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Mogul fs113 jan3013_v3final_lo


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Mogul fs113 jan3013_v3final_lo

  1. 1. C anadian company focusing on acquisition, exploration and development of coal and metals projects in Mongolia. The Company is developingits 100% owned flagship Black Hills property, consisting of Ovdog Hudag-Ikh Black Hills Project Overview • Black Hills (Khar Tolgoi) property isUlaan Nuur thermal coal project and Oortsog Ovoo polymetallic project, both located 100km from the Choir railway station and has a 35KWatt power linelocated in Middle Gobi near Choir city. The coal project has a NI 43-101Planned Railways in Mongolia on the propertycompliant report prepared by SRK Consulting Ltd. • The mining license consists of 34,055 hectares and includes the Ovdog Hudag-Ikh Ulaan-Nuur thermal coal deposits and the Oortsog Ovoo ULAANGOM Tsagaan tolgoi Altanbulag RUSSIA Ereentsav polymetallic project Tsagaahnuur • The company plans to monetize its Tsagaan hairrhan uul Baruunturuun Tsagaanhairhan DARHAN coal assets through conventional open- Urgamal ERDENET Shariyn gol pit mining as well as the application of CHOIBALSAN Rashaant Dorvoljin new technologies for underground coal Argalant ULAANBAATAR Baganuur Toson uul Tamsag bulag gasification Jargalan Bagahangai Matad • The company will endeavor to conduct substantial exploration on ALTAI Tayangiyn nuruu Tseel MONGOLIA CHOIR Bor-Ondor BARUUN-URT Bichigt the polymetallic project and expects Altai Oortsog Ovoo to become one of the Shinejinst Black Hills SAINSHAND largest undeveloped tin projects in the Burgastai Zuunbayan Tsagaan suvarga world Zamiyn-Uud Nariin suhait Tavan tolgoi CHINA MOGUL VENTURES CORP. Existing railway line Shiveehuren Planned railway line in 2010 100 King St E, Ste 5700, Gashuunsuhait Planned railway line in 2011 Toronto, ON, M5X 1C7, Canada Planned railway line in 2015 Source: Mongolia Railroad Policy, Eurasia Capital p +1 416.915.4202  F +1 416.497.6426 E  w www.mogulvc.comCompany Company ObjectivesAccomplishments Coal Metals• ompleted initial NI 43-101 compliant • ommence additional drilling and surface • onduct an extensive exploration program C C C Resource Estimate at the Ovdog Hudag exploration to maximize Ovdog Hudag-Ikh including detailed mapping, geophysics and deposit drilling Ulaan Nuur for full potential including: • omplete a drilling program and a C• Successfully converted the Exploration • Infill and expansion drilling to expand subsequent initial NI 43-101 compliant License in to a Mining License for the resources and upgrade resource category resource with the goal of substantially entire concession • Step-out drilling towards Ikh Ulaan-Nuur exceeding the historic resources of 39,000t• Conducted a technical program to test deposit to evaluate seam continuity of contained tin (Sn) coal characteristics and washability. Initial • Complete washability study • valuate potential for other valuable E results suggest that ash and sulfur can • Complete Pre-Feasibility or Feasibility Study commodities on the property, including be substantially reduced, indicating that for the project a potential copper system where surface the mine could produce an attractive samples have shown up as high as 1.5%, • Move the coal project in to development product for the regional market 3% and 6% Cu as early as 2014• Completed a review of historic • Acquire additional coal projects focusing on exploration material on Oortsog Ovoo coking coal and thermal coal in proximity to and designed an exploration program near-term infrastructure development for the project MogulFS113v3
