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Final Electronics Presentation

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Final Electronics Presentation

  1. 1. The “Charlotte” Doll Made by Obiageli W. Nwodoh and Vanessa M. Molano
  2. 2. How it works? • Charlotte Doll receives audio signals through four microphones • Rotates towards the highest signal • Method of tracking the speaker’s position • Speaks after moving to position • Repeats cycle Microphones Motor Raspberry Pi
  3. 3. Results • Doll responds to Vanessa (right) and Oby (left)
  4. 4. Problems and Future Improvements • Problems • Issue of detecting multiple voices • Each microphone varies in sensitivity • Adding distance between microphones • Challenge of calculating steps • Constantly depends on position • Future plans • Add more motor movements • To limbs or head • Add additional features • LEDs to eyeballs • Movement in two directions Reverse direction Arm movement Head movement