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Jeremy McBeth new resume


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Jeremy McBeth new resume

  1. 1. Jeremy McBeth 3719 E Bellevue st. Tucson, AZ 85716 480-842-0116 OBJECTIVE Management including supervision experience is 2+ years. Excellent verbal and reading skills. Athletics background with High School basketball referee experience. Electrician with over 5 years of experience in 115v and 440v equipment. Areas of expertise include: lighting distribution systems, receptacles, 440 Hz generators, fire pumps, diesel generators and 400v switchboards with excellent technical and communication skills. Thorough selling skills and confident collecting payments. Always motivated and early to work with no excuses, just results. WORK EXPERIENCE US Navy, Bremerton, WA US Electrician 08/2007 - 03/2011 Operating, testing, repairing; 400Hz switchboards, motor driven fire pumps, special frequency generators, lighting, outlets, circuits, fuse boxes, automatic/manual bus transfers, cable way installments. Managed 4 people in shop "Battery and Lighting" for an excess of 4 months. ADT Security Systems Inc., Savannah, GA US Sales Rep 08/2011 - 10/2011 Commission sales. Riding with 1 driver, 1 Team Leader and 4 Sales Reps. Driving around Metro areas and outer sub-divisions knocking door to door pitching and selling Home Security Systems. Once inside, I displayed thorough knowledge of the system and its functions, along with its features and benefits. Had no issues confronting clients with the monthly price and closing the deal after all the paperwork was finished and contract details were out in the open. No issues collecting "Activation" or first months pro-ration. Best Buy, Bluffton, SC US PCHO Sales Assc 10/2011 - 12/2011 Non-commission sales, off base pay only. Arrived and clocked in 15 minutes early everyday and depart on time every evening. Approach customers with experience worksheets and fill out every section as noted. Direct the customer to the right computer, laptop, or tablet as necessary to his or her needs. Explain the benefits, features and savings on accessories, content, services through Best Buy. Once satisfied with all hardware and accessories, complete the sale at the register by cash or credit/debit. If any services required, properly bring them to the Geek Squad area, talk to a Geek Rep and give an exact time of completion to return and get their items. Ability to Lead newer and some older employees on features of most items we sell and takes his time away from helping customers to help fellow peers with closing their sales. I see myself as a team player, we are all playing the same game, trying to produce the same goal. Target Mobile, Silverdale, WA US Sales Assc
  2. 2. 02/2012 - 04/2012 Motivated Base-Salary position with limited monthly commissions. Selling Verizon, AT@T and Sprint phones and plans along with replacement deals involved me getting to know my customer at a personal level by his or her needs. Had to know all the upcoming news and press releases of all the upcoming phones and plans. Trident Seafoods, Akutan, AK US Electrician 05/2012 - 12/2012 Licensed Electrician working in harsh conditions, below zero weather 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Perform duties such as; lighting, receptacles, generators, motors both single phase and 3-phase 480v. Control circuits and lighting circuits. Troubleshooting all the above and installing new equipment daily. With maximum attention to detail to everything being done, little communication to everything happening to the world. Big 5 Sporting Goods, Phoenix AZ, 85018 Manager March 2013 – May 2014 Hourly Full-Time employee, currently in training to be an Asst. Manager for retail sales environment. Knowledgeable in managing time and effort in controlled and uncontrolled environments. I’m typically the positive, more motivational Manager on duty at all times. Make Special Orders for progressively faster and more convenient delivery dates. Observant, pushing and motivational pushes on sales associates, when sales quota is near deadline. Ace Express, Phoenix AZ, 85044 Courier May 2014 – Present Deliver interoffice mail and packages to Banner Health Care hospitals and clinics. Routine driving to designated areas every weekday simultaneously dropping off then picking up mail. Excellent driving skills and strength to carry heavy packages, always attentive both on the road and in the hospitals. People person and always greeting the next person. Arizona Interscholastic Association, Phoenix AZ Referee October 2014 – Present Uphold the AIA official rulebook and handbook with the upmost respect and integrity. Referee High School Basketball sub-varsity games both male and female. Works well with not only partner on the court but with School Faculty included in the game. Ott YMCA, Tucson AZ Referee August 2016 – Present Managing both kids and adults in a basketball league environment. Being held accountable for the fairness and morale ethics of the game. Knowing the rulebook without hesitation and making great judgement calls for the integrity of every game. EDUCATION John Ehret High Marrero, LA US Diploma in Mathematics, GPA: 3.0 2007 – 2007
  3. 3. Grand Canyon University Phoenix, AZ 2014 – Present Currently pursuing undergrad degree in Psychology. SKILLS Expertise in troubleshooting 115v and 440v electrical equipment. Quality control. Excels in working alone and with others. Ability to lead others and multi-task without hesitation. Goes above and beyond his line of work to ensure complete satisfaction. Excels at selling and very knowledgeable of 4G embedded devices and 4G LTE broadband cards Extremely knowledgeable in a lot of sports and dedicated to learning more. CPR qualified 3M qualified Operated and troubleshot steering gears Worked on fire pumps and automatic/manual bus transfers.