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Lexbe eDiscovery Webinar- Are You Paying Too Much for eDiscovery Processing?


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“Free eDiscovery Processing” sounds too good to be true. Until now, you may have spent many hundreds of dollars per GB to process native documents like Outlook Email and Microsoft Office files into paginated reviewable formats like TIFF or PDF. So how can those charges simply disappear? The revolutionary answer lies with Lexbe’s secure, scalable cloud technology.

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The Lexbe eDiscovery Library is an educational resource including webinars, presentations, MP3 podcasts and other materials covering a variety of practical subjects involving legal document management and e-Discovery. Access is available and free on registrations to lawyers, litigation paralegals and legal assistants, in-house counsel, litigators, litigation support, eDiscovery IT, Information Technology, litigation support and related professionals, who are involved in legal document management, electronic discovery, deposition or trial preparation.

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Lexbe eDiscovery Webinar- Are You Paying Too Much for eDiscovery Processing?

  1. 1. Are You Paying Too Much for eDiscovery Processing? Guy MacNeill Product Manager, Lexbe LC How new technologies can accelerate eDiscovery and lower your costs
  2. 2. eDiscovery Webinar Series ○ Monthly events ○ Cover a variety of relevant eDiscovery topics ○ Presentations available for download About our webinars
  3. 3. eDiscovery Webinar Series Austin,TX based eDiscovery software and services provider ○ Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Hosted review and case management application. Supports a variety of file types, process for review, OCR for search, and conduct document reviews, productions, prepare for depos & analyze transcripts, conduct case analytics, prepare for dispositive motions, and provide litigation support during trial. ○ Lexbe eDiscovery Services Lexbe does large volume document culling, processing from native to PDF or TIFF, load file creation, high-volume OCR of image files, Rule 26 and project management consulting, and related eDiscovery Services. About Lexbe
  4. 4. If you have any questions or technical issues during our webinar, please e- mail them to: Questions will be forwarded to Guy and answered during the webinar or via e-mail if we run out of time. eDiscovery Webinar Series Questions & Technical Issues
  5. 5. ○ Guy has 15+ years of experience leading product marketing for software organizations. He has in- depth expertise and a strong track record helping early companies bring new products to market. Guy has worked at leading companies like Intel and Intuit where he led product management for the award winning TurboTax line of personal tax products. Our Speaker - Guy MacNeill eDiscovery Webinar Series
  6. 6. ○ eDiscovery processing background and history ○ Why is eDiscovery processing so expensive? ○ How the cloud is changing eDiscovery economics ○ Case Study: Cost savings using Lexbe ○ Lexbe processing and hosted review overview ○ Q&A Are You Paying Too Much for eDiscovery Processing? eDiscovery Webinar Series
  7. 7. The eDiscovery Process Review & Production Processing Culling & Analysis Collection Setup & Planning
  8. 8. What is eDiscovery Processing? A series of operations on Electronically stored information done in connection with litigation to ready data for document review or production. ○ File decompression ○ File type identification and repair ○ File deduplication ○ System file identification and deNISTing ○ Metadata extraction and fielding ○ Native text extraction ○ Optical character recognition (OCR) of image files ○ Database indexing ○ Conversion of files to TIFF, Native-extracted or PDF formats ○ Embossing of files with Bates numbering and other designations ○ Creation of load files for litigation document review applications
  9. 9. The Problem With Traditional Processing What We Hear From Our Customers ○ It takes too long (weeks instead of days) ○ Unpredictable costs for client ○ Too expensive!
