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Sony VAIO Tap All-in-One TouchscreenSVJ2021BPXW 20-Inch Desktop (White)                                                   ...
-->        VAIO® Tap 20 Mobile all-in-one pc        SVJ2021BPXW        Say hello to...
ArtRage® Studio Pro                                        Sonys Media Apps                                           Sens...
SpecificationsProcessor                                        Inputs and Outputs                                 Environm...
8. Not all models applicable. Registration required. See for details.     9. Allocation of system memory...
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Sony vaio tap all in-one touchscreen svj2021 bpxw 20-inch desktop (white)


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Sony vaio tap all in-one touchscreen svj2021 bpxw 20-inch desktop (white)

  1. 1. Sony VAIO Tap All-in-One TouchscreenSVJ2021BPXW 20-Inch Desktop (White) Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating out of 5 Product Feature q Intel Core i5-3317U Processor (1.7 GHz) q 8 GB DDR3 RAM q 750 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive q 20-Inch Screen, Intel HD Graphics 4000 q Windows 8 Professional q Read moreProduct DescriptionThe VAIO® Tap 20 features exceptional picture quality and a capacitive touchscreen. Every touch of your fingerelicits snappy performance no matter what youre doing. The 20” 1600 x 900 touchscreen LCD is equipped withIPS (in-plane switching) technology so you can enjoy a crisp image from any viewing angle. Backed by Sony TVtechnology, the Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 adds sharpness filters and noise reduction to display rich, beautifulcontent on your VAIO® Tap. Experience deep and vivid colors, noise reduction for seamless video, andsharpness filters to bring out every minute detail. Read moreProduct DescriptionA+ <!-- .body2 { font: 100%/1.4 Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px; background: #42413C; margin: 0; padding: 0; color: #000; background-color: #FFFFFF; } /* ~~this fixed width container surrounds all other elements ~~ */ .container2 { width: 960px; margin: 0 auto; /* theauto value on the sides, coupled with the width, centers the layout */ } /* ~~ This is the layout information. ~~1) Padding is only placed on the top and/or bottom of the div. The elements within this div have padding ontheir sides. This saves you from any "box model math". Keep in mind, if you add any side padding or border tothe div itself, it will be added to the width you define to create the *total* width. You may also choose toremove the padding on the element in the div and place a second div within it with no width and the paddingnecessary for your design. */ .content2 { padding: 10px 0; } /* ~~ miscellaneous float/clear classes ~~ */ .fltrt{ /* this class can be used to float an element right in your page. The floated element must precede theelement it should be next to on the page. */ float: right; margin-left: 0px; } .fltlft { /* this class can be used tofloat an element left in your page. The floated element must precede the element it should be next to on thepage. */ float: left; margin-right: 0px; } .clearfloat { /* this class can be placed on a<br /> orempty div as the final element following the last floated div (within the #container) if the overflow:hidden onthe .container is removed */ clear:both; height:0; font-size: 1px; line-height: 0px; }
  2. 2. --> VAIO® Tap 20 Mobile all-in-one pc SVJ2021BPXW Say hello to the touchscreen, the mobile All-in-One PC that does what you want and goes where you need it. Surf the web, draw, play games, watch movies or balance your budget from any room. With a stunning 20-inch screen and the ability to interact with multiple users, this touch performer not only does it all, it does it anywhere. 20” touchscreen display. Built-in battery. Multi-position PC. The VAIO Tap 20 features exceptional picture Equipped with a built-in battery, for cord-free The multi-position stand lets you tilt the VAIO quality and a capacitive touchscreen. The 20” convenience, the VAIO Tap 20 easily moves from Tap to achieve the ideal angle for any activity. 1600 x 900 touchscreen LCD is equipped with home office to couch for the enjoyment of all. Simply From an upright position, just push down gently IPS (in-plane switching) technology so you can pick it up and carry it room to room without having on the PC until the position is perfect for you. enjoy a crisp image from any viewing angle. to worry about shutting down and re-booting. Perfect Lay it flat to play board games or prop it up to Backed by Sony TV technology, the Mobile for when you want to bring the VAIO Tap to the read. You can even hold it in your lap while BRAVIA® Engine 2 adds sharpness filters and garage to watch a how-to clip on car repair or when sitting on the sofa while surfing the web. noise reduction to display rich, beautiful content you need it in the kitchen to follow your favorite on your VAIO Tap. on-line recipe. Technology Tap into family time Vivid visuals Made to move Get ready for some hands-on, family-friendly fun. The Developed by the same people you trust to engineer With a built-in battery for cord-free convenience, VAIO VAIO Tap tabletop PC is like having your game room, incredible HDTVs, your movies and games will shine Tap easily moves from kitchen to couch for the movie collection, bookshelf and more all accessible on with exceptional picture quality. Equipped with a enjoyment of all. Simply pick it up and carry it from a stunning 20" touchscreen. Surf the web, paint a BRAVIA engine for noise reduction, contrast room to room—no unplugging or shutting down picture, play games and more wherever you enhancement and more, youll notice that images necessary. Its multi-position stand lets you tilt your want—from bedroom to living room, VAIO Tap goes nearly pop off the screen with brightness and clarity. VAIO Tap to achieve the ideal angle for any activity. anywhere the action is.