  2. 2. Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit NORTHERN• nitial NI 43-101 compliant 89.6 Mt of Inferred Resources based on a limited I NORTH-WESTERN 14 drill hole program1 WESTERN• Deposit’s historical resources based on Russian drilling from the 1960s and 1970s MIDDLE (non 43-101 compliant) estimated a C1 resource of 135 Mt and a C2 resource of 66.2 Mt for a total of 201.2 Mt CENTRAL• The deposit is comprised of 5 shallowly-dipping coal seams ranging from 1m to 71m N SOUTHERN thick and defined by 85 historical drill holes 250 0 250 500 EASTERN meters• 2,370m, 14 hole diamond drilling program completed Q3, 2011 to form basis for 43-101 Resource Estimate and Technical Report LEGEND Drill holes SOUTH-EASTERN• An additional large-core 5 hole diamond drilling program completed Q3, 2012. Samples Trenches were used for the ongoing technical program to test coal characteristics and washability Ore bodies Ore zones Source: ThreeSummit LLCIkh Ulaan-Nuur Coal Deposit NUMBER OF RESERVE (RESOURCE) TN ORE ZONE SN AVERAGE GRADE %• ocated 7km northeast of Ovdog Hudag Deposit L ORE BODIES C2 P1 C 2+P 1• kh Ulaan-Nuur historical coal resources (C2) were estimated at 88.4 Mt I Northern 9 19347.6 - 19347.6 0.64 0.64• rilling program planned to establish and confirm resource potential and coal D 10535.8 926.4 11462.2 Eastern 7 characteristics 0.75 1.13 0.77 3430.1 3430.1• otential for Ovdog Hudag and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur to be linked by drilling in between P Central 5 0.47 - 0.47• otal historic resources for Ovdog Hudag-Ikh Ulaan Nuur were based on 137 drill holes T South-eastern 11 3104.3 1494.6 4598.9 0.65 0.65 0.65Oortsog Ovoo Polymetallic Project Southern 1 434.4 0.53 - 434.4 0.53• Cassiterite (Sn) skarn system with Cu-Zn-Pb-Fe-W-Ag-In SUM 33 36852.2 2421.0 39237.2 0.64 0.77 0.65• Twenty four ore bodies have been identified and studied to varying extents• istoric exploration focused on Sn provided following results: H Mongolian Coal • istoric Resources totalling 39,237 t Sn Metal reported* H • Viewed as Saudi Arabia of Coal: total • ~6.7 minable resources are estimated at 162Bt 2 Mt at an average grade of 0.60% Sn, with no credits for other metals present • Current coal production of about 20Mt per • The deposit was proposed to be mined via 5 open pits to a maximum depth of 150m, year (mostly exported to China), expected to with average stripping ratio of 4:1 reach 60-70Mt by 2015 3• remendous exploration upside as historically only outcropping ore bodies were explored T • High quality and highly accessible: generally at shallow depths, minimal exploration focused on Au near surface, ideal for low cost open pit mining, dominated by high-quality low ash, DEPOSIT COMMODITY RESOURCE low sulfur and low phosphorous coals OORTSOG OVOO 39,237.2 t (historic) Tin (Sn) • nown Geology: 12 coal basins, 3 regions K with over 200 deposits of thermal and r metallurgical grade coal Lo w eeous er LEGEND Cret a c Upp ceous zoic eta NOTES tero Cr Building materials deposits Pro 1 Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit, Mogul Ventures Corp. – IKH ULANN Coal deposits 43-101 report by SRK Consulting (China) Ltd., ULAAN NUUR Rare and base metals deposit December 31, 2011 NUUR-2 2 Renaissance Capital’s June 15, 2011 report on Old drill holes, on Oortsog ovoo “Moncoalia” OORTSOG 2011 drill holes, on 3 Mongolian Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy OVOO ULANN Ovdog khudag NUUR-3 Upper cretaceous coal bearing formation OVDUG tero zoic Lower cretaceous Mogul Ventures Team ic KHUDAG Pro volcanogenic formation Steven Khan, MBA, CFA eozo Pal ezozoic Proterozoic metamorphic Executive Chairman Director M formation Jamul Jadamba, MBA ENGERIIN Paleozoic and CEO President, Director ULAAN NUUR zoic Mezo mezozoic granite Boundary of license area Paul Haber -2 0 2 4 6 N CFO Kilometers Source: ThreeSummit LLC Dr . David A. Terr y, Ph.D., P.Geo. Senior Technical Advisor M O G U L V EN T U R E S CO R P. Michael Hawkins, P.Geo. 100 King St. West, Suite 5700, Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C7, Canada  Director p +1 416.915.4202  •  F +1 416.497.6426 •  E Mazen Haddad w Director MogulFS113v3