canadaand Mexico, development pressures.21"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  22. 22. "What we support prospers, what we feed grows." - 22
  23. 23. "What we support prospers, what we feed grows." - 23Animal Husbandry has been replacedwith Animal Science
  24. 24. "What we support prospers, what we feed grows." - 24"If you have men who will exclude any of Gods creaturesfrom the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have menwho will deal likewise with their fellow men."- St. Francis of Assisi, Roman Catholic friar, founder of the Franciscans Order
  25. 25. For a person to be a serf in a more humane hogfactory is not the answer for man, pig or eater.Family farmers want to be good stewards, butthey need the income that fair, open andcompetitive markets provide. They deserve a fairshare of the food dollar.25Pigs at Callicrate Cattle Co.Modern industrial production
  26. 26. 26Family farmers careFOR their livestockRichard and David Nameth, Greenhorn Acres, Fowler, COPatrick Hamilton, Venetucci Farm,Colorado Springs, CO"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  27. 27. 27We domesticated farm animals,we owe them good care.“I raise hogs. I don’t produce pork.”- Joe Maxwell, Missouri family hog farmer
  28. 28. Their grazing helps our dehydratingplanet retain moisture in the earth,contributing to global water supplies.- Vandana Shiva28Bred heifers at Callicrate Cattle Co.37%
  29. 29. “Our cow dung is worth morethan your Wall Street stocks.”-Vandana Shiva speaking to Hillary Clinton in India29Jacek Popiel’s garden inColorado Springs, fertilizedwith Callicrate Cattle manure
  30. 30. "What we support prospers, what we feedgrows." - MikeCallicrate.com30“The soil is the great connector of lives, thesource and destination of all. It is the healerand restorer and resurrector, by which diseasepasses into health, age into youth, death intolife. Without proper care for it we can have nocommunity, because without proper care for itwe can have no life.”― Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture
  31. 31. “…the key to a healthy food system lies in maintaining theimmense local and regional bio-cultural diversity of seedsand traditional farming methods.“If we are really going to address these complicatedissues around climate change and food production, thenwe need to follow the people who are most connected tothe land, for these are the people who have cared for andnurtured this environment for thousands of years.”A new film: The Farmer, The Architect and The ScientistThe ABN and The Gaia Foundation | June 12, 2013
  32. 32. The current system has led usto totalitarianism –concentrating wealth andpower to the disadvantageof most citizens.How do we devise a systemthat increases choices andpossibilities, not just forfarmers, but for every memberof the community?
  33. 33. Farmers and RanchersEatersTHE SOLUTIONBIG FOOD33
  34. 34. "What we support prospers, what we feed grows." - 34
  35. 35. “Future farm policy should focus on access to fairand open markets that benefit farmers, workers,consumers and the marketplace. At every point inthe food chain, there are a handful of companiessqueezing profits out of farmers, wages out ofworkers and choices out of eaters. A more vibrantmarketplace with more choices for farmers andconsumers is essential, but it cannot happenwithout breaking up the agribusiness cartels.”- Food and Water Watch, November, 2012 - The Economic Cost of Food Monopolies
  36. 36. Your local family farm pantry is filled with…Got a farmer? We’ll GROW your food!Greenhorn Acres• Love• Good health• Great taste• Family meals• Community• Good stewardship• Good husbandry“Eating local means more for the local economy. A dollar spentlocally generates twice as much income for the local economy.When businesses are not owned locally, money leaves thecommunity at every transaction.”- Marcy Nameth, Arkansas Valley Organic Growers36"What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  37. 37. Proposed Colorado Springs Public Market - Creatinga new community space for eaters, growers, familyfarmers and ranchers and local businesses,separate and safe from BIG FOOD and Wall Street."What we support prospers, what we feed grows." -
  38. 38. "What we support prospers, what we feed grows." - 38