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British Council - Reference - Kay Vasey

  1. 1. Reference for Kay Vasey2011- 12Kay had a very busy six months before her maternity leave. Of course her most important deliverablewas her new baby!Key achievements last year included the signing of an MoU with Singapore International Foundation,which has allowed us to create a new platform for exchanges between artists from the UK andSingapore. In addition, we have won an award which was presented by former Senior Minister GohChock Tong in recognition of our work promoting cultural relations between the UK and Singapore.Kay has worked very closely with the High Commission which has allowed us to make more impactthrough the use of Eden Hall for more arts related events. This has included arranging for more art byyoung UK artists to be showcased there.The biggest event this year was the Future Memory pavilion. This was a very complex project whichinvolved a lot of detailed co-ordination with a wide range of partners. Kay was fundamental in thesuccess of this project and the impact was excellent. Our wider work in the arts had a major impact forcultural relations and this was shown in the results with a solid net promoter score and good audiencefigures achieved: over 800 T2 arts influencers have been reached directly as at the end of Oct 2011.Final year targets were all exceeded. Kay worked with artists who have journeyed to Australia andMalaysia for their core activities and invited them to Singapore for additional opportunities to connectwith the audience here.Kay also successfully managed a range of internal staff as we moved to a more flexible model ofstaffing based on short term project managers as well as full time admin. The results in both efficiencyand effectiveness have been impressiveKay is a strong self starter who has really got up to speed on her job, the British Council and the widerarts scene in Singapore. She has demonstrated that she can connect with others and find commonground to build relationships and connections to support British Council goals. This was most evidentin the range of partners involved in the future memory project and the excellent feedback that we got.Kay also show accountability and commitment to the British Council and is very good at holding theartists that we are working with to the same level of accountability - not always an easy task. She issomeone that delivers excellent results - she is flexible when necessary but is able to identify barriersto success and tackle them before they become an issueKay will be coming back after maternity leave and will need to ease herself back into the job. She willensure that there is a smooth handover from the acting director arts and will need to get herself up tospeed on any developments in the arts both within the British Council and outside. Getting the rightwork life balance will also be important.I would like to thank Kay for all her hard work and look forward to working with her again after thesummer. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).
  2. 2. 2010- 11Kay joined part way through the reporting year but has quickly got up to speed on the job and hasmade an excellent start. Her first task was to take stock of the activities from the previous couple ofyears and to begin to shape a strategy for the arts in the British Council Singapore. I was impressedwith how quickly she grasped the objectives of our work and also understood the constraints andchallenges. She put together a very good three year strategic plan which she presented to the localmanagement team and to the regional arts team. In many ways here work was important in helping toshape some of the thinking at regional level and in this way she showed that she is able to shape thefuture in her work.A key part of her role is in building and maintaining our relationships with key partners. She is anexcellent networker and has ensured that the handover from the previous director has gone smoothlyfor our partners. Particular examples are the extension of the agreement with NAC for writing the cityand also the memorandum of understanding which has been set up with the Singapore InternationalFoundation. She is knowledgeable and confident when dealing with key stakeholders, and she hasquickly identified who the key players are.Kay has overseen a successful year for the arts team in Singapore. The audience numbers have beenvery impressive, particularly for T3 audience. The income targets exceeded plan and Kay was able tomake sure that the budget spend was well managed and that there were no surprises. She has a goodgrasp of the financial targets and processes and has got up to speed with the sometimes bewilderingplanning processes that we have to go through.She has an intuitive understanding of the opportunities that digital offer us. She has ensured that thearts project build on the success with the Civic Life web site and has built digital into the project plansfor the future. She has also been invaluable in giving ideas to other departments on how to fully exploitdigital media.Kay has had a very good first six months. I am confident that she will build on this as she starts toimplement the projects that she has been involved in planning. She is a real asset to the office and hasbrought a valuable new perspective to the work that we do and how we go about doing it. I haveappreciated her ideas and her support over this first six months. Page 2 of 2