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Driving the Business Forward with Disciplined Creativity: Interview with: Josh Linkner


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Driving the Business Forward with Disciplined Creativity: Interview with: Josh Linkner, New York Times Bestselling Author, a speaker at the marcus evans CMO Summit 2012, on unleashing structured creativity in the workplace.

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Driving the Business Forward with Disciplined Creativity: Interview with: Josh Linkner

  1. 1. Driving the Business Forward with Disciplined Creativity many ideas going around but nothing Winning today requires people at all getting done. Large bureaucratic levels of the organisation to unleash companies on the other hand may have their creative potential. too much “Discipline” but no “Dreaming”, which means they are not Any final thoughts? harnessing the creativity of their employees. Many companies are fighting today’s war with yesterday’s equipment. It is “Disciplined Dreaming” is a combination the same as going to war with cannons of the two forces, the artistic creative when your opponent has laser guided side with the pragmatic organised side, missiles. They are relying on top-down allowing creativity to come to life and be decision-making and committees, when put to practical use. they need to empower people andInterview with: Josh Linkner, New innovate in real time.York Times Bestselling Author How can CMOs jump-start creativity? CMOs have to resist the temptation of following the pack and do the opposite.Organisations today can no longer rely Marketers need to create a culture of Success is about being original,on the models of the past in order to be creativity. If they tell people to be remarkable and noteworthy.successful, says John Linkner, the New creative but criticise them for makingYork Times Best Selling Author of mistakes, it will not work. They mustDisciplined Dreaming: A Proven System create an environment where it is safeto Drive Breakthrough Creativity. Chief to be creative, with a structure aroundMarketing Officers (CMOs) must the act of creativity.unleash the only remaining source oftruly competitive advantage, creativity, What is your five step process: Ask, Manybut in a disciplined and structured way, Prepare, Discover, Ignite andhe adds. Launch? companiesA speaker at the upcoming marcus The steps provide a flexible frameworkevans CMO Summit 2012 in the Gold for CMOs, whether they need structureCoast, Queensland, Australia, 26 - 28 for big projects or just a few techniques. are fightingSeptember, Linkner discusses the key When I interviewed 200 thought leadersconcepts in his book, one of the top 30 around the world to de-code thebusiness books in 2011. creative process, I found curiosity to be today’s war the building block of creativity. TheWhat does the title of your book more CMOs awaken curiosity in people,“Disciplined Dreaming” mean? the more creative they will become.In today’s complex business world,many of the advantages organisations What are the myths and barriers in marketing? with yesterday’sused to offer have becomecommoditised. Creativity is the only One is that people are either born withsource of truly sustainable competitive creativity or they are not, whereas equipmentadvantage that cannot be outsourced. research shows that 85 per cent of creativity is learnt behaviour. ThisWhat I refer to as “Dreaming” is raw means that everyone has an enormouscreativity, imagination and wonder, that potential.allows people to come up with ideas.However, the “Disciplined” part is Another myth is that job title equates toessential, as structure around creativity level of creativity, that musicians areactually enables creativity. more creative than statisticians. Today, no matter what you do, it is imperativeSome organisations do the “Dreaming” that you are also creative. We can nowithout the “Discipline”, where there are longer follow manuals and hope to win.
  2. 2. About the CMO Summit 2012 The Marketing Network – marcus evans Summits group This unique forum will take place at the RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, delivers peer-to-peer information Queensland, Australia, 26 - 28 September 2012. Offering much more than any on strategic matters, professional conference, exhibition or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together trends and breakthrough esteemed marketing professionals and solution providers to a highly focused and innovations. interactive networking event. The Summit includes presentations on innovation, fuelling creativity, supercharging the potential of social media and tapping into consumer insights. www.cmoanzsummit.com Please note that the Summit is a Contact closed business event and the number of participants strictly Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager, marcus evans, Summits limited. Division Tel: + 357 22 849 313 Email: press@marcusevanscy.com For more information please send an email to info@marcusevanscy.com All rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Kindly inform us by sending an email to press@marcusevanscy.comAbout marcus evans Summitsmarcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the world’s leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discussstrategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity toindividually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-to-one business meetings.For more information, please visit: www.marcusevans.comUpcoming EventsB2B Marketing Summit (North America) - www.b2bmarketing-summit.comB2C Marketing Summit (North America) - www.b2cmarketing-summit.comCMO Asia Summit - www.cmoasiasummit.comCMO Japan Summit - www.cmojapansummit.comPharmaMarketing & Innovation Summit (North America) - www.pharmamarketingsummit.comTo view the web version of this interview, please click here: www.cmoanzsummit.com/JoshLinkner