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Rotary Briefing For Proposed MS Maritime Museum


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PowerPoint presentation give to the Rotary for the proposed establishment of a Maritime Museum in the city of Pascagoula, MS

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Rotary Briefing For Proposed MS Maritime Museum

  2. 2. Mississippi Builds America’s Ships Dierks-Blodget Dantzler Hodges International Shipyard VT Halter Marine Ingalls World War I World War II Korea Vietnam Cold War Gulf Wars War on Terrorism Exploration & Science
  3. 3. Flint Shasta Mount Baker Kiska Tripoli Cleveland Dubuque Tarawa Saipan Belleau Wood Nassau Peleliu Wasp Essex Kearsarge Boxer Bataan Bonhomme Richard Iwo Jima Makin Island America Vernon County Wahkiakum County Waldo County Walworth County Washoe County Thomaston Plymouth Rock Fort Snelling Point Defiance Spiegel Grove Alamo Hermitage Monticello Anchorage Inchon Blueback Sculpin Snook Barb Dace Haddock Tautog Aspro Puffer Pogy William H. Bates Tunny Parche Iowa Wisconsin Ticonderoga Yorktown Vincennes Valley Forge Bunker Hill Mobile Bay Antietam Leyte Gulf San Jacinto Lake Champlain Princeton Chancellorsville Chosin Hue City Anzio Vicksburg Cape St. George Vella Gulf Port Royal Morton Parsons Spruance Paul F. Foster Kinkaid Hewitt Elliott Arthur W. Radford Peterson Caron David R. Ray Oldendorf John Young Comte de Grasse O'Brien Merrill Briscoe Stump Conolly Moosbrugger John Hancock Nicholson John Rodgers Leftwich Cushing Harry W. Hill O'Bannon Thorn Deyo Ingersoll Fife Fletcher Kidd Callaghan Scott Chandler Hayler John Barry/Barry Stout Mitscher Russell Ramage Stethem Benfold Cole Milius Ross McFaul Porter Roosevelt Lassen Bulkeley Shoup Preble Mustin Pinckney Chung-Hoon James E. Williams Halsey Forrest Sherman Kidd Truxton Dewey Gravely William P. Lawrence Rigel Vega Glacier San Antonio New Orleans Mesa Verde Green Bay New York San Diego Anchorage Arlington Somerset John P. Murtha Bertholf Waesche Stratton Munro James Stone Midgett Kimball Monitor Montauk Osage Saugus Holland Canopus Pocomoke Lyon Markab Arther Middleton Samuel Chase George Clymer George W. Goethals Henry Gibbons David C. Shanks Fred C. Ainsworth Monitor Montauk Galilea Osage Saugus Custer Du Page Elmore Fayette Fremont Henrico Leon Knox Lamar Aegir Anthedon Apollo Clytie Burleigh Dade Mendocino Montour Riverside Griggs Westmoreland Grundy Guilford Sitka Mississippi-built Navy Ships 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Proud Mississippians 5 …build ‘em … fight‘em … are honored by them
  6. 6. The Gulf Coast Military Trail 6
  7. 7. Mississippi Ship Connection 2012 Reunions USS Boxer LHD-4 USS Paul F Foster Nicholson DD 982 Reunion USS SAN DIEGO USS Wasp LHD-1 USS Kiska 2012 Reunion USS Iwo Jima LPH2-LHD7 Shipmates USS Tarawa LHA-1 and CVA-40 Destroyer Leader Association USS Markab 7
  8. 8. How We Got Here • USS Ticonderoga was the catalyst • Original plan: bring the USS Ticonderoga back to Pascagoula’s Lowry Island • Incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization • Need to recognize 300 years of shipbuilding history along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Mississippi’s Navy connections • Evolution to a land-based maritime museum in Pascagoula.
  9. 9. Museum Benefits • Tourism – Great fit for the Gulf Coast Military Trail – Good day-trip for the casino crowds – Opportunities for Ingalls-built ship reunions • Economic – Downtown revitalization – Family/Professional/Industry recruitment – Hotels, Restaurants and Shops • Education – Children, Youth & Students – Newcomers to the area – Partnerships with Mississippi Universities • Obligation – Remembering the Past – Inspiring the Future
  10. 10. Pascagoula = Maritime The Gulf, The River People, Commerce, Transportation, Military, Industry, Energy, Research
  11. 11. The Goal
  12. 12. Today’s Home in Pascagoula • Purpose built museum? • Advantage of converting an existing building • Old Pascagoula High School renovation –Math & Science, Band Hall available • Buildings obtained in March, 2013
  13. 13. Grand Magnolia Old PHS City Hall County Services Building Museum Restoration Center (the Band Hall) Mississippi Maritime Museum (Science & Math Building)
  15. 15. Building Possibilities • Entry and Hallways • Exhibit Rooms • Theater/Lecture/Meeting Room • Office and Administration • Research Center • Storage & Restoration Center
  16. 16. Exhibit Themes • The Age of Sail • The War Years • The Post-War Navy • Oil Industry Vessels • Exploratory And Fishing Vessels • The Port of Pascagoula
  17. 17. Pascagoula’s Governor Stone built in 1877 • The Age of Sail
  18. 18. World War I – USS Pascagoula – built in Pascagoula World War II Over 60 ships in only 4 years! Baby Flat-tops for the British • The War Years
  19. 19. Destroyers & Cruisers USS Cole USS America • The Post-War Navy Nuclear Submarines
  20. 20. • Oil Industry Vessels VT Halter’s Offshore Supply Vessels Signal International Offshore Rig Repair and Upgrades
  21. 21. Pisces, Halter 2007 • Exploratory And Fishing Vessels Oregon II, Ingalls 1967
  22. 22. • The Port of Pascagoula Mississippi’s Largest Port
  23. 23. What We’ll See… • Interactive Displays • Ship Models • Photos & Art • Movies & Multi-Media • Lectures & Classes • Tours
  24. 24. What Can You Do? • Join the Museum – Help Chart The Future • Personal Donations – Become a “Plank Owner” • Corporate Donations – Naming Rights & Sponsorship Opportunities