RBOC Bankruptcies 2009: The Impact on the Future of the Yellow Pages Industry, The


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RBOC Bankruptcies 2009: The Impact on the Future of the Yellow Pages Industry, The

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!The RBOC Bankruptcies 2009: The Impact on the Future of the YellowPages IndustryJuly 14, 2009The yellow pages industry has been rocked in the last few months by economic woesresulting in two major publishers—Idearc Media and R.H. Donnelley—filing forbankruptcy protection and one international yellow pages publisher—Yell Group(London), the publisher of Yellowbook in the U.S.—announcing that it had begun aprocess to refinance its debt in the hope it could extend the maturity dates and changeterms.While many view the bankruptcies as a sign of a collapsing yellow pages print industrybrought on by the Internet, others share the view that the economic woes resulted fromdecisions at Idearc and Donnelley that caused them to grow too much, too fast and toosoon, expanding beyond the abilities to meet financial obligations as easy creditbecame hard credit.The RBOC Bankruptcies 2009 takes an in-depth look at the actions behind the scenesthat led to bankruptcy court and projects where the companies and the entire industry—both independent and incumbent—are likely to find themselves in the future.Highlights of The RBOC Bankruptcies 2009 include: The cases behind the financial collapse of Idearc and R.H. Donnelley; The likely fate of the remaining mega publishers: AT&T, Local Insight and Yellow Pages Group; The impact on CMRs and suppliers; Delivering yellow pages information through print vs online or mobile; The keen competition to print the yellow pages heightens with Quebecor World in bankruptcy and R.R. Donnelley trying to buy the financially ailing printer; A look at the industry’s competition—both print and electronic; A segment by segment breakdown of the industry.
  2. 2. Additional InformationStamford, CT—August 6, 2009— Last week, Simba Information yellow pages senioranalyst David Goddard held a conversation on the recent bankruptcy filings of two of thelargest directory publishers—Idearc Media and R.H. Donnelley. Goddard revealed tomore than 100 attendees at Simba’s RBOC Bankruptcies 2009 webinar on July 28 thatthe significant debt carried by the bankrupt publishers is what led to their financial woesand the rest of the industry is not likely to follow suit.Tied to the release of The RBOC Bankruptcies 2009: The Impact on the Future ofthe Yellow Pages Market, the latest business brief from market research firm SimbaInformation, the webinar concluded that these bankruptcies are a reflection of individualdecisions and not indicative of a market collapse due to revenue declines on the printside of the industry.Joining Goddard were Frank Jules (CEO, AT&T Advertising Solutions) and ScottPomeroy (CEO, Local Insight Media) who shared with attendees the strategies thathave made their companies successful in these difficult times and the new media toolsthey, and other publishers, should focus on to stay out of the red.For more information on purchasing The RBOC Bankruptcies 2009: The Impact on theFuture of the Yellow Pages Market, please visit or call research specialist Jason W.Fuchs at 212-807-2678. The RBOC Bankruptcies 2009 report takes an in-depth look atthe actions behind the scenes that led Idearc Media and R.H. Donnelley to bankruptcycourt and projects where the two companies and the entire industry—both independentand incumbent—are likely to find themselves in the future.And if you missed The RBOC Bankruptcies webinar visit to purchase your copy of therecording.About the Speakers:Frank Jules is president and CEO of AT&T Advertising Solutions. He is responsible forall functions of the $5 billion business. The company provides a complete suite of printand online advertising search solutions that help small and medium businessessucceed. AT&T publishes more than 1,250 directory titles in 22 states with a distributionof about 173 million copies.Jules received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Iona College in 1978. He serveson the board of the Yellow Pages Association and the Association of DirectoryMarketing.Scott A. Pomeroy brings a wealth of experience to Local Insight Media as its presidentand CEO. Most recently, he held key leadership positions with Dex Media, includingexecutive vice president and CFO, senior vice president of finance and vicepresident/treasurer. During his tenure there, Pomeroy was instrumental in achieving a