  10. 10. Data Types Growing Why Has Processing Been Expensive? Voip Email iPhones Peer-to-Peer Online Storage Digital Cameras Facebook | LinkedIn DropBox | Backup Devices Elastic Storage | SaaS | Google Streets Personal Blogs | Skype | World Satellite Images Personal Scanners | Customer Service Recordings Public Webcams | Google Goggles | Netbooks | Cloud Instance Servers | PaaS Digital Information Created, Captured, Replicated Worldwide Zettabytes* 4 3 2 1 2005 2010 2015 Source: IDC Digital Universe Study (2012) * 1 Zettabyte = 1 Trillion Gigabytes
  11. 11. Why Has Processing Been Expensive? Data Volume is Rising GBs of ESI in a Typical Commercial Case Low High 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 Enron Criminal Trial (2005) ○ Source ESI: 100M pages (~4 TBs) ○ Brought to Trial: 1M pages (~40 GBs) ○ Extraordinary at time ○ Not now Microsoft (2011) ○ Microsoft collects 45 custodians per matter average (2011) ○ Almost 1 TB per matter, average
  12. 12. Why Has Processing Been Expensive? Processing Costs Are Falling - But Still High Cost per GB to Process ESI in Volume 2005 2010 2015 $2,000 $1,500 $1,000 $500 $0 $1,800/GB (2006) Source: Forrester Research $500/GB (2011) Source: Forrester Research ESI Processing costs have fallen 90% in the last 10 years
  13. 13. Lexbe is Changing eDiscovery Economics Rapidly Driving Costs Down Using Technology ○ Automated processing system that leverages the cloud to scale rapidly ○ Extremely efficient parallel processing design ○ The most processing power in the industry ○ The fastest processing in the industry ○ Leverages Amazon AWS - same backend supporting Netflix and other large enterprise software companies ○ Supports native and multiple production formats
  14. 14. Lexbe is Changing eDiscovery Economics What it Means for Our Customers ○ Can now offer Free eDiscovery processing when using Lexbe eDiscovery Platform for 6 months ○ Supports up to 10GB of processing per day ○ Predictable eDiscovery costs ○ Easy-to-use, comprehensive hosted review system
  15. 15. Free eDiscovery Processing Equates to Tremendous Cost Savings Example of the savings on a 10GB case with 5 users, and 6 months of hosting * Assumes typical 2:1 processing expansion
  16. 16. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Cloud Document Review & Production ○ Self-administration ○ Native (Office, etc.) processing ○ Automatic OCR ○ Early case analysis ○ Dual-index search ○ Exact & near-dup ID ○ Doc Review & issue tagging ○ Blended productions ○ Transcript management ○ Timelining, depo prep ○ Dispositive motions ○ Trial document management Web-based litigation document management software FEATURES
  17. 17. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Security & Data Ownership Lexbe utilizes the latest security technologies and best practices: ○ Encryption Data encrypted (256-bit or above) in-place and in-transit. ○ Data Center Certifications Our data centers are certified and follow industry best standards, etc. ○ Clear Ownership Rights Service agreements clearly acknowledge client data ownership. ○ Redundant Back-Ups; Recovery Robust and redundant backup & recovery protocols.
  18. 18. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Document Viewing - Multiple Versions ○ Hits - Highlighted from search ○ Original - Native if available ○ HTML - Extracted text from Native ○ Page - One page at a time ○ PDF - Viewing & access ○ Text - OCR of images ○ Annotated - For depos
  19. 19. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Search & Review Search Requirements Basics -Accurate -Fully Indexed -Easy to Use Better -Many search options -Concept -Fuzzy & Stemming -Boolean -Keyword Highlighting Best -Very Fast (returns in seconds) -Dual Indexing of natives/paginated
  20. 20. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Document Review Workflow
  21. 21. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Document Issue Coding
  22. 22. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Timelines for Depo Prep
  23. 23. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Extract Facts from Depos & Exhibits ○ Fact Highlighting ○ Structured Extraction & Timelining
  24. 24. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Getting Documents Out ○ Needed for depositions, conferences, motions, trial prep, etc. ○ Support multiple formats including PDF, TIFF, Natives and HTML renditions.
  25. 25. Questions? Please submit any questions you have to
  26. 26. Need More Information? Multiple Resources on the Lexbe Website ○ eDiscovery 101 ○ Blog ○ Webinars or ○ Sign-up for a demo ○ Try out Lexbe yourself with a 15 day trial
  27. 27. Thank You Contact Info Guy MacNeill Lexbe Sales Call Us: (800) 481-7809 Webinar Questions