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  1. 1. TheArabAcademy for Banking and linancial Sciences Date: 27/07/2015 Certic ' The Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences certifies that Mourad Gaber Aly Morsy Nationality Egltptian Has faffilled the Requirements of (M.B.A) in "Marketing ,,English study" With average 92.8 %, Grade "Excellent" And Successfully Passed the Comprehensive Exam. Date of Academy Board Members Admission: 03ll2l20ll ,t -fr;A Accountant 5 " ,* " Prof, Refat Gaballa Deun Gollege of postgraduate studies - Cairo ;J:-6Latl-t lLrjlOIJJ.$Iz ll5 Phone: (+202) 33353681 Fax : (+20D 33353681 E-mail: (+Y.v) YrYoY.lAt r, : iLo (+v.y) ryYort^r:oJt_e E-mail: cairocollege@ aabfs.orgl tl^^