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Germany, by German


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Germany, by German

  1. 1. GERMANYThis is a beautiful country, with history around theworld, culture, and many parades. Berlin is the capitalcity. Discovery Germany together
  2. 2. Munich Oktoberfest Today, the Oktoberfest is the largest festival worldwide. In this Festival there are parades, and beer tents, roller coasters, circus appearances. It takes good nerves and a solid stomach to survive the festivals 16 days of intensive partying and drinking. Are you ready? For this Festival?
  3. 3. Others Festivals Love Parade Berlin Frankfurts Bookfair Berlin Frankfurt Book Fair is Marathon The principal music in the more important a this festival is Trance international level, many Distance of the 42 km Progressive authors are going to this the Berlin Marathon House, Techno y fair every year course In this festival the people can Schranz free and enjoy to listen to music. So the people can follow the truck with their favorite music.
  4. 4. TOLERANT GERMANYThe german people are very tolerant withlesbians, gays, and the persons withDisabilities. As we know in the Second WorldWar this was very different, but now the cultureof this country has changed.
  5. 5. EnvironmenT Also Germany is a clean country, this is part of their culture and education. The country have chosen to recycle for improve the environment.
  6. 6. Thank you very much!