  3. 3. ArtRage® Studio Pro Sonys Media Apps Sensational Sound ArtRage Studio Pro contains all the tools of ArtRage Experience your content like never before with Sonys Experience full-impact surround sound anywhere withStudio: oils, watercolors, and inking pens making it Media Apps. We bring together the very best of Sony’s Dolby® Home Theater® v4 technology on your PC.easy to produce natural looking artwork on your state-of-the-art technologies to provide an exceptional Whether you listen through headphones, the speakerscomputer. Ideal for artists who need to edit their work experience. You get seamless connectivity across all in your laptop, or a connected home theater, a morein more depth, supporting Photoshop® compatible of your Sony devices to your content allowing you to captivating entertainment experience can be yoursfilters, real world color blending, post-spray editable share and play as you choose through your favorite anytime.stickers, and more. social networks. Product description and full feature list The VAIO Tap 20 is equipped with the latest technology to bring you incredible entertainment quality. Explore the full range of features and options below. Never Shut Down Fingertapps™ Organizer PC tune-ups and maintenance Whether youre done for the day or just This is not your ordinary calendar or message made easy stepping out for a latte, theres rarely a reason board. This unique app lets you post voice With the newest version of VAIO Care™ to power down your VAIO Tap. Featuring Sonys messages, photos, drawings, and video software you get an easy-to-use tool that lets Rapid Wake technology, simple enter into messages online to help the whole family stay you tune up, update and troubleshoot your energy-saving sleep mode that helps keep data organized and aware of everyone’s schedule. VAIO PC. Just press the ASSIST button to safe and secure. Battery drain is minimal, so Get creative and add your favorite team’s logo effortlessly install and uninstall new software your PC can star asleep for days10. Want to on game days, or record a happy birthday song and drivers, use the visual interface to quickly rouse it from slumber? Press the power button to play on your kids birthday, or post a photo of identify and troubleshoot issues, create restore and get back to business in about 2 seconds. your vacation destination on the days you will and recovery media, and connect with Sony be gone. phone, chat or online support when you need to Near Field communcations talk with a Sony expert. Easily exchange messages, photos, MP3 files, Wizardly Webcam and URLS from one NFC (Near Field The built-in HD web camera features a Sony Support for your PC Communication) enabled device to another by Exmor® R image sensor which helps guarantee Theres nothing standard about the standard simply tapping on the touch icon. It’s instant a crisp, bright picture - even in dimly-lit rooms. Sony limited warranty on VAIO computers. We and requires zero setup. Switch from listening The webcam is perfect for snapping cover parts and labor on covered repairs. And to music on your VAIO PC to your compatible self-portraits, video conferencing with a client or we have extensive on-line support where you headphones by touching the headphones to the catching up with your friends. You can even use can chat with an associate and access drivers, VAIO Tap 20. Or if you want to see the same the camera and a few simple hand gestures to software updates, FAQs, user forums and more. website on your PC from your Sony Xperia™ take command of your computer thanks to VAIO Or if you prefer, you can just call us on the smartphone, just touch the mark and watch it Gesture Control. phone.4 We are here to help. on a larger screen. PlayMemories Home™ software Download Socialife app Family Paint™ software Uniquely smart and easy-to-use, PlayMemories Discover your favorite news, videos, and social Designed for kids to paint, draw, and express Home™ software makes organizing, editing and networking feeds in one place. You can check themselves artistically. Family Paint™ software sharing your photos and videos a cinch. out new posts on Facebook®, watch You Tube® provides comprehensive drawing tools Instantly import and sort your content by event videos, and add comments. Plus, youll get including size-adjustable colored pencils, or date. Then transform your favorites from recommendations for new blogs and news crayons, markers, stamps and an eraser. On ordinary to extraordinary with intuitive based on your interests which you can then add the VAIO® Tap, you can choose a split screen so adjustments and stunning filters. You can even to your My Stream. Socialife. See whats more than one person can join in the fun. With create heartwarming slide-shows complete with happening in your world today. 10 point capacitive touch, kids can apply all the transitions and soundtracks in 3 simple steps. tools directly on the screen with two hands as if Finally, share your picks privately with family theyre painting or drawing on the real canvas. and friends or on popular social networking sites like Facebook® and YouTube™. PlayMemories Online™ service can even securely store your content in the cloud allowing virtually all of your devices to access it anytime, anyplace.
