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Deltagare RIF-möte


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Deltagarförtecknign RIF

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Deltagare RIF-möte

  1. 1. JUSTICE AND HOME AFFAIRS COUNCIL Brussels, 7 March 2019 HOME AFFAIRS PARTICIPANTS Belgium: Mr Nico VAN DIJCK Antici Bulgaria: Mr Mladen MARINOV Minister for the Interior Czech Republic: Mr Jan HAMÁČEK First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Interior Denmark: Ms Inger STØJBERG Minister for Immigration and Integration Germany: Mr Horst SEEHOFER Federal Minister for the Interior, Building and Community Estonia: Ms Katri RAIK Minister for the Interior Ireland: Mr Aidan O'DRISCOLL Secretary General for the Department of Justice & Equality Greece: Ms Olga GEROVASSILI Minister for Protection of the Citizen Mr Dimitrios VITSAS Minister for Immigration Policy Spain: Ms Ana BOTELLA GÓMEZ Secretary of State Ms Consuelo RUMI IBAÑEZ Secrétaire d’Etat France: Mr Laurent NUNEZ Minister of State to the Minister for the Interior Croatia: Mr Davor BOŽINOVIĆ Minister for Internal Affairs Italy: Mr Nicola MOLTENI State Secretary for the Interior Cyprus: Mr Constantinos PETRIDES Minister for the Interior Latvia: Mr Sandis ĢIRĢENS Minister for the Interior Lithuania: Mr Eimutis MISIŪNAS Minister for the Interior Luxembourg: Mr Georges FRIDEN Permanent Representative Hungary: Mr Károly KONTRÁT Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Interior Malta: Mr Michael FARRUGIA Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Netherlands: Mr Ferdinand GRAPPERHAUS Minister for Justice and Security Mr Mark HARBERS Minister for Migration Ms Kajsa OLLONGREN Minister for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Deputy Prime Minister Austria: Mr Nikolaus MARSCHIK Permanent Representative
  2. 2. Poland: Mr Joachim BRUDZIŃSKI Minister for the Interior and Administration Portugal Mr Eduardo CABRITA Minister for the Interior Romania: Ms Carmen Daniela DAN Minister for Internal Affairs Slovenia: Mr Boštjan POKLUKAR Minister for the Interior Slovakia: Ms Denisa SAKOVÁ Minister for the Interior Finland: Mr Marja RISLAKKI Permanent Representative Sweden: Mr Morgan JOHANSSON Minister for Justice and Home Affairs Mr Mikael DAMBERG Minister for Home Affairs United Kingdom: Mr Sajid JAVID Secretary of State for the Home Department Commission: Mr Dimitris AVRAMOPOULOS Member Mr Julian KING Member Ms Věra JOUROVÁ Member Mr Christos STYLIANIDES Member