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Minji's Portfolio for Charleston internship

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Portfolio, Minji Kim, Clemson University

  1. 1. ARCHITECTURE Culture Path Cliff The Garden of Ramps PATI DEL RUI PERDUT Double Negative SPLIT EQUALITY The Serpentine Observatory Blossom will be gonePRODUCT DESIGN Insert the Lights Handier Grater Return to the Nature WSPA
  2. 2. Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY, Barcelona Studio Course Graduate Studio, Fall 2011 Instructor Mansilla-Ortoneda, Jordi Project New ecologies for the 21st century Eixample, Surgical interventions for urban transformation Culture Path is an experience consisting of multiple layers. Each ring: that of programs, a larger pedestrian space, and vegetation make up a new public space that is both indoors and out. It consists of 9 main programs: a market with attached community garden and cooking school, a large exhibition space to host various artists, a library, an auditorium, a soccer field, music and dance studios, as well as a day-care. The initial programs weredecided based on a loudness factor, as our initial concept surrounded the idea of loud traffic and providing a way to escape from it, into a more intimate and public space. Facades were built to further this concept and protect the programs. This further developed into anew ring: vegetation. Now, the people of 22@ are provided with easy-access parking, wider pedestrian areas inside and outside of the blocks, as well as new green spaces.
  3. 3. Site Site is surrounded by streets, Almogavers, Pallars, Avila and Badajoz. This 4 blocks have a lot of warehouses and empty space which is considered as a new public space. Using those available space and widened pedestrian from cleaning street parking, a new public space is created. According to the factors, programs of cultural center are located. The level of loudness of each street is deciding the thickness of facade of programs and also giving the solution for the new forms such as ramps and stairs. Lastly, while windows and Factors for Location of Programs doors are protected from loudness using vegetation, the location of windows 1. TRAFFIC DENSITY and LOUDNESS and doors are providing connected vegetation ring. Now, Those 4 blocks have cultural centers, connected pathway with facade, and vegetaion ring. LIBRARY EXHIBITION COOKING CLASS COMMUNITY GARDEN SOCCER FIELD DAYCARE MARKET MUSIC & DANCE STUDIO AUDITORIUMOperative Map SILENT LOUD quiet street busy street 2. CONNECTION with PARKING SPACE 3. HEIGHT of SURROUNDING BUILDINGS 4. SIZE LIBRARY GARDEN & MARKET AUDITORIUM SOCCER FIELD Loudness Level and Vegetation Section 2.06 m 4.13 m 6.20 m Solution ramp stairs stairs with platform Parking Space COOKING STUDIO Level Loudness Level 1 Loudness Level 2 Loudness Level 3 Pedestrian DAY-CARE MARKET 2 (+1) 2 1 Traffic Empty Space 1 (+1) 2 2 1 (+1) COMMUNITY 3 3 Doors & Vegetation Doors, Windows, & Vegetation Doors & Vegetation Warehouse GARDEN 3 EXHIBITION 3 3 New Public 3 3 3 Quiet Area DANCING STUDIO MUSIC STUDIO LIBRARY 3 2 Middle 2 2 Loud Area 1 (+1) 2 1 Program Door Window + Door + Window Door + Door 1 (+1) Vegetation AUDITORIUM 2 2X1m (1 X 2 ) + (2 X 1) + (1 X 2 ) m (2 X 1) + (2 X 1) m SOCCER FIELD Window and door unit 1 1.5 m Vegetation each side 2.5 m Vegetation on each side 3 m Vegetation on each side
  4. 4. C AB A Market and Community Garden B Music Studio C Day-Care and Market
  5. 5. VEGETATION on Architecture GrassVEGETATION RING VEGETATION on Ramp Grass with Shrubs VEGETATION on Stairs Brick with GrassPUBLIC PATHWAY VEGETATION on Pedestrian Square Concrete Paver VEGETATION on Road Turfstone with GrassCULTURAL PROGRAMS STAIRS Smooth Concrete PATHWAY Wood Grain Concrete SITE GRASS Field Grass
  6. 6. Cliff Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY Course Graduate Studio, Spring 2011 Instructor Hecker, Douglas Project BB&T Remix, Reform Reprogram Reskin“Cliff” is introduced as a new symbol in Asheville. For local people who love nature, the BB&T building will produce a place to learn and enjoynature and food. The building resembles the nature especially cliff. Rough surfaces, natural colors of wall and the garden of building expressthe mind of environmentally friendly Asheville people. “Cliff” has a concept for shifting outdoor activities to indoor sports as well as bring natureinto urban city. To give local people a meaningful enjoyment, the building has community garden, community garden market, cooking studio,food education center, event venue, library, food factory, food research center, and farm. Asheville people could see the nature, grow organiccrops, study foods, and enjoy to cook fresh and delicious food. Also, people can enjoy inside and outside of the building to do bungee jumpand rock climbing. “Cliff” will make people feel nature and experience a new culture.Bungee Jumping Floor Back of the Farm Front of the Farm
