Star Trek The Original Series


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An overview of the original star trek series and the main characters.

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Star Trek The Original Series

  1. 1. Star Trek- The Original Series<br />Presentation by: Jennifer Menke<br />
  2. 2. Main Characters- Captain/Admiral Kirk<br />Played by William Shatner, Kirk is the captain of the starship Enterprise.<br />According to Mr. Spock, commanding a star ship is his “first, best destiny”, and although he is an admiral in the first few movies, he is demoted back to captain in The Voyage Home.<br />STARFLEET HISTORICAL FILE: Kirk, James T.Mid-level Biography Brief ModeFinal Rank: CaptainFull Name: James Tiberius KirkDate of birth: March 22, 2233Place of birth: Riverside, Iowa, EarthEducation: Starfleet Academy, 2250-2254Marital status: SingleChildren: One son, David Marcus (2261-2286)Date of death: 2293/2371*Place of death:Enterprise-B in Nexus/Veridian III*Serial number: SC937-0176 CECQuarters: On original Enterprise, Deck 5; on refit/1701-A, Deck 5/Room 0195<br />(Courtesy of<br />
  3. 3. Main Characters- Mr. Spock<br />HISTORICAL DATABASE: SpockFull Biography ModeRank: Captain, retiredSerial number: S179-276SPFull Name: Spock (lineal Vulcan name unpronounceable)Year of birth: 2230Place of birth:Shi&apos;Kahr, VulcanParents: Ambassador Sarek and his wife Amanda GraysonEducation: Starfleet Academy, 2249-53Marital status: Once marriedLast whereabouts:Romulus<br />Courtesy of<br />Mr. Spock was played by Leonard Nimoy.<br />He is the loyal first officer of the Enterprise, and is eventually promoted to the rank of captain in the movies.<br />Doctor McCoy and Mr. Spock are constantly bickering, and McCoy pesters him about his mixed heritage.<br />Spock and his sparring partner--Doctor McCoy. <br />
  4. 4. Main Characters- Scotty<br />Scotty, the chief engineer of the Enterprise, was portrayed by James Doohan.<br />Scotty considers the ship as his- the captain is only the pilot. He is affectionately known as a “miracle worker”, and he maintains his reputation by multiplying his repair estimates by four.<br />He is Scottish, and when in dress uniform always wears a kilt.<br />STARFLEET HISTORICAL FILE: Scott, Montgomery &quot;Scotty&quot;Mid-level Biography Brief ModeFinal Rank: CaptainSerial Number: SE-197-54TYear of birth: 2222Education: Starfleet Academy, 2240-44Marital status: Single<br />Courtesy of<br />
  5. 5. Main Characters- Dr. McCoy<br />Dr. McCoy is the chief medical officer of the Enterprise, and was played by DeForrest Kelley.<br />He relentlessly pesters the ship’s science officer, although he is always concerned about his medical condition. He is very reliable, and he always seems to have a bottle of (illegal) Romulan Ale for special occasions.<br />STARFLEET HISTORICAL FILE: McCoy, LeonardMid-level Biography Brief ModeFinal Rank: Admiral, retiredFull Name: Leonard H. McCoy, M.D.Year of birth: 2227Parents: Mr. and Mrs. David McCoyEducation: University of Mississippi, 2245-49; medical school, 2249-53Marital status: DivorcedChildren: A daughter, JoannaQuarters: Original Enterprise: 3F 127<br />Courtesy of<br />
  6. 6. Main Characters- Mr. Sulu<br />Mr. Sulu, the Enterprises’ helm, was played by George Takei.<br />He is energetic, and is always taking up different hobbies, although fencing seemed to be his all-time favorite.<br />Eventually, Sulu is given command of his own ship, the Excelsior.<br />STARFLEET HISTORICAL FILE: Sulu, HikaruMid-level Biography Brief ModeRank: CaptainDate of birth: 2237Place of birth: San Francisco, EarthEducation: Starfleet Academy, 2255-59Marital status: MarriedChildren: A daughter, Demora, born 2270<br />Courtesy of<br />
  7. 7. Main Characters- Chekov <br />STARFLEET HISTORICAL FILE: Chekov, PavelAndreievichMid-level Biography Brief ModeFinal Rank: CommanderFull Name:PavelAndreievich ChekovSerial number: 656-5827BYear of birth: 2245Education: Starfleet Academy, 2263-67Marital status: Single<br />Courtesy of<br />Chekov, the Enterprises’ weapons officer, was played by Walter Koenig.<br />He is a dependable Russian officer, and is thoroughly convinced that all things good are from Russia.<br />
  8. 8. Main Characters- Uhura<br />STARFLEET HISTORICAL FILE: UhuraMid-level Biography Brief Mode Rank: CommanderDate of birth: 2239Place of birth: United States of Africa, EarthParents: Mother, M&apos;UmbhaEducation: Starfleet Academy, 2257-61<br />Courtesy of<br />Uhura is played by Nichelle Nichols.<br />She is the ship’s communications officer.<br />
  9. 9. &quot;Here&apos;s Hikaru Sulu overseeing the helmon the U.S.S. Enterprise.&quot;(Archive photo) <br />The Original Series<br /> Star Trek was a science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry. It aired September 8, 1966 to September 2, 1969. There were 79 episodes made in total. Although even today, Star Trek has one of the most spirited, loyal fan bases in the history of television, ratings for the show were terrible. There was a third season only because of efforts by the fans, which ranged from letters, to sticking “Mr. Spock for President” bumper stickers on NBC employee’s cars. Star Trek is listed as the TV show with the most spin-offs in the history of TV by Guinness World Records, including Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Eleven films have been made, such as The Search For Spock, The Voyage Home, and the newest, released in May of this year, Star Trek.<br />For more information, visit<br />