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La Paella King Franchise Presentation Total Exclusivity for the whole of Arabia


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Our requirements to release the total exclusivity for the whole of Arabia for the La Paella King, At this present time will be the only opportunity to any one person or organization to obtain... Due to the fact that a very select few people know about this exclusive opportunity. Also the very exclusive distribution of Spanish products also.!
Requirements: The said company or individual to purchase 20 Franchise licenses immediately, (25,000 Euro for the first outlet and the remainder 19 outlets at 20,000 Euro each, The total amount payable: 405,000 Euro, With the agreement to open all 20 franchises strategically placed throughout the whole of Arabia within the next 2 years. Each Franchise will be under the same terms and conditions as stated within the Franchise agreement... My Partner for the region will have the rights to increase the Franchise fee for the initial 20 Outlets??? Amount to be discussed. But guarrenteeing all 20 outlets will be opened.

This is the general deal for total exclusivity for the whole of Arabia for the La Paella King company and Products, Which after making a huge success of the initial 20 businesses, We will invite our Partner/Representtative to join us in opening further outletes, within some other major capital cities...
If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards
Michael Robert Gill CEO
Spanish Contact number:
Tel: 0034 902108785
Mob. 0034 629079069
Skype: mikegill100

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La Paella King Franchise Presentation Total Exclusivity for the whole of Arabia

  1. 1. Franchise overview
  2. 2. La Paella King is a Fast Food Spanish Gastronomic Delivery company. The menu mainly focuses on “Authentic Valencia Paella’s.”
  3. 3. La Paella King is a Fast Food Spanish Gastronomy Delivery company. The menu mainly focuses on “Authentic Valencia Paella’s.” A great percentage of Arabians spend their summers in Spain; while in the whole of Arabia there is only a very few Spanish restaurants, which offers Authentic Spanish Gastronomy, a completely different cuisine than what Arabians are generally used to, Apart from when they are holidaying in Spain. While La Paella King will offer a more traditional menu, with a very simple yet interesting service. Our team La Paella King’s main team consists of a number of highly qualified men and woman. Michael Robert Gill who has a wealth of experience in opening and operat- ing international Spanish Restaurants, also creating Global marketing campaigns, with his very intriguing personal, creative and com- munication skills will make sure our customers are always pleased. Making La Paella King a service where you can enjoy great food in a loca- tion of your choice, while being served by friendly people-oriented staff. Abir Iskandar who has a wealth of experience in Exportation globally, Logistics, Problem solving, her creative and communication skills will make sure all of our fran- chisees are always supplied and advised. Languages spoken Egyptian Arabic, English, Italian, Greek, Spanish.- every detail is considered. Tarek Saadz an Architect with more than 15 years of wide-ranging experience in different International Groups, where his Role was to lead a range of high-end residential and hospitality commissions. This move marks his return to Almusbah Group at Saudi Arabia, and worked for four years on a broad range of projects, from the Duty Free Shops at The Airports to VIP Lounges and Hotels Five Stars. While interior design has always been a vital part of the design process, the practice has more recently developed a dedicated Interiors Group. Brand Owner/CEO Export Director Architect & Executive Michael Robert Gill Abir Iskandar Tarek Saadz Authentic Valencia Paella´s Arabia is in need of a warm and friendly Service with excellent food. A place where you always know you will get the very best of everything. La Paella King. The menu will be inspired from Authentic Spanish specialties which will appeal to a diverse clientele. You can get Valencia’s main dish the Paella available with a variety of options including seafood, chicken, or plain vegetables; in addition to many main dishes from around Spain Warm and friendly service Executive Franchisers Summary Branding/ Marketing director René Berg Jensen René Berg jensen is a branding/ marketing expert that has helped Bestseller Clothing Company from Denmark, starting up Franchise shops and busi- ness channels in European countries. He has 20 years of retail experience, also with a wealth of experience in online marketing.
  4. 4. Our Spanish Executive Head Chefs with their teams of chefs will support and serve our Franchisors and their customers a taste of Spain’s delicious authentic dishes and will stimulate their taste buds with our authentic Paella and Fideua dishes. Spanish Executive Head Chefs All La Paella King Outlets have the option to have one of our Executive Spanish Chefs and a Spanish Executive Chef Trainee. With our Head office based in Valencia, Spain we are best placed to constantly supply these Specialist chefs, Reconfirming La Paella Kings 100% authenticity for all of our customers. (But this is only an option.) 100% authenticity A taste of Spain Mission La Paella King is an amazing gastronomy to eat, Healthy, combining an intriguing presentation with excellent, interesting authentic Spanish food. Our mission is not only to have great food, but to have an efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is very important. We want to be the Food of choice for families and singles, young and old, male or female. Employee welfare will be equally important to our success; we want our employees to feel part of the success of La Paella King. Happy employees make happy customers. We want to serve high quality food to create loyal customers, serve as many customers to make higher profits, and create a rewarding place to work for the employees. We will combine menu variety, and a friendly staff to create a sense of “place” in order to reach our goal of overall value in our gastronomy experience. 100% authenticity for all of our customers“
  5. 5. Our very exclusive selection of La Paella King Product´s will be promoted to all nearby supermarkets and convenient stores etc. local to the Franchisers location. Creating the possibility to Provide, install marketing campaigns and sampling promotions La Paella King exclusive product range Product marketing The Franchisor will receive exclusive distribution rights for all products, within their region. All products will carry an exclusive discount token on the packaging with a promotion, for ordering their local La Paella King Home delivery and catering service. Paella King BBQ Kit
  6. 6. Canned paella No previous knowledge of paella cooking requiered. We Can supply all products repackaged with a Paella Pan enclosed as well. Preparation time 21 minutes. Shelf stable storage. Two portions. Halal Certified Seafood Black Rice Seafood Fideuá Chicken
  7. 7. Known since antiquity as a source of vitamins and nutrients, the horchata is also considered a source of health and energy the world throughout. Along with its delicious and refreshing flavour, several medical studies have accredited its many beneficial properties for the body. Investigations have concluded that the horchata has great digestive properties thanks to its high level of amino acids and starch. Several prestigious specialists from the University of Valencia have also determined that it is rich in minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and iron as well as unsaturated fats and proteins. It is also recommended for all types of persons, from the youngest to the oldest. The natural horchata can also be drunk by patients with a declared lack of tolerance to lactose and it is recommended for pregnant women as it includes more iron and potassium than a glass of milk. La Paella King Hortchata de Valencia (Chuffa) is an energizing and nutritious drink that thanks to its characteristics has become part of the Mediterranean diet. Its cardiovascular properties are similar to those present in olive oil and it helps in reducing cholesterol and triglycerides as it has over 77% of oleic acid. All these characteristics make the La Paella King Valencia Tigernut Horchata a very complete and nutritious drink thanks to its macro and micro nutrients. Lastly, the horchata has the capacity to nourish and refresh simultaneously. Whether you have it with or without ice, in summer or winter, this drink gives you vitality while taking care of your body. You can have it with a farton that you dip in the drink. The Farton (that is really the name ;) ) are like croissant/donut sticks. All products are exclusively produced from Valencia, Spain. This will be exclusively available for our franchisers to benefit from Exclusively
  8. 8. La Paella King Churros and Choc Traditionally chocolate con churros is consumed for breakfast or as a dessert. Put it is also a sheer social act. Even those people who go to Churroriars (in Spanish) alone will likely end up talking to his neighbors and plans with friends are made to meet in a La Paella King for good conversation as well as wonderful churros! Chocolate con churros is normally served with hot chocolate, at a temperature between 75ºC and 80ºC (167º F and 176ºF) in a porcelain cup, while the freshly made churros are served in a platter, they can be hot or cold. Or served for Take away. ´If you should ever visit La Paella King be sure to go with your friends, and taste as many as you can. There are in fact a number of varieties of churros including the much larger Churros. With a variety of, EXPERIENCES… All products are exclusively produced from Valencia, Spain. This will be exclusively available for our franchisers to benefit from Exclusively There are few things more typically Spanish than chocolate with churros If you walk down the center of any Spanish city, but particularly through Valencia, on any morning, you will see the churrerías filled with people, either who have gotten up recently or those who are about to go to bed. It is said that churros and chocolate are an especially good remedy for hangovers. Of its origin there are no certainties and there are a number of different theories. Some people say that they were brought to Europe by the Portuguese. The Portuguese spent a lot of time exploring East Asia and especially China, where making star shaped dough was made. It is not of the question therefore that the Portuguese travelers learnt this art and brought it back with them. However another theory sets that churro was actually invented by Spanish sheep herders as a replacement for freshly baked goods. Plus, the paste used to make churros was easy to make and easy to cook over a campfire when they were out in the mountains. Despite all of this, it’s very likely that chocolate con churros became known in Valencia, due to the itinerant fairs that would come frequently to the outskirts of the city, and its popularity as a breakfast food grew due to its low price. In those days it was known as “frying pan fruit”
  9. 9. Objectives La Paella King’s objectives for the first year of operation include: Expand the service by opening a branch in every country of Arabia. Expand by providing a private catering service. Expand by providing large scale event catering service. Expand by distributing our exclusive canned products range within supermarkets nearby to run a discount promotional campaign for La Paella King. Keeping preparation food cost fewer than 20% of revenue. 32%-35% of revenue. 750,000 per year Keeping fixed expenses (salaries & rent) between Averaging sales between 650,000 – 750,000 EURO per year Expenses Summary Best Chefs joining La Paella King In order to serve great food, we had to have the best Chefs joining La Paella King straight from Spain. And to make customers happy we had to have the best managers for La Paella King, to ensure customers are satisfied and win them as loyal clientele. Success and Expansion Having these employees to lead the team of La Paella King may have increased our monthly expenses, but the best has to always have the best to guarantee success and expansion in the industry. Exclusive service From our point of view, and actual studies on the Arabian population’s love for Spanish food; we know for sure that La Paella King’s sales will exceed the numbers above. Especially when we didn’t include VIP Home catering and a Spanish Chef in our studies when we can provide an exclusive service, whereby we will send our Spanish Chef to your home to prepare our authentic paella in your garden!, Or the inclusion of Catering for large scale events. In order to serve great food, we have available the best Chefs straight from Spain. If needed, To support all of our franchisees. “
  10. 10. Pricing and Profitability La Paella King’s prices will be very competitive compared to fine dining restaurants in Arabia. Our ingredients expenses will average 20% of total sales, and fixed expenses will be within the range of 35% of sales. Leaving us with 45% of pure profits Market Analysis Summary More than 40% of Arabians go out for lunch or dinner at least once a week, to have a good meal and take a break from the real world. As La Paella King’s menu offers a wide variety of quality food choices within reasonable prices, having lunch or dinner at a location of your choice will be within the budget of any person. Sales Strategy Our sales plan is to establish and maintain position with our customers. The strategy is to build more customers in order to increase revenue. Our business is client service. It is repeat business. That’s why we will focus on making all our customers happy with our food, service and atmosphere with the help of our great Chefs, Staff and our exclusive products. 45% 35% 20% 20% - Variable expenses 35% - Fixed expenses 40% - Profit Market Segmentation We want everyone to feel welcome La Paella King intends to cater to a wide group of people and events. We want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed in a cozy location and atmosphere with a wide and varied menu. It’s our goal to have “something for everyone” on our menu. Quick and professional service Whether it’s a group of family members taking a break to reconnect, or a group of women or men hanging out after school or university or work, or it’s a couple having dinner before going to the movies. La Paella King will serve all of these different category groups with a smooth, quick, professional service. Friends Because of its small size and distributed wealth, Dubai is considered one of the richest countries in the world. If we were considering opening La Paella King in a Western country we would have needed to focus on business men and families to make maximum profits. But here, catering to the young crowds is considered very profitable, as they take high allowances from their parents making them the best segments to target for any business. Let’s not also forget that the age group of 16-23 has the most free time everyday of the week to go out and hang out with friends. That’s why “Friends” are targeted to become 55% of La Paella King’s market segmentation. Couples While couples are targeted to become 30% of La Paella King’s customers as they usually spend at least one night in together a week, and where better can they have a romantic candle lit dinner at home, other than with La Paella King. Famalies Then family comes third in our targeted customers, as nowadays children prefer spending the weekend with friends as they see their parent’s every day. Family groups are targeted for lunch hours, more than dinner hours and usually on weekdays rather than weekends. 30% 55% 15% 15% - Family 30% - Couples 55% - Friends
  11. 11. Our strategy is simple; we intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment of their choice that appeals to a wide and varied group of people. We will focus on maintaining quality and establishing a strong identity in our community. Our main focus in marketing will be to promote awareness about La Paella King through popular bloggers and social media celebrities. As they are our insiders to the young crowds and couples, our two main targeted segments. We will keep our standards high and execute the concept so that word of mouth will be our main marketing force. Our competitive edge is the menu, Exclusive product range, Our Spanish chefs, the environment, the management, the service and our friendly staff. We will have great dishes and our food will be made with the freshest ingredients and produce available. The chefs have an excellent taste for what Spanish food is and requires as they have been working in some of the most famous Spanish restaurants in Valencia and Spain. Our environment is professional and comfortable and our décor is warm and relaxing. Great service is very important to us. The management and servers will handle every detail to make customers’ special evenings even more special. All this and our taste will make customers want to come back again and again. Strategy and Implementation Summary Competitive Edge We intend to succeed by giving people a combination of execellent, exclusive and interesting food in an environment of their choice that appeals to a wide and varied group of people. “
  12. 12. La Paella King has put together a delicious variety of authentic and healthy meal choices from Valencia Spain all in one menu Looking for the Next Hot Franchise? If you are thinking about a burger, pizza or sandwich franchise, think again. As these concepts continue to struggle, Spanish cuisine is predicted to be the next unique long term trend. So if you want a little, here is your opportunity to be ahead of the curve. La Paella King offers the best of Spanish traditional Paellas and flavors, all under one roof!
  13. 13. This is Your Opportunity to Become Part of the Hottest Spanish Concept throughout the globe! Unlike Other Categories, La Paella King Gives You Multiple Ways to Make Money Home or Business Delivery Home Catering Event Catering Take out and Cook yourself pack Exclusive canned and product range With our Gastronomy, healthy menu, La Paella King continues to see incredible growth in our catering business. Our menu is very portable which makes catering an important revenue stream. Through our proprietary training, we will show you how to capitalize on these profit centers.
  14. 14. The store operation has been thought out and refined for you. Everything from the kitchen procedures, to the Point-of-sale system operation, is presented to you in the form of Professional extensive training for operating the La Paella King Franchisee.To stay on top of the latest food trends, the La Paella King Executive Head Chefs keeps new and innovative recipes coming from the La Paella King Test kitchen. La Paella King Will: To be the best company to work for. To be the best at what we put our minds to. Sharing our client’s moments of enjoyment. With products made always with original balanced and proven ingredients, capable of delivering them at anytime, anywhere. Why La Paella King? Turn key support from real estate site selection to hiring assistance, incredible corporate and on-site training. One on one service from the day you sign the agreement. Very creative menu development, exciting offerings. Impressive marketing support and tools for your success. Authentic “Spanish Kitchen” design, efficient and attractive to all ages. Very cost effective build options, including cost saving conversions! Our unique and exclusive product range. Your initial investment to construct a new La Paella King varies depending on the type of and size of the location. Typically, the initial franchise fee is 25,000 Euros. To offer an excellent service at any moment and place, being part of the leisure time and fun moments of our clients. Offering an appetizing and balanced product ready to consume and adapted to our client’s taste. Ensure the best branding possible for our stores Be available for questions, requests and ‘sound boarding’ of ideas Perform regular store reviews to ensure consistency at all stores Host an online franchisee bulletin board to stimulate communication between franchisee’s and franchisor’s Support our franchisees 100% With a management team boasting many years of practical hands on experience, La Paella King offers comprehensive support to its franchisees, starting with helping you understand how our markets are laid out, and then guiding you through the real estate process where you choose your store location. Prior to the opening of your La Paella King, we will provide the franchisee with extensive professional training in your location. During this training the franchisee will learn the industry secrets to operating a successful Fast Food outlet and Catering company. La Paella King is a brand that offers franchisees a sound model of operation with comprehensive support. Our extensive restaurant operation experience has laid the groundwork for building a successful system that caters to both the businessman as well as the customer. We are committed to the business and its results. We understand our clients, we anticipate their needs. We put energy and passion in what we do. We recognize the effort and contribution of our people. Investment Training We Focus on Support Mission Vision Values La Paella King’s goals are to see our franchisees running their businesses successfully, as well as to witness the La Paella King brand spreading across the globe.
  15. 15. La Paella King is the brand of choice for investors looking to expand their portfolios in today’s economy. Numerous business investors are seeing value in La Paella Kings, including individuals experienced with other brands, people transitioning to a second career, investment companies and financial lenders. Attracting a Broad Range of Investors We are also attracting the attention of multi-brand franchisees with an appetite for business growth and opportunity. In fact, some multi-brand franchisees have found La Paella King so rewarding that they have divested other interests to focus on their La Paella King business. Affordability Franchisor´s assitance Location Franchisee has the primary responsibility for locating a site. The site should be in accordance of franchisor site selection criteria and standards. Franchisor will approve the location before issuing the franchise agreement for the restaurant. The site is either approved or disapproved within 30 days after submission. It is estimated that there will be an interval of 60 to 270 days between signing the agreement and opening of the store. Training Only one person from each restaurant is required to attend and complete to franchisor satisfaction the pre-opening training program and that person must be the franchisee or principal acceptable to franchisor. Franchisee and other employees may be designated additional training periodically. Setup mangement visit Our Management team will visit each new outlet for as long as necessary, to setup and guide all new La Paella King Franchisees. Advertising A fund currently called La Paella King Fund. Or another successive advertising fund will administer a worldwide advertising program via website, administrative and other services for the advertising program. Franchisor will direct all advertising and promotional programs, with the right to control the creative concepts, materials, and media used in such programs, and the placement and allocation of them. Franchisee may be required to participate in local or regional cooperatives. In 2015, La Paella King Fund’s expenses were 82.2% for production costs, 2.9% for talent, 9.3% for administrative costs, 7.0% for research, 1.8% for professional fees, and 2.8% for supplies and miscellaneous expenses. The “Marketing Committee” is a 5-member committee that advises the La Paella King Fund on advertising campaigns and marketing promotions. A new restaurant must spend at least 20,000 Euro for initial advertising and promotion. La Paella King’ start up costs, are very competitive and fees associated with franchising the brand are modest. We prefer candidates desiring to open one store to have a net worth of 150,000 Euro with a minimum of 50,000 Euro in liquid, unencumbered assets. Franchisees must also be able to obtain financing to cover the total costs of opening a franchised location. Overview: The franchisor of La Paella King is in the business of franchising La Paella King. The primary menu items are Spanish Paella’s. Also our exclusive product range. The estimated initial investment required per franchise location ranges from approximately 221,000 Euro to 654,000 Euro for a standard La Paella King carry-out location. Stores in the higher end of the range are typically free-standing buildings, Of course, costs vary based on a variety of factors. Product Sources: All La Paella King Outlets must purchase their products solely from franchisor affiliate La Paella King, or such other entity as designated in writing. Except with respect to “Exempt Agreements” most other items including ingredients, equipment, supplies, and materials used or sold must be purchased from La Paella King. Approval or disapproval of new supplier proposal is provided within 90 days
  16. 16. La Paella King has secured exclusive marketing agreements throughout Arabia. For the promotion and launch of every new La Paella King outlet opened within the whole of Arabia, for over AED 248,750. (75,000 EUROS) The customer can visit currently operational in Qatar Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, UAE and Oman. is the one huge food court for many restaurants, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of remembering restaurants numbers, waiting on hold or getting a busy signal while dialing a restaurant number or getting the wrong order due to miscommunication over the phone! Besides by using you can view menus with pictures of all your favorite restaurants in their easy to use website. Please find below our "Proposal", “Operational” and “Contractual” requirement, also with marketing strategies along with the “Free Services” for your perusal. Dear Mr. Michael, as you will notice that we will be supporting your brand heavily and we will be more than honored to have you on board with us and will be supporting your brand for over AED 248,750 (75,000 EUROS). Hope the above info is clear enough and hope to see you soon on our website and applications Talabat - Arabia´s, largest online delivery service provider. Proposal The following is our proposal for your restaurants • Registration fees: AED7,500 (Waived) • Annual fees: AED 5000 (Waived) • 10% commission per order (Exclusive Basis for 3 years). Operational Requirement: There are several ways to receive an order through, however we will highlight below the most common ones requested from our restaurants partners. Receiving Order through Fax (Outdated technology, we don’t recommend) (OR) Receiving Order through Web Link Application (Internet) through the admin portal. Functionality of Web Link Application (WLA) for receiving online orders is: 1. You will access WLA by opening any browser on your PC, you will enter user and password that will be created for your restaurant. 2. Any new order (Placed by customer) will pop up on WLA with a beep sound which will indicate that a new order has arrived and need your interaction for punching in your system (Beep sound will keep ringing after every 35 seconds until someone picks the order and mark as punched and if still no one is attentive then Talabat operator will notify your staff regarding the pending order). 3. You can generate reports (Summary or Detail Reports) through this WLA with your specified date range. 4. You will get the demo on how to access WLA once your menu is uploaded on the website and the delivery coverage areas are added. 5. There will be a coordination meeting with your restaurant which covers all inquiries with its solution and usually these meetings are arranged after signing the contract agreement. Free Marketing Services worth AED 248,750: • Restaurant Promotion banner over the home page in a shareable manner for 1 month Cost is AED5500 (Waived) • Your restaurant will be promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and websites to announce your joining in which will be with your logo presentation. Cost is AED4500 (Waived) • Social Media Support on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, where we usually charge any restaurant that want to post on our platforms, AED 4500 / post, for La Paella Kings we will waive these charges and will support you with one post every 10 days in relevant market for a 1 year period with a total of AED 234,000 • Adding your restaurant menu items picture will entail more traffic and demand. • Your restaurants will be promoted on our monthly newsletter to announce your joining to with your logos presentation, for all our existing customers Cost is AED 4750 (Waived) • Your logo will show on all our printed material
  17. 17. Estimated initial investment Store type Monthly rent Avg. square ft. Est. initial inv. Franchise agreement 1,500-6,000 EUR 1,200-1,600 74,000-250,000 EUR Territory reservation agree- ment N.A. N.A. Initial & Legal fee: 5,000-30,000 EUR Fees Type of free Amount Initial fees Territory Reservation Agreement: Territory Reservation Fee of 5,000 Euro per restaurant. Franchise Agreement: 25,000 Euro for the first outlet and 20,000 Euro for additional Outlets. Royalty fees 20% of profits Initial management setup costs 2 persons Salary, 3000 Euro Per month + Costs + Flights + Accommodation (For as long as necessary) Advertising funds Up to 7% of Gross Sales with no more than 4% to the La Paella King Fund Local advertising Minimum start up costs 20,000 Euro Cooperative advertising N.A. Transfer 0-5,000 EUR per unit Architect fees 10% OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE PROJECT. Example if the project will be 100,000, The fee will have 10,000 for doing all the works but all expenses will not be included. Territorial protection Agreement type Conditions Development agreement Reserved territory is assigned encompassing sufficient distance and population within which franchise will not operate or approve other franchise. Franchise agreement An exclusive territory (typically 5 mile radius or 3 mile for densely populated areas) within which franchisor will not operate or approve other franchise Initial training program Subject Hours of classroom training Hours of on the job training Operational procedures 22 82-200 Safety/ security 3 15 Daily paperwork 0.5 10 Weekly paperwork 0.5 10 Management responsibilities 2 20 Human resources 5 5 Finance/ accounting 3 5 Training 12 10 Training 12 10 Risk management 2 1 Real estate/ architecture 6 4 Equipment 2 0