  7. 7. Programs and Circulation Diagram Site Plan Diagram Asheville down town in North Carolina Boltmore Ave Lexington Ave BB&T N Pack Square College St 1st Floor Dairy farm 6th Floor Event venue 11th Floor Garden and Cooking studio 15th Floor Community garden
  8. 8. Section Community Garden “Cliff” is introduced nature in the middle of the urban space Community Garden + Market to Asheville people. Because it represents the shape of cliff. “Cliff” is made of stones and windows. Windows is Community Garden + Market producing the view as people can see on the cliff in tall BB&T building while stones mix well with the Community Garden + Cooking Studio community garden of the top of building and farms of the bottom of the building. Community Garden + Cooking Studio The 1st and 2nd floor of “Cliff” are open spaces for public people and farm at Bungee Jumping Room the same time. So, in that open space, people can cut through Education Center the building from southwest to northeast or in the other way. Mini Library Event Venue Small Factory Research Lab Research Lab Rock Climbing Center Farms
  9. 9. The Garden of Ramps Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY Course Graduate Studio, Spring 2011Instructor Hecker, Douglas Project Kunsthalle NYC, Gallery design near HIGH LINE Site Information 40 30“The Garden of Ramps”, located in New York , 20provides a new special place for public people. With 10the people’s desire that they want to have art in their 00 0 /1 :1 0lives and tendency that they want to enjoy their lives, e al scit is being the intimate public square and the galleryat the same time. People can enjoy their leisure timeinside and outside of the gallery. The side of the Site with HIGH LINEfaçade near the High Line has long ramps and stairs.The ramp is connected each other really fluently andwhen people see the façade, they have the desire tohave experience about stepping the ramp naturally.And, the connection between the façade and theHigh Line give people the path to go High Line. Thegallery has the entrances in front of the connectionfor High Line, the first floor of south east side, andthe ramps in places. After enjoying art exhibition,people also go outside of the gallery to enjoy openspace anytime. “The Garden of Ramps” provide theexquisite view of sight of Hudson River to peoplewith High Line and the very unique art exhibition. Thefaçade makes people have a different experienceduring watching art exhibition and leisurely life styleduring enjoying ramping garden. NE from High Line SE from High Line SW from High Line
  10. 10. Plan Restaurant Exhibition 7th Floor 6th Floor Gift ShopLobby Lobby Entry 4th Floor 2nd FloorEducation Exhibition Outdorr Space HIGH LINE 1st Floor 2nd Basement Floor
  11. 11. Section Outdoor space Restaurant Models of Various Itervention Exhibition The garden of ramps is made of woods and bricks. For representing woods for building materials especially showing wood grains, in making physical model, the way of stacking was used. And, from Lobby section model, the structures and materials of this building can be read. Cafe and Lounge Outdoor Space Education Lobby Outdoor Space Entry and Gift Shop Exhibition Exhibition Administrative Workshop Space Storage Space FRONT VIEW PERSPECTIVE VIEW 1/54 = 1’-0”First model including inner ramps which might Second model which has tilted facade with Third model with outside ramps and walls of windows Forth model with outside ramps and stairs which is providing Model of a section of building from underground to firstmake people’s circulation clear in the buidling outside ramps and connection to High Line which have each sheltered space for public people short-cut from the lower level to higher level of ramps level floor with structures and connection with HIGH LINE
  12. 12. PATI DEL RUI PERDUT Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona, SpainPLAYGROUND of the LOST RIVER Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY Course Graduate Studio, Fall 2010Instructor Montilla, Armando Project Space of deformation for Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain Cooperation project with Strang, ChristopherThe parking lot behind the Boqueria market– an ‘urban void’ – will be transformed intothe “Pati del riu perdut” (The Lost RiverPlayground); a public plaza that is relaxingbut also raises environmental awareness andunites the community.The colors in the plaza will be playful and reflectthe vibrancy of urban life.The water element in the plaza reminds us ofthe ancient river that once flowed through thecity but is now covered. Water will be collectedat surface level, filtered, used as grey waterand will add a relaxing element to the park. ElPati, thus, encourages responsible ecologicalstewardship and brings attention to thecommunity’s water use.A pedestrian connection between theneighborhood and the Boqueria willbe established by pushing the parkingunderground. The community will now gatherin this open and relaxing area.
