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Real Weddings


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Real Weddings

  1. 1. Welcome to our September Issue Real WeddingsWednesday, 19 September 12
  2. 2. Real Weddings Brian and Krista met about 30 years ago,Krista and Brian... when they were both at the same pre- school. Krista remembers Brian’s brother pushing her off the swing set! The couple began dating about a decade ago, when Brian left school, but it wasn’t the right time. They started dating again recently and after a year together, Brian proposed. The romantic proposal took place after dinner on the beach in Maui. It was a total surprise to Krista, and was the perfect ending to a long holiday touring the USA. The couple chose the ring together; Brian picked the diamond and Krista chose the setting, an ideal example of teamwork! The next eight months were spent planning their dream wedding day. Wednesday, 19 September 12
  3. 3. Real WeddingsTanya and Edward... Tanya and Edward were together for just over 18 months before he proposed. The couple tied the knot six months later at the stunning Arthouse Hotel in Sydney in front of 60 guests, before going on a romantic and relaxing honeymoon in Hawaii. Edward and Tanya met online on a dating site, and began talking on MSN messenger for a while. She was running out of patience with the site though, so mentioned to Edward that they should ‘catch up soon’ as she was closing her account. With that news spurring him on, they arranged to meet in a pub within the week and haven’t looked back!Wednesday, 19 September 12
  4. 4. Real WeddingsLiana and Jono... Liana and Jono celebrated a romantic wedding and their international relationship at the stunning vineyard, Borrodell on the Mount!  Liana wore a gorgeous wedding dress which had been designed by Benjamin Roberts, and Jono looked dapper in his grey suit along side his handsome grooms party. Liana, who is originally from Indonesia, randomly met Jono whilst walking on the street one evening.  After their first date Liana tried to set Jono up with a friend of hers, but it wasn’t the friend he fell in love with…it was Liana.  After six months of dating Jono was transferred to Switzerland with his job.  Skype and the telephone kept their relationship alive across the miles but the love they had for each other was strong enough to stand the test of time.  Before long Liana and Jono found themselves planning a wedding!Wednesday, 19 September 12
  5. 5. Real WeddingsPenny and Dave... Penny and Dave enjoyed a beautiful destination wedding surrounded by their closest family and friends on a tropical Fijian island. Penny and Dave enjoyed a beautiful destination wedding surrounded by their closest family and friends on a tropical Fijian island.Wednesday, 19 September 12
  6. 6. Real WeddingsSummer and Sam... Summa and Sam enjoyed a beautiful and intimate Destination Wedding in Port Douglas on 7th May 2011. were married on 7th May 2011 at St Mary’s by the Sea Chapel in Port Douglas with a reception following at Harrisons Restaurant with 55 of thier closest family and friends…Wednesday, 19 September 12
  7. 7. Thanks For Viewing If you wish to find out more information about wedding planning please visit our website:-, 19 September 12