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Presentation: "The Soundwalker in the Street: Location-based Audio
Walks and the Poetic Re-imagination of Space"

The development of mobile and location-based technologies
intensifies media use in public space. Media theorist Eric Kluitenberg
emphasizes this emerging trend, as he notes that the city becomes an intensified
mediatized space where the modus operandi is carried out almost without
thinking. The aim of this article is to show, with the use of location-based audio
walks as case studies, how this intensive hybridization of space on the contrary
is able to provide new possibilities to engage with space. The power of
location-based audio walks is its aesthetic and poetic potential of layering new
information over a physical space, while revealing the stories, memories and
history of specific physical locations. In doing so, these audio walks can be
seen as a poetic act: they draw together human involvement and invite
engagement with reality to such an extent that it enters consciousness and it reimagines
space poetically.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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  1. 1. THE SOUNDWALKERIN THE STREETLocation based audio walksand the poetic re-imaginationof hybrid space by Micky van Zeijl
  2. 2. “Customary patterns ofspatial behavior...havebeen obilerated in littlemore than ten yearswith the mass-adoptionof mobile phonetechnology”
  3. 3. MAIN CONCERNOnly when the operator is down, thesepatterns enter consciousness -ERIC KLUITENBERG (2010)
  4. 4. CALL TOINVESTIGATEHow can this newsensibility for anincreasingly hybridizedspatial multiplicity beintensified to suchan extent that it canenter consciousness,that is can be re-imagined poetically?
  5. 5. KEY STARTING POINTThis intensive hybridization providesnew possibilities to engage with publicspace
  6. 6. HYBRID SPACEThe technological blurringof spatial borders withsocial and communicationalinteractions, as well asthe aesthetic, cultural andimaginary elements andexperience of space -DE SOUZA E SILVA, KLUITENBERG, MANOVICH, SIKIARIDI & VOGELAAR AND MORE ...
  7. 7. POETIC ACTWhile walking, traveling andinteracting with space, itconnects and shapes one’smemory and experience.POETICSRefers to engagement andperformativity. It shows howmemory and dreams play anactive role in the multiplicity ofhybrid space. -BACHELARD (1964), KLUITENBERG (2010)
  9. 9. POSTPHENOMENOLOGYBy Peter-Paul Verbeek focusseson the mediating role oftechnology, where reality arisesin a network of relations, asdo the human beings whoencounter it. -PETER-PAUL VERBEEK WITH REFERENCE TO DON IHDE, BRUNO LATOUR & ALBERT BORGMANN
  10. 10. Albert Borgmann engagementBruno Latour Don Ihde active actors artifacts
  11. 11. LOCATION-BASED MEDIAmake it possible to createspecific content for physicallocations and to locateone’s presence in spacean important characteristicof location-basedapplications is thus thecreation of a doubledperception of space. - KLUITENBERG (2010)
  12. 12. LOCATION-BASED AUDIO WALKSThe power of location-based audio walksis its aesthetic and poetic potential oflayering new information over a physicalspace, while revealing its stories, memoriesand history. It provides the technoogicalpotential of engagement with surroundingspace
  14. 14. By moving away fromthe visual dominanceof the screen, the auralaugmented layar of thelocation-based audiowalks makes room forthe physical surroundingsto become a part ofthe overall embodiedexperience.
  15. 15. to The poetic involvement with the physical location is mediated through location-based technologies. while walking around or standing still, listening to these stories, one relates to and is present in one’s own personal and public surrounding world.
  16. 16. to LOCATION-BASED AUDIO WALKS Engage one in the surrounding space. to They draw together human involvement and invite engagement with reality. In doing so they are able to re-imagine space poetically.