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LED Lamp General Lighting in the USA Market Forecast and Analysis

According to a report at, the usage of the General LED Lighting lamps in the United States is forecasted to reach around USD 3.36 billion by 2019. See more at:

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LED Lamp General Lighting in the USA Market Forecast and Analysis

  1. 1. Category : Computing & Electronics All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. Introduction to Report  Launch Date: February 16, 2015  Number of Pages: 698  Geography Coverage: USA  Available Format: PDF Price For Single User License: USD 4,400 Price For Site User License: USD 6,320 Price For Global User License: USD 8,280 Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days)
  3. 3. About the Report This report forecasts the consumption of light emitting diode-based bulbs (also known as LED lamps) in stationary (non-vehicle/non-portable) General Lighting applications in the United States of America. The lamps are used in new construction, as well as retrofitting/replacement of existing (installed-based) lamps. This market forecast presented for the major lamp-type categories. The lamp categories, in turn, may have multiple sub-categories, which are determined by lamp the physical size of the lamp and/or primary use.
  4. 4. Key Highlights: Last year in 2014, the consumption value of LED lamps in the United States, which are used in General Lighting, reached $1.22 billion; the forecasts that the consumption value will reach $3.36 billion in 2019. The consumption value is forecast to increase with strongly rising quantity growth partially offset by declining average prices In 2015, “architainment lighting” – a blend of architectural and event lighting has been added to the General Lighting segment.  LED lamps used in theaters, photography, news- gathering (TV broadcasts, film, similar) and even lighting used in nightclubs on the dance floor and in operation rooms (surgery) are also included in the General Lighting application.
  5. 5. Key Highlights Continues… LED lamps used in signage (digital sign boards) and displays (back-lighting units for LCD/other screens) are not included in the General Lighting segment; however, Lamps used in display windows or display cases (for example: retail store displays) are now included in the General Lighting segment. The LED Lamp General Lighting Market Forecast is built up from specific segments. The major lamp (product) categories are shown in Table 1. This market forecast of consumption in the United States of America is also presented for three major End-User categories: Government Commercial/Industrial Residential/Non-Specific
  6. 6. Market Forecast This study is based on analysis of information obtained continually over the past several years, but updated through the middle of February 2015. The interviews covered issues of technology, R&D support, pricing, contract size, reliability, documentation, installation/maintenance crafts, standards, supplier competition and other topics. The analyst then considered customer expectations of near term growth in their application, plus forecasted economic payback of investment, technology trends and changes in government regulations in the United States, to derive estimated growth rates of quantity and price of each product subset in each application
  7. 7. Market Forecast Continues… The forecasts, as illustrated in the forecast data structure, are developed initially at the lowest detail level, then summed to successively higher levels. The background market research focuses on the amount of each type of product used in each application in the base year (2014), and the prices paid at the first transaction from the manufacturer. he quantities of packaged LEDs, LED Driver ICs, LED materials/wafer/die/chips, LED Lamps and LED fixtures (luminaries) and other LED-based components, manufacturing processes/quality control/yields, and end- use products used in a particular application are interrelated.
  8. 8. Report Coverage: 1. Executive Summary 2. LEDs – Technology Overview 3. LED Lamp General lighting Consumption Forecast 4. Company Profiles of LED and Related Companies 5. Market Research Methodology 6. Definitions and Standards 7. Market Forecast Data Base – Introduction/Explanation of Excel Worksheets
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According to a report at, the usage of the General LED Lighting lamps in the United States is forecasted to reach around USD 3.36 billion by 2019. See more at:


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