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Mogul presentation jan 2013 final


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Mogul presentation jan 2013 final

  1. 1. Mogul Ventures Corp.Q1, 2013
  2. 2. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION may contain forward–looking statements. Forward looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statement. Forward-looking information is subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause Mogul Venture Corp’s actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements to be materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Such factors include, but are not limited to: uncertainties related to the historical resource estimates, the work expenditure commitments; the ability to raise sufficient capital to fund future exploration or development programs; changes in economic condition or financial markets, regulatory, political and competitive developments; technological or operational difficulties or an inability to obtain permits required in connection with maintaining, or advancing projects; and labour relation matters *All historical resource estimates quoted herein date from the 1960s and 1970s and are based on prior data and reports obtained and prepared by previous operators and information provided by the State, using a Russian classification system not compatible with 43-101. Insufficient data exists to compare Russian categories to current C.I.M. categories. A qualified person has not completed sufficient work to verify the classification of the historic mineral resources and as such they should not be considered as current resources and they should not be relied upon. Mogul Ventures believes these historical results provide an indication of the potential of the property and are relevant to ongoing exploration. It should also be noted that mineral resources which are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability as defined by NI 43-101 guidelines.2
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW • Mogul Ventures Corp. focuses on exploration, development and production of thermal and coking coal as well as base and precious metals in Mongolia • NI 43-101 compliant Inferred Resources of 89.6 million tons of coal established at Ovdog Hudag Thermal Coal Deposit based on 14-drill hole, 2,369 meters drilling program* • The company plans to monetize its coal assets through conventional open-pit mining as well as exploring the application of new technologies for underground coal gasification Capital Structure (01.01.2013) • The Tin+polymetallic metals project has significant Shares Outstanding 112,499,907 upside potential and appears amenable to open pit mining Warrants Outstanding 554,195 • The company leverages world-class management, Fully Diluted 113,054,102 technical expertise and in-depth local knowledge to acquire, explore and develop coal projects in Mongolia3 *Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit, Mogul Ventures Corp. – NI 43-101 Report by SRK Consulting (China) Ltd., June 30, 2012
  4. 4. MOGUL VENTURES TEAM STEVEN KHAN, MBA, CFA JAMUL JADAMBA , MBA Executive Chairman & Director CEO, President & Director • Previous 20 years experience in all aspects of • Formerly a natural resource and mining-focused the investment industry including executive investment banker with an extensive capital positions with regional and national full-service raising background, servicing worldwide Canadian investment brokerage houses companies, especially in Mongolia • Focused on strategic corporate and business • Former Director and co-founder of the Metals development as well as resource and venture & Mining Group at Rodman & Renshaw LLC. capital financing during the last nine years • Native Mongolian with well-established • Holds Director and Executive Officer roles in a relationships with influential business and number of public and private resource government leaders in Mongolia companies • Extensively writes and speaks on topics of • Successfully completed major corporate Mongolian economy, development and politics development initiatives both domestically and for organizations such as Oxford Analytica, internationally including in Japan, Korea and Institutional Investor and Business New Europe China4
