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Os x security basics for keeping your mac safe final


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Os x security basics for keeping your mac safe final

  1. 1. OS X Security BasicsKhürt L. Williams, CISSP, CRISC
  2. 2. AgendaInitial setupPrivacyFirewallsStaying safe onlineStaying updatedQuestions
  3. 3. Macs don’t get viruses!
  4. 4. Macs are secure?Borrowing from MacDefender (2011) whileapplying important innovations of their own, thecreators of the notorious Flashback botnet(aka, OSX/Flshplyr) infected more than 600,000Macs in the spring of 2012.... malware such as OSX/Morcut-A (aka Crisis),first discovered in late July 2012, presentsgreater risks.Windows malware hiding quietly on Macs.Java and Flash are deadly to Macs
  5. 5. LATEST SECURITYUPDATES12/11 Google Closes Six Security Holes with Chrome Update12/11 Adobe Flash Player Update Resolves Three Flaws11/21Mozilla Patches 16 Vulnerabilities with Firefox 17 Upgrade11/21 Opera Software Releases Opera 12.11, Fixes High Severity Flaw11/16 Apple Updates XProtect Malware Definitions for Latest Imuler Variant11/14 Microsoft Updates Office 2008 and 2011 for Excel Vulnerabilities11/7Opera Browser Upgrade Adds New Features for Mountain Lion, Patches Six Vulnerabilities
  6. 6. “Security is a not a product,but a process.” — BruceSchneier
  7. 7. “Setup Assistant configures the first account on the computer as an administrator account. Administrator accounts should only be used foradministration. Users should use standard user accounts for day-to-day computer use.” ~ Apple Security Configuration Guidelines
  8. 8. Users & GroupsCreate a standard account/disable administrator for allactive usersUse password assistantDisable Guest accountParental ControlsLimit applicationsLimit web accessTurn off automatic loginRequire a password to modify preferences
  9. 9. “Security is the enemy ofconvenience and convenience isthe enemy of security.” ~ John Earl
  10. 10. SharingBlock all incoming connectionsAllow only essential services
  11. 11. NetworkDeactivate unused services Airport Disable when no in use Only use WPA/WPA2 on personal network Use VPN when using public Wi-Fi Bluetooth Ethernet FireWire
  12. 12. Security & PrivacyDisable automatic loginRequire password after sleep Recommend 15 minutesChoose how apps can run (GateKeeper)Safe download listChoose how to share personal data
  13. 13. Security & PrivacyMac App Store – Only apps that came from theMac App Store can open.Mac App Store and identified developers(default in OS X Mountain Lion) – Only allowapps that came from the Mac App Store anddevelopers using Gatekeeper can open.Anywhere – Allow applications to run regardlessof their source on the Internet
  14. 14. “The users going to pick dancingpigs over security everytime.” — Bruce Schneier
  15. 15. Wild Wild Web (WWW)Do no allow Safari to open safe filesUninstall/disable FlashUninstall/disable JavaUse a password manager — 1PasswordBlock third part cookiesTurn on “Do not Track”Be careful with extensions
  16. 16. Macs don’t get viruses?!ClamXav (Free)Symantec iAntivirus (Free)Kaspersky Virus ScannerIntego VirusBarrier (Free)Sophos Anti-Virus (Free)
  17. 17. Did you get your flu shotthis year?Update Mac software regularly/daily App Store (Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion) Software Update (Leopard and prior) Built in app updateAV Signatures
  18. 18. Other tools1PasswordOpenDNS/Umbrella
  19. 19. Our efforts must focus on protecting andempowering end users—no matter whatplatform, device, or operating system theychoose. ~ Sophos
  20. 20. “Trust butverify.” — RonaldReagan
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. LinksUmbrella ( ( ( ( ( Security Guides(