  13. 13. Market was established in 1835. And, the city was planned to construct “Plaza del trabajo” but it was never realized. The Gardunya plaza continues to be an empty void in the midst of a vibrant city. It houses a parking lot, that does not contribute to the beauty of the city, but suggests a clash between modern necessities and environmentalLa Boqueria Market Site contradictions. Left side of the market Middle of the market Right side of the marketDesign processMarket Design concept is making urban playzone for local people with water consciousness. This will create leisure and fun in themiddle of the city and give relief from the crowds, stress, your daily routine, and your daily problems. The urban playzone will presentamphibious activities - JUMP, SLEEP, SLIDE, ROLL, SIT, LAY DOWN - to the people. The shape is from waves of water. And, the coloris from fruits of market and Norman Foster’s camp nou project. The water collected from the surrounding roofs will be filtered. The waterwill then go through another filter before being utilized for grey water uses in the market. There are a few types of filters including rapidsand filtration, lava filtration and various membrane technologies such as reverse osmosis. Shape from waves of water Colors from fruits of market and Camp nou project Materials from Foam cladding surface and rubber surface Water Purification
  14. 14. 40 30 The colors in the plaza will be playful and reflect the vibrancy of urban life. 20 A pedestrian connection between the scale : 1/1000 10 neighborhood and the Boqueria will be CONCRETE BEAM established by pushing the parking PARKING LOT RAMP CONCRETE COLUMN 0 underground. The community will now gather in this open and relaxing area. NW Section From section drawing, this open space is produced with underground parking space. Vehicle’s flow is limited by this open space. PARKING LOT RAMP for ENTRANCE PARKING LOT RAMP for EXIT CONCRETE DOUBLE ‘T’ CONCRETE BEAM CONCRETE WALL CONCRETE COLUMN CONCRETE CORBEL NE Section Vehicle PeoplePlan Flow Diagram
  15. 15. Double Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY Course Visualization, Spring 2011 Instructor Douglas Hecker Project Double Negative Designing Double Negative Space using 3D Software. Including making skeletons as a structure of the building and making skins as a surface. Fabrication for a section of building represented Double Negative Space. Photo realism for expression of building materials and specific space represented Double Negative Space.Photo realism for expression of a section of double negative space
  16. 16. Modeling Surfaces Designing double negative space Modeling Skins Designing double negative space cutting a part of model and including skin using organic shapes Top PerspectiveModeling Skeletons Designing double negative space including skeleton as structures Detailed Perspective with floors Back
  17. 17. Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY Course Graduate Studio, Fall 2010 Instructor Montilla, Armando Project Space of Configuration for Lexington Avenue, Asheville, NC Cooperation project with Strang, Christopher Mode of Transportation Traffic calming techniques and low speed limits are intended to allow shared space and improve pedestrian, bicycle, and automobile safety. Public Space, Education, and Enrichment Cities are enhanced when the role of public space is given its due consideration and when people can enjoy learning about their city and surrounding area. OBSERVATION DECK LEVEL PLAN WALKWAY SUPPORT SECTION TOWER ELEVATIONSECTION with STREET ELEVATION