  5. 5. MOGUL VENTURES TEAM MICHAEL HAWKINS, P.Geo. MAZEN HADDAD Director Director • Over 30 years of exploration experience in • A seasoned investor and financial professional, Mongolia, PNG, Indonesia, Australia, North Mazen is currently a Director of Argex America and Latin America. Titanium Inc, a publicly listed exploration • Formerly CEO and President of East Asia company that is entering into the Minerals Corporation. During his tenure at East development stage for its flagship project. Asia, Michael and his team discovered multi- • Formerly President of Township Capital Inc. million ounce gold deposits in Indonesia as well from 2005 until 2010. as closed an unprecedented Mongolian uranium • Previous to that, he was Chairman of SGI • Previous to that, he was the Mongolia Manager Properties Canada Fund L.P., a private real for AngloGold Ashanti. estate investment trust (REIT) focused on • Michael has a proven track record for discovery residential real estate in Montréal as well as of high-grade deposits and has been directly Vice-President of SGI Capital Corp., a private involved in the greenfield exploration, discovery investment company. and development (pre-feasibility and feasibility • Mazen received a B.A. degree in economics studies) of several million ounces of gold in the from Emory University of Atlanta, Georgia. Asia-Pacific region.5
  6. 6. MOGUL VENTURES TEAM DAVID A.TERRY, Ph.D., P.Geo. Senior Technical Advisor • Over 20 years of business experience in the natural resource sector, focused primarily on exploration of precious and base metal deposits in North and South America. • Director of and advisor to several publicly-listed mineral exploration companies • Specializes in public company management, strategic planning, finance, advanced project evaluation, identification and acquisition of opportunities, design and implementation of effective and cost-efficient exploration programs • Held positions with a number of senior mining companies including Boliden Limited, Westmin Resources Limited, Hemlo Gold Mines Inc., Cominco Limited and Gold Fields Mining Corporation6
  7. 7. MONGOLIA OVERVIEW • Recognized as the home to some of the world’s largest natural resource deposits including coal, gold and copper • Strategic location • Next door to the biggest consumer of commodities in the world – China • Mining is the most important sector: • “Contributes 30% of GDP and 70% of exports”(1) • Favorable political environment: • Mongolian Government focused on the long-term development of resource-related sectors and favorable policies towards business and foreign investments • Stable business-friendly democracy: • 20-year, uninterrupted history of peaceful and democratic government • Homogenous country with minimal risk of ethnic or religious conflict7 Source: (1) the Ministry of Mineral Resources & Energy of Mongolia
  8. 8. MONGOLIA COAL OVERVIEW • Viewed as Saudi Arabia of coal • Total Minable resources estimate ~162 billion tons (7) • Rapid growth potential • Current production ~20 million tons per year (mostly exported to China) • Production expected to reach 60 - 70 million tons by 2015(8)8 Source: (7), (8) Renaissance Capital’s June 15, 2011 report on “Moncoalia”
  9. 9. MONGOLIA COAL OVERVIEW • High quality and highly accessible: • Generally near surface, ideal for low cost open pit mining, dominated by high- quality low ash, low sulfur and low phosphorous coals • Known geology: • 12 coal basins, 3 regions with over 200 deposits of thermal and metallurgical grade coal • Main coal formation ages: Carboniferous-Permian, Jurassic, Cretaceous and Tertiary • Thick coal seams formed in all ages9
  10. 10. REGIONAL COAL DEMAND • China, Mongolia’s southern neighbor, is the world’s leading consumer of coal with annual demand of 2 billion tons • China’s coal demand is expected to increase - planned power plant construction in China is heavily concentrated in the northeast • Domestic coal demand will increase significantly as Mongolia plans to exponentially increase its own power infrastructure • Coals of Northern China tend to be of a lower calorific value as compared to those from the South and middle Gobi basins of Mongolia. China has a shortage of coking coal • The Chinese Government is focusing on fixed asset investments inland into Central and Western provinces where Australian and Indonesian coals are not competitive10
  11. 11. BLACK HILLS PROJECT LOCATION Black Hills (Khar Tolgoi) Source: Mongolian Railroad Policy, Eurasia Capital • 34,055 hectare mining license • Comprises of the Ovdog Hudag and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur coal deposits, Oortsog Ovoo polymetallic deposit and other known occurrences of fluorspar, sand and aggregates • 100 km southwest from Choir railway station • 35 Kilowatt power line on the property • Easily accessible all year around11 Source: Mongolian railroad Policy, Eurasia Capital
  12. 12. BLACK HILLS PROJECTS Deposit Resource Commodity OORTSOG OVOO 39,237.2 t (historic) Tin (Sn) OVDOG HUDAG 89 Mt (NI 43-101) Thermal Coal IKH ULAAN NUUR 86.4 Mt (historic) Thermal Coal12
  13. 13. OVDOG HUDAG COAL DEPOSIT • In 2011 a 14 hole, ~2,370 m core drilling program confirmed the historical work on the deposit, forming the basis for a NI 43-101 Resource Estimate by SRK Consulting • NI 41-101 Report summary results: • Estimated Inferred Resources of 89.6 Mt* • 8 coal seams recognized – 4 fully mineable, 2 partially mineable • Classed as High Vol Bituminous A Thermal Coal • Average Gross Calorific value – 5,636 to 6,431 kcal/kg (daf)* • *3,776 to 4,952 kcal/kg on a dry basis; daf = dry ash free basis • Average Volatile Matter – 29.9 to 37.9% • Average Fixed Carbon – 32.3 to 39.5% • Average Ash – 22 to 33% - washing will reduce • Average Sulphur - 4.94 • Ongoing technical program by Norwest indicates that washing significantly reduces ash and sulphur and that, on average, 80% of the sulphur is contained in pyrite which is commonly visible in drill core. *Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit – NI43-101 Report by SRK Consulting, June 30, 201213 Photo: Dirll rig 2011
  14. 14. OVDOG HUDAG & IKH ULAAN-NUUR DEPOSITS • Ovdog Hudag coal deposit historical resources, based on Russian drilling from the ‘60s and ‘70s, using a Russian Classification system and based on >85 drill holes: • 1968: C1+C2 resources totalling 201.2 Mt*1 • 1970: B+C1+C2 resources totalling 168.2 Mt*1 • Ikh Ulaan-Nuur coal deposit is located 7km NNE of Ovdog Hudag and was defined by Russian drilling in the ‘60s and ‘70s • 1970: A+B+C1+C2 resources totalling 86.4 Mt*1 • Excellent potential for additional coal resources to be delineated in the undrilled area between Ovdog Hudag and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur • Re-drilling of Ikh Ulaan-Nuur will add to NI 43-101 resources • Open pit accessible coal resources with expected low strip ratio *See Page 2 Note14 1 SRK Consulting External Technical memo, May 28, 2011; Technical Report on the Coal Resources of the Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit Dundgovi Province, Mongolia” prepared by Flore Tungalag
  15. 15. OORTSOG OVOO SKARN SYSTEM • Cassiterite (Sn) skarn system with Cu-Zn-Pb-Fe- W-Ag-In • Twenty four ore bodies have been identified and studied to varying extents • Historic exploration focused on Sn provided Oortsog Ovoo following results: • Historic Resources totalling 39,237 t Sn Metal reported* • ~6.7 Mt at an average grade of 0.60% Sn, with no credits for other metals present • The deposit was proposed to be mined via 5 open pits to a maximum depth of 150m, with average stripping ratio of 4:1 • Low Sulphide Sn-dominant (0.25 to 1.13% Sn) and High Sulphide Zn-Pb-Cu-Fe-Ag-In zones delineated • Tremendous exploration upside as historically only outcropping ore bodies were explored at shallow depths, minimal exploration focused on Au15 *Historical resources - see note on Page 2 of Presentation
  16. 16. OORTSOG OVOO SKARN SYSTEM • 41 holes were drilled on three of the depicted zones • A significant trenching program of 207 trenches was also conducted • Rock chip samples taken by Mogul also had high grades of copper ranging as high as 1.5%, 3% and over 6% • Mogul is planning a geophysical, mapping and drilling program for 2013, expecting to report initial NI 43-101 compliant resources in Q3-Q4 of 201316
  17. 17. OORTSOG OVOO COMPARABLE Mkt Cap Proposed Mining Project Location Main Mineral Resources Grade (01/16/13) Method Oortsog Ovoo Mongolia Tin 39,200 t* 0.60%*** N/A Open Pit Kasbah Morocco Tin 54,000 t** 0.80% $63M Underground * Historic resource based on 41 drill holes and 207 trenches. Does not include credits for other metals present such as Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, Au, Bi, Cd and Fe ** JORC compliant resources: Inferred 37,000 t, Indicated 17,000 t *** Grade doesnt include credits for other metals present • Kasbah Resources is a close comparable to Oortsog Ovoo • Kasbah’s Achmmach deposit has a known 2km strike length of mineralization. Oortsog Ovoo system is observed over a strike length of ~3km by 3km17 Sources: Kasbah Resources website, Mogul Ventures
