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Interview Tips 4 Millenials


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Millenials, Gen Y, Echo Boomers: do job interviews leave you feeling frustrated, especially when "adults" make all sorts of assumptions about you because of your age?

Reply to their objections with all the good points about being younger. Faster learner; less expensive; fresh ideas, etc.

Mark Swartz, MBA, M.Ed. Career Coach

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Interview Tips 4 Millenials

  1. 1. Employee Interview& Job- PrepSeeker ForTip YoungerBrandon MillerMonster Contributing Writer Job Seekers
  3. 3. 1. THE PERCEPTIONS THAT MILLENIALS HAVE TO DEAL WITHLike nearly all generations before us, we Echo Boomers(aka Gen Y) tend not to be understood by our elders. That’swhy knowing how to sell yourself is vital. And since you’reoften going to find yourself carrying the stereotypes of anentire generation on your shoulders, you need to knowhow to highlight Generation Y’s good qualities anddownplay the bad ones.So get ready impatient slackers (false perception ) tohandle the objections head on.
  5. 5. 2.1 WE ARE TECHNOLOGICALLY GIFTED“I don’t ever remember not having a computer or Internet,” says Jason,a 28-year-old Systems Administrator at a not-for-profit. “And I don’tthink Millennials are lazy. I think we just use technology to make ourjobs easier.”Even things that we sometimes find simple and amateurish (thinkPowerPoint or Excel) may confuse older generations and make aMillennial stand out in the crowd. “I’m seen as an innovator, as onewho can do things that couldn’t have been done previously,” saysJason. “The average age in my department is 50. They barely knowhow to attach a file to an e-mail.”
  6. 6. 2.2 WE ARE SOCIAL MEDIA WIZARDSThey call us “The Internet Generation,” and for good reason. I spendmost of my day online and have pages on at least five social mediasites. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn AND BeKnown, I can reachabout a thousand of my closest “friends” in just a few clicks.Millennials are paving the way in social networking and mostcompanies realize the value in having young, hip employees on thepayroll. And sure, my mom’s on Facebook too, but she’s definitely notusing it to tweet, send online event invitations, or create fan pages forher company.
  7. 7. 2.3 WE PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS“I’m filling in the gap when the managers aren’t coveringteams, coming in on the weekends, running contests,” saysValerie, 25, a Team Lead Assistant at a large credit card company. “Wehave a great bank-wide goal. But as individuals we all have our owngoals, too.”A huge bonus of being a Nexter is that we have had the most group-oriented and inclusive upbringings. Millennials have been shaped bybusy childhoods full of swimming lessons, dance classes, sports teamsand attention to social causes. Our teamwork experience makes us allthe more desirable as employees. “We definitely value each other,”says Valerie. “And we get really close to the people we are workingwith.”
  8. 8. 2.4 WE CAN SURVIVE ON LOWER WAGES (FOR NOW)One of the biggest criticisms of Generation Y is that we leach off ofour parents too much. And it’s true; we have probably spent moretime under our parents’ wings than previous cohorts. But that isn’tnecessarily a bad thing.Having parents who will tolerate our presence for a few extra yearsmeans that we’re able to take those entry-level jobs that might notpay enough to cover both rent and student loans. It might not beideal, but at least it takes off some of the pressure.
  10. 10. 3. 5 QUICK TIPS ABOUT YOUR JOB INTERVIEWS1. Dress like a grown-up. If you don’t take yourself seriously, why should the interviewer?2. Be prepared to start at entry-level. You can build yourself up over time (just like we all do).3. Have reasonable salary expectations, especially when the economy isn’t humming away on all cylinders.4. Sell whatever experience and knowledge you already have.5. Promote the fact that you’re a fast learner.
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