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Cerebral Palsy Attorney Medical Malpractice


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Your cerebral palsy attorney understands your situation and stress, and can help you. Call a Duffy & Duffy highly qualified cerebral palsy attorney at 516.394.4200 for a free consultation.

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Cerebral Palsy Attorney Medical Malpractice

  1. 1. Cerebral Palsy Attorney<br /> By: Duffy & Duffy Medical Malpractice Law firm<br />*All the content on the slides are personalized views of Duffy & Duffy Law Firm<br />
  2. 2. Cerebral palsy and Medical Malpractice<br />Cerebral palsy is used to describe a condition that results from severe brain injury sustained at birth. When cerebral palsy is caused by physician’s omission or avoidable mistake and following a proper standard of care would have prevented the injury, it may result in cerebral palsy lawsuit against the doctor and the hospital staff. <br />Cerebral refers to the cerebrum, which is the affected area of the brain (although the disorder most likely involves connections between the cortex and other parts of the brain such as the cerebellum), and palsy refers to disorder of movement.<br />New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers<br />Nassau County Attorneys<br />
  3. 3. Sign & Symptoms of cerebral palsy? Many parents don’t realize that their child has cerebral palsy during the first couple of years. Symptoms develop over time and become more apparent at age 2 and 3. Below are the most common symptoms of cerebral palsy.<br />Weakened muscles<br />Highly spastic muscles<br />Inability to sit upright comfortably<br />Muscles move with shakes and jerks<br />Inability to change positions easily<br />Lack of sucking reflexes<br />Ongoing tremors<br />Exaggerated drooling<br />Diminished tongue control<br />Lack of control of facial muscles<br />Low fine motor skills (difficulty drawing, coloring, and holding utensils)<br />Low gross motor skills (difficulty or the inability to walk or throw a ball)<br />
  4. 4. Medical malpractice Causes Cerebral palsy<br />Medical malpractice occurred if your doctor made a medical mistake and that mistake caused her baby’s brain damage and cerebral palsy.<br />A baby can suffer cerebral palsy when a delivery doesn’t go right and there are complications that the doctor fails to notice, monitor or address.<br />The main cause of the brain injury is the child’s inability to obtain needed oxygen, which may result from premature separation of a placenta, baby being too large for the birth canal, entanglement of the umbilical cord, shoulder dystocia or excessive cause of forceps or vacuum.<br />Abnormal fetal monitoring strips before newborn’s delivery or baby’s blue skin tone or seizure, should alert the physician to a possibility of possible brain injury.<br />
  5. 5. Cerebral Palsy Attorneys at Duffy & Duffy<br />You need cerebral palsy attorneysif you think that your doctor or other medical personnel made a medical mistake.<br />At Duffy & Duffy we understand Cerebral Palsy and the medical mistakes that can <br />cause it. We also appreciate the long term consequences and the life-long expenses <br />required to care for your child throughout his or her life.<br />We will carefully evaluate medical records, interview medical expert witnesses, <br />investigate, work within the legal system as well as deal with insurance companies. <br />You can receive financial compensation for life-long expenses for your child by working <br />with a Duffy and Duffy Cerebral Palsy Attorney.<br />
  6. 6. For More Details And Personalized Information, Contact Us Here:<br />Your cerebral palsy attorneysunderstands your situation and stress, and can help you. Call a Duffy & Duffy highly qualified cerebral palsy attorneyat 516.394.4200 for a free consultation.<br /> Duffy & Duffy<br /><br />mduffy@duffyduffylaw.com1370 RXR Plaza<br /> Uniondale, New York 11556<br /> Ph. : 516.394.4200<br /> Fax: 516.394.4229<br />