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Four Ways to Tune Up Your B2B Brand


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Trust fuels the relationships with clients, employees, investors, or others. Being authentic about your brand is vital to earning that trust. Learn how to become more authentic about your brand to attract, captivate, and motivate the people essential to your success.

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Four Ways to Tune Up Your B2B Brand

  1. 1. FOUR WAYS TO TUNE UP YOUR B2B BRAND By  Kelly Stewart, On-Demand Marketing Director From the Building the Brand From Within Series
  2. 2. YOUR BRAND IS AN ENGINE OF TRUST In an informed, connected, and transparent B2B market, trust fuels the relationships with the people you want to engage. Building trust means being authentic about your company's brand. Here are four ways to become more specific and genuine about your brand to attract, captivate, and motivate all of the people essential to your success. 1
  3. 3. 1. UNDERSTAND WHAT CLIENTS WANT FROM AND VALUE ABOUT YOUR COMPANY Market Research Formal and informal market research, whether quantitative or qualitative, can help you understand what clients think and feel about the relationship they have with your company. When you survey your clients include current and former clients. Talk to those who hold you in high regard, the silent clients, and even those with whom you might be struggling. Use the results to develop marketing personas, decide on marketing strategies, and create audience-driven marketing plans. 2
  4. 4. SURVEY TOOLS AND TIPS SurveyMonkey SurveyGizmo  Zoho Survey Google Forms  Survey Development Tools Tips Develop clear objectives that articulate what you want to learn from the research whether that's insights that help you refine your service or novel, yet relevant, ways to reach your audiences. Decide on the right survey instrument -- questionnaire, focus group, one-to-one interview, or a combination of two or more. Summarize key, actionable take-aways. 3
  5. 5. 2. INVEST IN LEARNING ABOUT YOUR TEAM AND ITS STRENGTHS Go beyond using familiar terms such as "collaborative" and "innovative" to describe the people behind your brand. Formalized assessments can help in uncovering the strengths that form your brand's distinct and genuine attributes.  Is your team resourceful, adaptive, social, deliberate, or empathetic? Use assessments to find out and bring that language into everything you publish, print, and post. It's a great way to differentiate from competitors. 4
  6. 6. ASSESSMENT TOOLS Note Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Clifton StrengthsFinder Harrison Assessments And more - search online for other personality assessments Results of these assessments are intended to help you speak more authentically about your team. They are not intended for HR-related functions. In this branding context, however, the assessments can be taken privately and individual team members can choose to share the adjectives that best describe them to inform marketing messages. 5
  7. 7. 3. LINK YOUR COMPANY'S CORE VALUES, ITS BUSINESS PRACTICES, AND ITS STAKEHOLDERS' EXPECTATIONS When your company's core values are woven into how you do business it improves performance and helps you develop trust with people you value.  This means infusing them throughout the organization and into practices related to: Marketing, Sales, Account Management, Recruiting, Hiring, Professional Development, Employment Manuals, Contracts, and Billing. All materials, processes, practices, and procedures should be in harmony with your brand's identity.  6
  8. 8. ALIGNMENT IDEAS Everyone's in Marketing, and Marketing is in Every Function Articulating core values alone is not sufficient. There needs to be evidence of these values in the culture and in how the company works. Here are two examples: Does your company value creativity? Excellent! This is the time to ensure you have internal policies and practices that show how creatively your company develops new services or recruits for new team members or onboards new clients.  Is honesty a way of life at your company? Then paths for achieving it should cascade out of your Mission Statement and into the work. Indicate how people in your company are empowered to take responsibility for mistakes. Define leadership practices that model honest behaviors, especially when crises occur. 7
  9. 9. 4. DEVELOP AN AUTHENTIC VOICE FOR YOUR BRAND This is your opportunity to get people excited about being on a journey together. Is your brand considered a trusted analyst? An exacting coach? A wild-eyed visionary? Whatever it is; own it.  The language you use to convey that personality becomes its distinct brand voice. Use it consistently and compellingly in all of the company's materials. 8
  10. 10. BRANDING ROADMAP Here's a methodology that can help you further develop your brand's voice. It's called PACE. Purpose: Discuss the outcomes you want to help others achieve; this is the "big" benefit that helps you connect and resonate with all of your audiences.  Ability: Be specific and genuine about your company's talents and the unique and inspiring ways in which you express them in service to others.   Compassion: Show compassion for what stakeholders want and need especially in times of change or uncertainty. Enthusiasm: Be open about what motivates the people in your company to create value for others and how they persist when faced with obstacles. 9
  11. 11. REVVING UP YOUR BRAND HAS ITS BENEFITS Authenticity in B2B marketing stands up to scrutiny; it inspires confidence; it inspires trust. Not so coincidentally, when you become more authentic about your brand, the sales cycle may improve, clients may stay with you longer, and attracting new talent may become easier. These and other desirable outcomes cannot be achieved with a bump and run approach to marketing. Being specific and genuine about your brand will help you develop trust with the people who are essential to your success. And that's good news for companies that want to go the distance! 10
  12. 12. KELLY STEWART About As an On-Demand Marketing Director, I help business owners, marketing executives, and HR professionals speak more authentically about their brands, build on what’s working to develop strategic, audience-driven marketing plans, and measure the value of marketing along a Quadruple Bottom Line.  e: o: 267-491-5616 Visit: Let's work together to eliminate the weight of business as usual. On-Demand Marketing Director / Speaker / Champion for Positive Organizations / Practical Optimist Designed with Canva Images from Unsplash Founder, Attractivate 11 Leverage Attractivate's complete approach to B2B marketing.