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A Textual Analysis Of The Ring


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A Textual Analysis Of The Ring

  1. 1. Textual Analysis Of The RingClip: (Opening Scene) 4:54-7:30The building of suspense and also the strange representation of time and space iskey to our genre of psychological thrillers, suspense and tension is something weneed to effectively create within out project and textually analysing films thateffectively build suspense will help us to see what is needed within our own project.This is something ‘The Ring’ does very well.The use of sound is key in this clip in consistently building the suspense and raisingthe tension within the audience. The first sound we hear is the diagetic sound of atelevision crackling very loudly, which is out of the ordinary as the sound is out of theblue. This sound builds tension straight away as the female character hearing thesound has no idea why it is happening and tentatively blames it on her friend. Thecharacter then turns off the TV but the sound starts again seconds later which reallyaids the supernatural and psychological feeling as the TV should obviously not turnitself on. The sound then stops again as she pulls the plug on the TV and a strangesupernatural sound starts, this sound continues while the girl walks upstairs untilsuddenly, as she walks into the bedroom, a screeching sound is heard while theimages flash on the screen. The shot then cuts to the crackling screen for a fewseconds until the end of the scene. This sudden screech causes a real jump for theaudience and also adds to the psychological side of things as the sound is verystrange and supernatural.Camera is also used effectively to portray the apparent fear in this scene. Many closeups throughout the clip give us a view of how scared the girl is about what is goingon around her. These frequent close ups mixed with many mid shots of the differentoccurrences in her house reinforce how fearful she is which helps to drive this fearinto the audience as well. The clip also tends to include slow and fast tracking orpanning shots which are used throughout to reveal something new for both the girland the audience. These shots are both effective as the tension is built throughoutusing close ups and then the shot pans to reveal what the girl is seeing and then backto close ups to portray her reaction to what she has just scene. This use of close upsfor reactions is something we aim to use effectively as a key part of the genre is todisplay the fear of the victim throughout.Editing is another element that is key to adding to fear and suspense in this clip. Thepace of editing is relatively fast throughout the scene and this adds to the tensionand how frantic the scene is. However, the editing starts to slow down which seemsto suggest something may occur and also aids the building the suspense for theaudience as it is almost luring the audience into a false sense of security. This isproven to be a true as when she reaches the bedroom, the images flash and thescreen cuts to the crackling TV screen once more which suggests something musthave happened. This way of almost luring the audience into a false sense of security
  2. 2. is very important in any horror or psychological thriller as the element of surprise iswith the film maker, meaning they or we could spring any surprise at any givenmoment.Mise en scene is also used to create the effective verisimilitude for what is needed.The mise en scene is all realistic in this scene as the setting is simply a suburbanhouse. Although the mise en scene is simple this is all important in making the sceneseem normal and again attempting to fool the audience into a false sense of securitywhen infact this innocent house is actually where the worst things will occur. Thecostume and actress in this scene are also a standard portrayal of women in this typeof film, which is the damsel in distress type. This is a generic convention of women inthese films and is something we want to also use so that our film is made in thesame way that other psychological films are made.