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Filtri CNG - CNG Filters


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Filtri CNG mod. 110F1
CNG Filter mod. 110F1

Published in: Engineering
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Filtri CNG - CNG Filters

  1. 1. Page 1 Soluzioni e servizi che fanno del tuo business un successo Solutions and services that make your business successful FILTRI A CARTUCCIA PER CNG mod. 110F1 in ottone CNG FILTERS mod. 110F1 Brass high pressure filters for gas
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  5. 5. Page 5 E’ un prodotto offerto da/It is a product offered by PEGORARO GAS TECHNOLOGIES Srl Registered office: Via E. Fermi n. 253 – 36100 VICENZA (TALY) Main office: Via della Tecnica n. 28 – 36100 VICENZA (TALY) Phone +39 0444 289382 Fax +39 0444 963056 Invia la tua richiesta d’offerta a: Please send your request of quotation to: