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Tummy Tuck Cost - Demystified


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Tummy Tuck Cost - Demystified

  1. 1. Tummy Tuck Cost - DemystifiedTummy Tuck Q & AQ) How much does a tummy tuck Cost ?A) Cost Of A Tummy Tuck Surgery depends mainly on 2 factors. The type of method used by yourdoctor. This method would depend on your real time condition, meaning how much fat is to beremoved from your abdomen. Secondly, depends on geographic location. A tummy tuck surgery inthe US will be far more expensive as compared to India. Facilities and care remains more or less thesame. Approx. A tummy tuck procedure would cost $4500 upwards.Q) Is Tummy Tuck Better Than Liposuction?A) The end goal which is targeted is the same whether you go for Liposuction or a Tummy TuckSurgery however both the procedures are different. Now a tummy tuck surgery is ideal for womenwho have had 2 or more pregnancies coz in this case the abdomen skin is stretched to the limit. In away a tummy tuck surgery is different from liposuction however can be linked to a lesser knownprocedure known as Tumescent Liposuction ( performed under local anaesthesia) as compared to atummy tuck surgery (performed under general anaesthesia) which is a larger medical procedure.Tumescent Liposuction is a safer procedure and comes in between a tummy tuck surgery andliposuction.Tummy Tuck Surgery is performed when an individual needs a flatter tummy after removal of excessfat from the abdomen area.Liposuction involves treating multiple areas of the body for removal of excess fat. This can includearms, abdomen, hip area, thighs etc.Q) Does the tummy tuck belt work?A) With all those infomercials going on TV, i am sure you would like to know about the tummy tuckbelt. You can get all the info here at this link: Tummy Tuck BeltQ) How Flat Will A Tummy Tuck Make Your Stomach?A) The answer to this question primarily depends on 3 factors as discussed below: -1) Right Candidate – The right candidate for a tummy tuck surgery is an individual who has given upon losing weight through exercises and dieting. The result of the procedure would vary from person toperson. The best advice is to speak openly with your doctor and keep in mind that you have realisticexpectations.2) The Procedure – An abdominoplasty or full tummy tuck is done to get rid of all the extra fat fromthe abdomen area and to make it more firmer. This method results in a lot of scars which take time toheal. Healing time also depends on how religiously you follow doctors post surgery advice. On theother hand if doctor decides to go for a mini tummy tuck operation in your case then only a smallincision is made and very small portion of the abdominal wall is exposed. Scars are less and healingtime is also lesser.3) Results – The tummy tuck surgery has been a very result oriented procedure and considering therise of patients going after this procedure is a testimony in itself. However the results majorly also
  2. 2. depend on your efforts to sustain the result. What we mean here is controlling your diet and followingan exercise routine on a daily basis.Q) Can I Get A Free Tummy Tuck If I Donate My Extra Skin?A) Now this question is very difficult to answer as we don’t have any standard which is followed. Thebest person to answer this question to you is your doctor. Traditionally skin donation happens fromthe patients who unfortunately have died. Donated skins are normally used for patients who are burntand hence have to be very thin. If you have live skin and thinking of donating the same then you cancontact:The American Burn Association650 N. Michigan AvenueSuite 1530Chicago, IL 60611Phone 800-548-2876Fax 312-642-9150Q) Who Are The Best Candidates For A Tummy Tuck?A) Tummy Tuck Surgery is suited for both men and women who have excellent health condition.Tummy Tuck is mainly popular among women after they are through bearing children.Q) When Should You Avoid A Tummy Tuck Surgery?A) Women who still want to have children in the future should avoid a tummy tuck surgery as thesurgery. The main reason for this is that during the procedure your vertical muscles of the abdomenare tightened and future pregnancies can separate these muscles and can cause hernia.Also if you are planning to lose weight in the future and still have not tried dieting or exercises. Youshould not go for a tummy tuck surgery till the time your weight has stabilized. A full tummy tucksurgery if recommended caused big and prominent scars in the abdomen. If you want to avoid thatthen you are not the right candidate. Always consult all the factors with your doctor.Q) How Should I Prepare For A Tummy Tuck?A) First and foremost, if you smoke then you will have to stop doing that or any health affecting habityou might have. Also remember, we are not talking about reducing your smoking regime but tocompletely stop it. Completely get rid of any nicotine gums or patches you might be using for at least2 weeks before and after the surgery. It’s good you see, as it can help you to quit smokingpermanently so what’s the harm?Keep in mind that you are eating balanced diet before the surgery and not following any dieting steps.It is very important as it will directly affect healing of the affected area post surgery.Proper intake ofvital nutrients is very important.Also you need to ensure that you prepare well in advance for post surgery basic steps like1) Having comfortable and loose clothes which can be put on and taken off very easily.2) Telephone at reaching distance to avoid intermittent movements.3) Hand held shower and bathroom chair which is very important.Q) What Are The Complications And Side Effects Of A Tummy Tuck?
  3. 3. A) Now if you have prepared yourself mentally and your doctor has given you all the details then it willnot be a surprise if you have pain and swelling in the abdomen post surgery. Swelling may last forweeks or may be months as well. I am just being realistic here as along with swelling you mayexperience numbness, bruising and overall tiredness as well. Nothing to worry as this is somethingwhich you cannot avoid and your doctor will ensure that your experience with these after effects issmooth and you recover fast.Also if an individual has any pre existing disease related to heart or lungs or if he or she is a diabeticthen complications may arise during the recovery process like blood clots. Remember to disclose allthese details during your consultation with the doctor.If you are not taking proper rest as prescribed by your doctor you may experience insufficient healing.Now as i mentioned earlier, the scars which result from a tummy tuck surgery are quite big andprominent and if not taken care off properly can lead to unwanted complications. Your doctor willsurely suggest you scar diminishing ointments once you have completely recovered.Finally just remember that you have personally gone through quite a lot emotionally, physically,financially to regain your new look. So ensure you follow proper diet to be and shape and stay fit.Q) Does Insurance Cover A Tummy Tuck?A) I have already covered this topic in another post which is here will insurance cover a tummy tuckhowever lets explore. Now generally speaking no insurance company cover any kind of electivecosmetic surgery. Now your insurance company may cover if your tummy tuck surgery is correlatedto any other ailment which requires immediate attention and can be cured by going for a tummy tuckprocedure like hernia. Keep in mind to consult your doctor regarding this as he may have experiencedsuch situation earlier with patients.tummy tuck cost