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Asian economy2


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Asian economy2

  1. 1. The Asian economy
  2. 2. Content  Introduction  China and Japan: Asia’s two top economies  Taiwan and the economic co-operation agreement  Green jobs in China  Conclusion
  3. 3. The four Asian Dragons  The four most developed economies of Asia  Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan  High growth rates  Grew into highly developed and high-income economies
  4. 4. China vs Japan  Summit in Brussels  Boat collision row  Near islands in the East China Sea  Oil and gas reserves
  5. 5. Trade deal with Taiwan  Free trade  Fear to become too much dependend on China  Political control
  6. 6. Green jobs  China: top in the green jobs race  Solar panels / advanced lighting  Headquarters for six of the biggest renewable energy employers
  7. 7. Conclusion Asian economy to become world’s biggest in 2035!