  18. 18. PERSPECTIVE at DAYTIME PERSPECTIVE at NIGHTTIMEFrom the analysis about programs which is distributed in Lexington Avenue, lifestyle, preferences, and needs of Asheville people can beexpected and understood. A lot of programs of shopping were existed and these shops were not usual store. But, it is hard to find theopen public spaces in this area. From a new public space of the second level of street, people can enjoy learning about their city andsurrounding area.Site Information Programs of Lexington Avenue Woodfin St College St Patton Ave Walnut St I-240 N. Lexington Ave N. Lexington Ave Newspaper stand Fire hydrant St ee ss wa Flag Hia Street lamp Book Telephone pole Record Cafe Utility meter Plant Shoes Bar/Club Food & Beverage Smoking Apparel T-shirt Restaurant Bicyle rack Guard house Antique Clothe Courtyard Shopping Open space Tree Tatoo Furniture Public Access Kiosk Souvenir Home Light Gallery Trash can Jewelry Bedding Parking lot Pedestrian and Vehicular Street Level Plan Upper Walkway Level Plan
  19. 19. The Serpentine Observatory Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY Course Graduate Studio, Fall 2010Instructor Montilla, Armando Project Space of Mystification and Construction of the architectural Pavillion Cooperation project with Strang, Christopher“The Serpentine Observatory,” located in Kensington Gardens, retains many structural subtleties and ephemeral essencesof Ito’s 2002 Serpentine Pavilion, while the finished structure exudes an entirely different use, structure, sensation, andappearance. The function of the Observatory is to harmonize the participant with nature. It functions as a bird and wildlifeobservatory where people can ascend the winding tower to get closer to the canopies of the trees for better views ofbirds and wildlife or to get a closer look at the sunrises, sunsets, and stars during the night. The serpentine tower providesperpetually changing areas of light and dark, shadow and shade, from the jutting platforms and altering reflections from theglass core as the sun rises and sets each day. In the end, The serpentine is derived, added, subtracted, and solved toformulate an equally useful and aesthetic addition to Kensington Gardens: The Serpentine Observatory. Serpentine Pavillion 2002 by Toyo Ito Elevation Wall A Elevation Wall B Elevation Wall C Plan Elevation Wall D Elevation Wall C
  20. 20. Blossom will be gone Institute CLEMSON UNIVERSITY Course Graduate Studio, Fall 2010 Instructor Montilla, Armando Project Space of Acceleration including three motion frames First Configuration Plan, BlossomThrough the process of blossoming and falling, the space of acceleration could be understood. The blossoming and falling of flowers could First Configuration Elevation, Blossom Second Configuration Elevation, Falling of flowersalso be associated with the keyword, faded, from the quite, “ Invalides presents the faded old tatters of past and bygone combatants.”When the flowers are falling, the life seems to be faded away but the space is newly created and open. On the contrary, the space can beclosed by falling of leaves. With characetristics of bending and rotating, creating and closing spaces are directly represented in the model. Second Configuration Plan, Falling of flowersOpened space can give human a new way, and closed space becomes a shelter for people. Third Configuration Plan, Falling of leaves First Configuration, Blossom Second Configuration, Falling of flowers Moving Frame Moving Frame Moving Frame Moving Frame Third Configuration, Falling of leaves
  21. 21. User Scenario Insert the Lights Institute SAMSUNG ART and DESIGN INSTITUTE Course Product Modeling, Fall 2007 Instructor Yeong-chun Park Project Lighting Design Turn on the lights by inserting glass tubes into body’s holes. Control the intensity, direction, and height of illumination yourself. This is a nature-based design. Body is finished with glossy dark reddish brown paint. Frosted glass tubes make the light soft.