  3. 3. successful "carve-out" from Qwest and in raising more than $10 billion in debt financingand $1 billion in equity financing in a successful IPO.Over the course of his 23-year career, Pomeroy has held leadership positions in diverseindustries, including chief financial officer for Eotec Capital and president and chiefoperating officer of Lewis Food Groups. Pomeroy began his career with KPMG PeatMarwick. He holds a B.B.A. in Accounting from the University of New Mexico andearned Certification in Public Accountancy. A member of the Yellow Pages Association,Pomeroy is a frequent speaker and contributor at industry and financial conferences.David Goddard is senior analyst/editor of the Yellow Pages Group of SimbaInformation, where he oversees content gathering and presentation of Simba’s YellowPages & Directory Report and numerous related research reports. Prior to joiningSimba, David worked at Eagle Publishing, a chain of daily and weekly newspapers andprinting houses throughout the Northeast. At Eagle, he served as business editor andmanaging editor of several newspapers, and from 1988 to 1996 he was editor andpublisher of the Vermont and then Connecticut operations.Additional information can be found at www.simbainformation.com. or by calling 888-29-SIMBA.About Simba Information:Simba Information is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligencein the media and publishing industry. Simbas extensive information network delivers topquality, independent perspective on the people, events and alliances shaping the mediaand information industry. Simba provides consulting and reports that offer key decision-makers at more than 15,000 client companies around the globe with timely analysis,exclusive statistics and proprietary industry forecasts. For more information, please visitwww.simbainformation.com.TABLE OF CONTENTSMethodologyThe RBOC Bankruptcies 2009: The Impact on the Future of the Yellow PagesIndustry Introduction The Financial Challenges R.H. Donnelley Idearc Media Yell Group Other Publishers with Financial Investors AT&T Advertising Solutions Local Insight Media
  4. 4. Yellow Pages Group Phone Directories Co. User-Friendly Phone Book Industry Size, Growth and Usage Total Advertising and Yellow Pages Advertising Industry Trends and Analysis Syndicated Usage Research Stalls: No Studies Scheduled in 2009 Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures Relatively Flat The Ticking Time Bomb: Do Not Deliver Leading Certified Marketing Representatives (CMRs) TMP Directional Marketing Wahlstrom Group The Berry Co. Ketchum Directory Advertising Markets for Printers and Suppliers R.R. Donnelley Quebecor World Directory Unit Production by Publisher Paper Consumption by Directory Publishers The Pre-Media Market Amdocs Forecast and Conclusions Table 1: RBOC Yellow Pages Revenue, 2007-2009P Table 2: RBOC Revenue Change, 1998-2009P Table 3: Statistical Summary of the Yellow Pages Industry, 2003-2008 Table 4: National vs. Local Advertising Revenue, 2006-2009P Table 5: Yellow Pages Advertising Compared to Local Advertising and All Advertising, 2006-2009P Table 6: Yellow Pages’ Share of U.S. Advertising, 2002-2009P Table 7: Yellow Pages Revenue Growth by Publisher Category, 1996-2010P Table 8: Yellow Pages Market Share by Type of Publisher, 1996-2010P Table 9: National vs. Local Yellow Pages Advertising, 2006-2009P Table 10: Selected Certified Marketing Representatives (CMRs) by Billings, 2005-2008 Table 11: Summary of Leading Directory Printers, Major Customers and Print Runs, 2006-2008 Table 12: Capacity and Consumption, Uncoated Groundwood Paper, 2007-2008 Table 13: U.S. Demand for Directory Paper, 2007-2008 Table 14: Outlays for Printing, Paper, Other Production and Distribution; Directory Publishing Industry, 2004-2008Profiles of Leading Yellow Pages Publishers and Suppliers AT&T Advertising Solutions Idearc Media Local Insight Media Phone Directories Co.
  5. 5. Quebecor World R.H. Donnelley User-Friendly Phone Book Yellowbook Your Community PhoneBookAvailable immediately for Online Download athttp://www.marketresearch.com/product/display.asp?productid=2284077US: 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004