  4. 4. SpecificationsProcessor Inputs and Outputs Environmental InformationProcessor Intel® Core™ i5-3317U DC-In 1 ENERGY 5.1Type USB 1 + 1 (Charge) STAR®Processor Dual Core 3.0 EPEAT™ SilverTechnology Headphone 1 ROHS® CompliantProcessor 1.70GHz6 with Intel® Output Weights and MeasurementsSpeed Turbo Boost Technology Microphone 1 Dimensions 19.85" (W) 1.78" - 11.97" up to 2.60GHz7 Input (Approx.) (H) 7.37 - 12.29" (D)Processor 3MB Memory 1 Weight 11.46 lbs. (withCache Stick + (Approx.) Standard Battery)Display Secure PowerScreen 20.0" Digital Battery Standard Lithium IonSize Wireless/Networking Type Battery (5000mAh)Resolution 1600 x 900 Bluetooth® Bluetooth® Standard Default Up to 2 hours and 45Display IPS Technology Technology (4.0 + HS) Brightness minutes11Technology Ethernet 1000BASE-T/ Protocol 100BASE-TX/ GeneralBacklight LED 10BASE-T Action ASSIST, Volume (+/-),Technology Buttons Rotation Lock, WindowsTouch Capacitive WiFi Intel® Centrino®Technology Touchscreen Adapter Wireless N-135 Accessories (802.11b/g/n) Supplied Wireless KeyboardMemory Accessories (VGP-WKB12), WirelessInstalled 8GB7 (4GB x 2) Software Laser Mouse (VGPWMS21),Memory Operating Genuine Windows® 8 Professional 64-bit AA Batteries xMax. 8GB7 System 2, Standard Lithium IonMemory Supplied Microsoft Office Battery (5000mAh), ACMemory DDR3/1600MHz Software trial, VAIO Care™, Adapter, Power CordType/Speed PlayMemories Home™, Audio ArtRage® Studio ProGraphics Sound Intel® High Definition Anti-Virus Kaspersky® Internet System Audio with Dolby®Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 ® Software Security 30-Day Trial Home Theater®Processor Offer12 Technology v4Graphics Internal9Video Service and Warranty Information ColorsRAM Limited 1 Year Colors Available in Black and White WarrantyStorage TermStorage Serial ATA International Yes8Type ServiceStorage 750GB7 Toll-Free 888-476-697210Capacity PhoneStorage 5400rpm SupportTechnology Priority 239-768-760510Hardware PhoneCamera 1.3 MP HD web camera Support powered by Exmor® for PC and microphoneKeyboard Wireless QWERTY, 103 keys with 2.0mm stroke and 19.05mm pitch10-Key YesNumericPad1. Available on select Intel® Core™ processors. Requires an Intel® HT Technology-enabled system. Consult your PCmanufacturer. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and software used. For more information including details on which processors support HT Technology, visit Requires a system with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology2.0 are only available on select Intel® processors. Consult your PC manufacturer. Performance varies depending on hardware, software, and system configuration. For moreinformation, visit Based on Sony engineering. Actual performance may vary considerably based on hardware configuration, software, powermanagement settings, environmental conditions, wireless connectivity and other factors. Maximum battery capacity will normally decrease with time and use.4. For some third party software, Sony provides initial support. Additional support may be available from the applicablevendor. Availability may vary by vendor.5. Availability may be limited. See limited warranty for details.6. GHz denotes maximum microprocessor internal clock speed and may vary based on application.7. 1 GB = one billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity will be less.
  5. 5. 8. Not all models applicable. Registration required. See for details. 9. Allocation of system memory to graphics varies depending on operating condition, version of device driver and total system memory size. 10. For some third party software, Sony provides initial support. Additional support may be available from the applicable vendor. Availability may vary by vendor. 11. Based on Sony engineering. Actual performance may vary considerably based on hardware configuration, software, power management settings, environmental conditions, wireless connectivity and other factors. Maximum battery capacity will normally decrease with time and use. 12. Kaspersky Internet Security 30-day subscription is pre-installed on your Sony VAIO PC. You need to activate the software for the product to work. After your 30-days are finished, buy Kaspersky Internet Security to continue to be protected from cybercriminals, identify theft, viruses, and other threats. 13. No system can provide absolute security under all conditions. Requires an enabled chipset, BIOS, firmware, and software, and a subscription with a capable service provider. Consult your system manufacturer and service provider for availability and functionality. Intel assumes no liability for lost or stolen data and/or systems or any other damages resulting thereof. For more information, visit © 2012 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Sony, make.believe, VAIO, their respective logos, BRAVIA, Xperia, Exmor, PlayMemories Home, PlayMemories Online, Family Paint and VAIO Care are trademarks of Sony. HDMI is a trademark of HDMI Licensing LLC. Core and Centrino are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Blu-ray Disc is a trademark. Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Dolby and Home Theatre are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Sony is not responsible for typographical and photographic errors. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Screen images are simulated.Read more