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Critical Analytical Response


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Critical Analytical Response

  1. 1. Ways in Restoring Honour and Certainty Lacey Pilgrim Humanities 30-1 Mr. Kabachia March 24, 2010
  2. 2. R e s t o r i n g H . & C . P a g e | 2 In many people’s lives there are obstacles and struggles to face as well as overcome in order to restore their honour and certainty. Overcoming those struggles may be very difficult, maybe even impossible to some, however if one believes they are capable of overcoming them and are able to keep hope in conquering those obstacles, their struggle to overcome them and restore their honour and certainty becomes straightforward and more simple. In the film, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King directed by Peter Jackson, the character Samwise Gamgee is a hobbit who endured many struggles in order to restore honour and certainty. Samwise along with another hobbit, Frodo, were sent on a journey to destroy the Ring. Samwise was a determined hobbit who would not give up, he understood and cared about Frodo, knowing how challenging it was for him to carry the burden of the Ring, and he was also a very strong character who’s mental and physical capabilities shone through when there was an obstacle in their journey. These characteristics gave Samwise the ability to restore honour and certainty. Samwise Gamgee was one of the most determined characters in the film. He knew the journey to Mordor would be difficult, however he was willing to risk his life to endure it. There were many points in the filmwhere Samwise’s determination was apparent to the audience. When Frodo began having doubts about returning home and living his life back in the Shire, Samwise told him that he was talking morbid talk, and began to console Frodo and convince him that they were going to return home. Sam’s determination helped both Frodo and Sam physically as well as mentally. Without Sam’s determination, the Ring may not have been destroyed. He ensured that he would be with Frodo throughout the entire journey and nothing
  3. 3. R e s t o r i n g H . & C . P a g e | 3 could come between them. When Frodo began to turn on Sam and consoled in Smeagol instead, Sam pushed his way back to Frodo in order to protect him, he did not give up even when times were rough. When Frodo believed his journey would end, Sam helped Frodo mentally and constantly reassured him. When Frodo was weak and believed he could not go on, Samwise gave Frodo his own water, because he believed that everything would be alright in the end. Samwise never gave up his determination, which allowed him to look ahead in their journey and believe that they would accomplish their quest. The Ring was an immense burden that Frodo had to carry, and Samwise understood that is was very hard for Frodo to carry it. Samwise understood and cared so much for Frodo that he wanted to help Frodo out and share the load. Frodo knew that Samwise could not handle the Ring and its powers, and Samwise understood but still helped Frodo out in many other ways. Without Samwise being understanding, Frodo and Samwise would have encountered many conflicts between their relationship. Samwise understanding Frodo’s situation was the foundation of their friendship, because Frodo needed and relied on Sam, knowing that Sam would listen to him and help him out whatever ways he was able to. When Frodo told Sam to leave after Smeagol framed Sam, Sam began to leave Frodo until he found the bread and realized Frodo was in grave danger. Sam understood how the Ring had been affecting Frodo, and ran back up the mountain to protect him, without thinking twice about what he was going to do. Samwise understanding how the Ring was changing Frodo was an important aspect of how they reached Mount Doom. Sam’s understanding personality assisted himin his struggle of restoring honour and certainty.
  4. 4. R e s t o r i n g H . & C . P a g e | 4 Many of the characters in the film, The Return of the King, revealed their remarkable strength, however Sam had both a mental and physical strength. Throughout their journey you could watch Sam’s strength grow more and more. Near the end of the film, when Frodo could not carry on any longer, Sam told Frodo that he may not be able to carry the Ring, however he can still carry him. This proved his true strength because it revealed how strong he really was both physically and mentally. Physically strong because after everything he had endured, he was still able to carry Frodo to the opening in Mount Doom, and mentally because he did not give up when carrying him, Sam knew that this was what they were sent on this journey to do, and he would not give up so close to the end. This act of Sam’s strength made his struggle to restore certainty close to being overcome, because they had made it to Mount Doom and were about to conquer their quest to destroy the Ring. The director of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Peter Jackson, develops multiple ideas regarding the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty. Through the examples of Samwise Gamgee and his quest to protect Frodo in destroying the Ring, Samwise began to overcome his struggles through his determination, understanding, and strength. The individuals who do not lose hope in restoring their honour and certainty are able to overcome their obstacles with much more ease than those who lose their hope. If one believes they are capable of overcoming struggles and are able to keep hope in conquering those obstacles, their struggle to overcome them and restore their honour and certainty becomes straightforward and simpler. Sam knew what needed to be done in order to restore his honour and certainty, which was the reason he succeeded at the end of the film.