  18. 18. BLACK HILLS: KEY ADVANTAGES • Strategic location close to existing rail line (parallel line planned) providing ready access to Chinese markets • Open pit accessible thermal coal resources with expected low strip ratio • NI 43-101 compliant Inferred Resource of 89.6 Mt from 2,370m of drilling in 14 holes at Ovdog Hudag deposit • Excellent potential to significantly expand the projects’ coal resources through: • Infill and step-out drilling at Ovdog Hudag deposit where substantially larger historical resources were delineated by Russian work in the 1960s and 1970s through more detailed drilling • Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit remains open to the north • Drilling of the Ikh Ulaan Nuur deposit 7km NNE of Ovdog Hudag (86.4 Mt*1) • Testing the undrilled area between the two known deposits • The Oortsog Ovoo skarn system has significant metals potential (Sn, Cu, Fe, Ag, Au) 1Technical Report on the Coal Resources of the Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit Dundgovi Province, Mongolia” prepared by Flore Tungalag18
  19. 19. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - COAL • Additional drilling and surface exploration to maximize Black Hills’ full potential including: • Infill and expansion drilling to expand resources and upgrade resource category • Step-out drilling between Ovdog Hudag and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur to delineate additional resources • Re-drill Ikh Ulaan-Nuur • Commence detailed development studies including: environmental baseline, processing, mine design • Commence an economic evaluation • Develop Black Hills towards production • Seek strategic partners for funding expansion, off-take, development of a power plant, and application of new technologies for monetizing deep-in-ground stranded coal • Acquire additional coal projects focusing on coking coal and thermal coal in proximity to near-term infrastructure development19 Photo: Core being bagged from Drill 2, 2011
  20. 20. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - METALS • Exploration at the Oortsog Ovoo polymetallic project will include: • Ground and airborne geophysical surveys • Surface sampling and mapping • Confirmation drilling of historical drill holes • Expansion and step out drilling • Expand exploration with the aim of making Oortsog Ovoo a world-class polymetallic project with a focus on Sn and Cu • Move the project towards feasibility and development20 Photo: Mogul staff and geologists at Oortsog Ovoo skarn, 2012
  21. 21. SUMMARY HIGHLIGHTS • One of the few exploration and mining companies operating in Mongolia that has significant local ownership. It has extensive local expertise and execution capabilities • Black Hills (Khar Tolgoi) property is one of the largest mining licenses in the country and has two significant projects: Ovdog Hudag-Ikh Ulaan Nuur are substantial thermal coal projects close to infrastructure with significant expansion potential, Oortsog Ovoo polymetallic project has already a substantial historic resource that Mogul believes can be expanded significantly • NI 43-101 Inferred Resources of 89.6 Mt* of coal • Excellent potential to significantly expand the projects’ coal resources through infill and step-out drilling at Ovdog Hudag deposit, where substantially larger historical resources were delineated by Russian work in the 1960s and 1970s, through more detailed drilling • China continues to utilize thermal coal as a viable energy source • The company has unique access to a proprietary pipeline of acquisitions • The company and its principals have a broad network of strategic partners, professional service providers and capital sources to build long-term successful projects and create significant shareholder value21 *Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit – NI43-101 Report by SRK Consulting, June 30, 2012
  22. 22. Contact Information+1 416.915.4202 | information@mogulvc.comSuite 5700 – 100 King Street EastToronto, OntarioM5X 1C7, Canada