The Content Gap in Content Marketing


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Marketing has always been about content. Marketing departments are used to talking about their businesses and their services. However they are less familiar with talking the language of their customers. If we're moving towards demonstrating value to customers then is their a gap in marketings' skills?

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The Content Gap in Content Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing BitesThe Content Gap
  2. 2. Why it’s harder to get in front of customers? 57% Buying Decision TimelineThe Old World: Customers wanted to see you to find out what productsand services were available, and when you saw them they had budgetsthey were empowered to and comfortable with spending.The New World: Now, they do their research online, only see you tohaggle over price and have to get the numerous other ‘stakeholders’ tobuy into the decision before signing off on.A study of more than 1,400 B2B customers revealed that 57% of atypical purchase decision is made before a customer even talksto a supplier. Harvard Business Review July/Aug 2012
  3. 3. The Impact• Sales find it harder to get in front of customers• Marketing in a ‘promotional’ manner i.e. promoting your products /services, is less effective• Sales involvement comes too late in the buying process to really add value and influence the solution required• Without having been able to influence the specification or add value the sales role is reduced to price negotiation Sales figures suffer as deals are scarcer, harder won and margins are reduced
  5. 5. Rethinking the Roles of Sales and Marketing Move Prospects through the Sales Cycle Awareness Education Consideration Preference Action Loyalty Marketing Sales & Sales MktMarketing take ownership further into the sales cycleSales need to redefine the value they add, not expect to turn up and take an order
  6. 6. But: Only if they are providing valuable insights (i.e. shouting ‘buy from us’ won’t do!)• Companies that blog build up to 88% more leads Marketing is traditionally a creative department, product provide technical info. Who is producing the valuable, customer-relevant content?• Business that nurture leads with relevant content generate up to 20% more leads Better question: What have you got to say that will interest your customers?• Asking, ‘Shall we do a video or eshot or whitepaper is the wrong question! Hint : They are interested in their business – not yours• 80% of sales collateral ends up in the bin
  7. 7. Awareness Education Consideration Preference Action Loyalty Marketing content Content Sales focussed on depth intervention commercial increases must be Sales and insights with Mkt credible,& technicalshould lead based on Nurturing more Infiltrate Sell assisted documen market product with sales tation knowledge, /technical enablement & social content tools listening needed Marketing have they skills to drive the process with integratedContent Requirement campaigns BUT need the content to feed it
  8. 8. How complete is your marketing function?Content Content DistributionCreation (Marcomms Activity Plan) Prospects move through the Sales CycleMany businesses’Marketing is creative andnot equipped to generatesuch contentWho manages ContentCreation in your business?
  9. 9. PLUG YOUR CONTENT GAP Maria @ or 0779501951