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ADV 420 Final Presentation


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The full digital strategy for Panasonic Corporation.

Published in: Marketing
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ADV 420 Final Presentation

  2. 2. PANASONIC BIG IDEA ▸ The message is to make Panasonic the “standard in consumer electronics” ▸ The overall goal is to reach all demographics of people who use technology and make Panasonic products a daily staple in ones life
  3. 3. PANASONIC TARGET AUDIENCE ▸ The target market is anyone who uses electronic products in an everyday setting ▸ A man might buy a beard trimmer. A woman may visit the site for a comparison on bikini trimmers ▸ An older (60+) customer may be looking at purchasing a new TV but ends up buying a microwave on sale for a college student
  4. 4. PANASONIC KPI AND METRICS ▸ Panasonic should measure the consumers who… ▸ Put an item in the cart but don’t buy ▸ People who frequently visit the site ▸ People who actually buy a product from the site
  5. 5. PANASONIC BUDGET ▸ For rebranding Panasonic’s social media presence, the total price for upkeep would be $30,000 a month with a total yearly price of $360,000 a year ▸ While this is a large sum, Panasonic’s total net sales in 2013 were 60.6 billion alone. As Panasonic grows their online brand, the company can expand their budget
  6. 6. PANASONIC TOOLS AND TACTICS ▸ I have considered several tools and tactics over the course, but here are the ones I found most relevant to a consumer technology company ▸ Blog Posts ▸ Receiving Subscriber Feedback ▸ Checking Analytics
  7. 7. PANASONIC BLOG POSTS ▸ Having unique user and in brand content can elevate more traffic to a website and build brand awareness. Some examples are… ▸ Tech Tom: “I once was a dreamer, now I’m at Silicon Valley” ▸ Tech Tom tells his story on how he grew up loving technology and now how he got a job working for Panasonic at Silicon Valley ▸ Into The Lab: What makes a perfect selfie? ▸ Panasonic engineers give us a sneak peek on a new smartphone built for selfies
  8. 8. PANASONIC ANALYTICS ▸ Checking on how subscribers react when the email is released is the most important aspect in email marketing ▸ If emails aren’t opened that’s bad. If emails are opened but deleted in seconds that is also bad. There’s no purpose in continuously sending emails that get no user interaction ▸ This also goes hand in hand with social media and how followers respond to a tweet or Facebook status update
  9. 9. PANASONIC SUBSCRIBER FEEDBACK ▸ Panasonic can get feedback by doing email subscriber-only content offers. The subscribers would have to do a quick survey about their opinion on the emails they’re reviving
  10. 10. PANASONIC SUMMARY ▸ To reach all demographics, a potential customer must be aware of the brand. To do that, Panasonic's social media presence must evolve ▸ Panasonic does have a good online presence, but the plan is to take it to the next level. Starting off with having more activity on Facebook and Twitter ▸ Content offers, unique blog posts, and email marketing are a few new tactics this brand could benefit from using ▸ Tracking the metrics will determine if any of these new tactics are benefiting the brand instead of wasting time for the consumer and the brand ▸ The overall budget for starting off this digital strategy would be around 30,000 a month. After 6 months, the budget can then stretch or shrink depending on consumer feedback