  18. 18. Franchise agreement term and exit scenarios Provision Summary Renewal or extension of the term Generally 1 renewal term of 10 years from the initial term. All renewals are subject to contractual requirements. Renewing franchisees have no further renewal rights. Requirements to renew Written notice; renovation of restaurant to current standards; satisfaction of monetary obligations to franchisor and affiliates; past compliance with franchise agreement, operating standards, and financial and marketing requirements, right to remain at approved location or approval of new location; signing of new franchise agreement and renewal addendum; payment of 5,000 renewal fee; signing of a general release of all claims against franchisor; and satisfaction of obligations to lessor and suppliers. Termination by franchisee N.A. Termination by franchisor without cause N.A. Termination by franchisor with cause N.A. Franchisee obligations on termination/non renewal Obligations include complete de-identification and cessation of use of proprietary marks; payment of amounts due; and others. If termination was for franchisee default, franchisee may have to pay liquidating damages. Must keep informed of current business and residential address and phone numbers for 3 years. Assignment of contract by franchisor No restriction on franchisor right to assign Franchisor approval of transfer by franchisee Includes transfer of franchise agreement, definition ownership interest in franchisee, or all or substantially all of the assets of the restaurant. Conditions of approval for transfer Conditions may include payment of all money owed to franchisor and affiliates; not in default; signing of release; franchisor approve terms of sale; terms will not put transferee under an unreasonable financial or operational burden; financing is subordinate to obligations to franchisor; transferee meets franchisor qualifications and completes training; transferee will not own more than 100 Restaurants and no two restaurants are more than 100 miles apart; signing of new franchise agreement or assignment of old franchise agreement, at franchisor option; proof of right to remain at approved location; refurbishment or remodeling of the restaurant to then-current standards; signing of covenants concerning confidentiality and non-competition; and payment of transfer fee Right of first refusal Franchisor can match offer Right of first refusal Franchisor can match offer Non compete during fran- chise agreement Includes prohibition on diverting customers, employing persons in a managerial capacity who have worked in the La Paella King franchise during the prior 6 months, and owning or operating a quick or fast food services restaurant engaged in the sale of Paella and/or related products Non compete after fran- chise agreement Includes one year prohibition on involvement with a quick or fast service restaurant primarily engaged in the sale of Paella and/or related products for businesses located within the designated market area, and a 2-year prohibition for businesses located within the designated market area in which your restaurant is located
  19. 19. Come and Grow With Us! A variety of people, from investors to autoworkers, are making the choice to invest in La Paella King. They are making their dreams of being their own boss a reality. To learn more about joining the La Paella King success and becoming part of a dynamic company that is outpacing the industry, please submit your inquiry. Giving Back to the Community La Paella King has a long history of giving back to the communities where we do business, and where there is a need. La Paella King Kitchen and is reflections of that business philosophy. La Paella King Kitchen was established in 2014 to provide quality meals to people in need. La Paella King kitchen travels across Europe, meeting the needs of the hungry, the homeless and disaster survivors. Also exemplifying our strong tradition of giving back is the program that provides qualified, honorably discharged veterans with a business opportunity to become La Paella King franchisee when they transit to civilian life or seek a career change.
  20. 20. La Paella King Head office: Apartado 83, Poligono 7, Parcela 412 ES-46191 Vilamarxante, Valencia, Spain Tel: 0034 902 108 785 Mobile: 0034 629 079 069 Email: