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QVI Points: A 5-Step User Guide


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Booking your holidays with QVI Points can be done in 5 easy steps. Check out this presentation to learn how to do it! Exclusively available from

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QVI Points: A 5-Step User Guide

  1. 1. • Receive your eCertificate by email. • The eCertificate will also be viewable in your Virtual Office (VO). STEP 1 Purchase QVI Points Privileged Access RSP from the eStore
  2. 2. • Receive a welcome email and Qupons*. • Qupons offer a wide range of exciting benefits, discounts, gifts and much more! * Kindly check for any emails in your junk folder STEP 2 After purchasing your QVI Points Privileged Access RSP, you will:
  3. 3. • Log in with your Customer ID and Password. • Search for your preferred holiday destinations, cruises, tours and activities. • Book, redeem and get instant confirmations! STEP 3 Book your holiday at
  4. 4. STEP 4 Purchase more QVI Points RSP from the eStore
  5. 5. • Your eCertificate will be viewable in your VO. • You will receive an email with activation instructions. Activate your QVI Points RSP following the steps in the email. • Use the same Customer ID and Password as before to log in to the website. • The activated points will be deposited into your points bank in your QVI Points account. STEP 5 After buying your QVI Points RSP:
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