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7 Ways to Build a Stronger Facebook Page


Published on -- Owning your brand on Facebook is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. The value a Facebook Page holds in SEO value, reputation management, branding and marketing is second to none. Every business, from car dealerships to restaurants, can benefit greatly from the advantages a Page can yield. [...]

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7 Ways to Build a Stronger Facebook Page

  1. 1.    7 Ways to Build A Stronger Facebook Page 31, 2011By Joseph OleshOwning your brand on Facebook is no longer an option, its a necessity. The value a Facebook Pageholds in SEO value, reputation management, branding and marketing is second to none. Every business,from car dealerships to restaurants, can benefit greatly from the advantages a Page can yield.When building and maintaining a Facebook Page, one variable to consider is the fact that Facebook isdynamic; its features and functionality are changing and evolving on a regular basis. The tips belowspeak to the basic fundamentals as seen by this author. We have the feeling Facebook is about torevamp its "Pages" in a big way in the up coming months. The proceeding tips should hold true,regardless of any technical updates from Facebook. Fundamentally, so long as your focus is"engagement," youll be in the right.1. Post strong original content. Passion bleeds through on a Facebook Page just like it would in a greatbook or newspaper article. As long as youre inspired on your content, others will follow ("Like"). Postingarticles from third-party sources is fine, but do make sure you credit their work. Often, this "crediting" willhelp create a network of bloggers and content-creators thankful for your sharing of their respective piecesof work. Its really a win-win.  
  2. 2. 2. Attach link to photo/video descriptions. Make sure each of your photos has a link in eachdescription to the blog post and/or web page speaking to that picture. Creating that tangible link will helpthe long-term subscribers understand where your info is being sourced and that its authentic. AneCommerce example would hold a photo of a certain car with the link to the specific product page that caris being sold on.3. Hyperlink in your post descriptions as much as possible! Tagging other Pages will spread the lifeof your post; itll also leverage the followers of those more-populated Pages. Before long, youll find thatother Pages will be tagging you for the same reason. This is also where the aforementioned note ongiving credit to third-party authors comes in. Crediting other content-creators with a hyperlinked, in-posttag will create a strong network. Remember, Social is just that: Its social! Be gracious with the contentyou post and your Page will reap the rewards.4. A connected Page is a stronger Page. Make sure there is a link to your Facebook Page and theopportunity to "Like" your Page at every opportunity on your blog/website. Facebook works best whenintegrated with your online strategy as a whole. Its worth the investment to leverage your email lists tocommunicate your Facebook Pages existence. Driving contests, giveaways, coupons and the like willfurther increase you Pages value.5. Use Your Tabs. Do you have a YouTube page? A Vimeo page, maybe? You can install a tab beneathyour profile image thatll host those videos on your page. I prefer this to uploading directly to Facebook,as the YouTube analytics are still more robust than Facebooks Insights. A wonderful company calledWildfire provides a free service to install tabs that host picture galleries, RSS feeds, polls, and fan meters.6. Keep an eye on your Pages Insights. Be aware of who your audience is and where they reside. Youmight find the majority are in a given locale -- play to it! Reference (hyper-tag) local markets, hot-spots,and the like to give your page greater relevance and visibility. Google and Facebook are strong, strongproponents of local-focused online marketing -- take full advantage of it.7. Respond to Likes/Comments on your Page from your followers often and with enthusiasm. Thenumber of followers really is secondary to the level of interaction your page yields. The "SocialRevolution" brought humanity to the web. Gone are the stoic days of corporate online communication.Have fun with your audience, always being mindful of the PR repercussions. As in life, be graciouswhenever possible. Engagement is king!As always, leave comments/thoughts below. This is an abridged list, but adhering to these basicprinciples will set any up-and-coming Facebook marketer on the right track. Happy Facebook-ing!http://www.Tier10Lab.com