  22. 22. Sketch Rhino Modeling Perspective Top 119.55 160.23 20.00 688.00 126.83 119.66 Front RightProduct Modeling
  23. 23. Handier Grater Institute SAMSUNG ART and DESIGN INSTITUTE Course Product Redesign, Fall 2007 Instructor Yoon-dong Lee Project Everyday Goods Design More convenient. Cleaner. Safer. Grate food with newly designed handier grater.Project Definition Understanding Observation and Opportunity Concept Development Final Proposal Manufacturer, Observation: Product concept: 2-Dimensional views consumer price, The analysis of user and user’s circumstances Controlling the grating direction, sturdy grip, cylindrical production cost, through interviews and survey, field research. shape, use of materials such as rubber, stainless steel, material, and transparent polypropylene. molding methods, Design concept: grater analysis, Transparent, pure, curvy, smooth, handy. market understanding. High price 3-Dimensional modeling Opportunity: Function + Form Hard to wash, hard to store, Function food stuck in the grater holes, need for measuring Sketch: Grater is my choice for value the quantity of contents, untidiness around the up redesign of inexpensive grater, Market everyday goods. trend Goal safety, slippery handle, An innovative and original need for better shape. product redesign concept. Low price
  24. 24. Returnto the Nature Institute SAMSUNG ART and DESIGN INSTITUTE Course Industry-University Cooperation, Winter 2007 Instructor Myung-jin Kim Project Appliance Pattern DesignToday’s destruction of the environment threatens the whole world.Customer demands for green products and technologies are on the rise.Customers want high technologies with green design,daily necessities made of natural materials,and nature-preserving green electronics.Using dimensional mix and fantastic illusion,the pattern is designed to respond to rising needs of customers.
  25. 25. BACKGROUNDProduct trend: Interior trend: Architectural trend: Maison and Objet Paris, 2007: Warning:Many products with description like natural, home-made, and There is a use of natural materials. With a motive from nature, architects express modern and futuristic features of Interior design items using soft, peaceful, and comfortable materials of Warning about global warming. Many islands will sink under the water as the sea level rises.eco become popular and successful. The use of soil, stones, pebbles, plants, and sun light is considered as an emerging style curved lines. nature. Corporate responsibility to protect environment is vital. Unregulated e-waste has been piled up inThe trend of environment-friendly products affects corporate in interior design. The use of nature wallpapers and placing plants inside the structures Due to increased demand for green buildings, ecological construction materials Objet and space soiled by the hand over times with emotion. Trend of underdeveloped conturies. The notion of ethical shopping is widely spreading across the world.management plan as well as personal ethics. emphasize green design. are used widely. dull brown and green color. APPLICATIONCONCEPT KEYWORDS High technology + Nature Daily necessities = Natural object Global warning - Green Electronics Feel nature closely with state-of-the-art green technologies. Realization of green ideal with nature patterns. Di mensional Mix Fantastic Illusion
  26. 26. WSPA Institute SAMSUNG ART and DESIGN INSTITUTE Course 2-Dimensional Design, Spring 2007 Instructor Myung-jin Kim Project Pattern and Identity DesignA proposal for identity renewal of World Society for the Protection of Animals.Brand identity of WSPA inspired by endangered frigate bird.Contrasting images of one frigate bird flying high and another cowering in fear are used to create pattern design.These patterns represent the meaning of WSPA that people should protect endangered species.Earthy, traditional, and calm colors express seriousness.
  27. 27. Pachage desirn for Brand Identity of WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals mals of Ani ection e Prot for th ty Socie World World Society for the Protection of Animals World Society for the Protection of Animals World Society for the Protection of Animals 120-601 Hanshin APT Dobong-2Dong, Dobong-Gu Seoul, Korea 132-731 World Society for the Protection of Animals World Society for the Protection of Animals Minji Kim Designer +82-11-9883-0455 Public Relations Department minjikim81@gmail.com Minji Kim Designer Public Relations Department 120-601 Hanshin APT Dobong-2Dong, Dobong-Gu WSPAWorld Society for the Protection of Animals WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals Seoul, Korea 132-731 +82-11-9883-0455 minjikim81@gmail.com