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•     Quiz on Srimad Ramayana        Revised on Date :08/10/091.    Who was Valmiki previously ? Robber2.    Who changed V...
66.  Who wrote Raghuvamsam ? which language ? Maha kavi Kalidass , Sanskrit67.  What made Dasaratha to give two boons to K...
128. How did Rama and laxman killed him ? By burying him alive129. Who made the ashram for Sri Rama in Panchavati ? How ? ...
195. List Ravana’s sons ? Aksha kumar , Inderjit196. Who was Ravana’s wife ? Mandodahari197. What concept did Sita mata ad...
260. Who is the wife of Vibishana ? Sarama261. Who is the father of Sugriva ? Riksharajas 262. How many did Rama prayed in...
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Valmiki ramayana quiz with answers

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Valmiki ramayana quiz with answers

  1. 1. • Quiz on Srimad Ramayana Revised on Date :08/10/091. Who was Valmiki previously ? Robber2. Who changed Valmiki for good ? Naradha3. What did Naradha give to Valmiki and how ? Rama Nama as ‘MARA ‘4. Who gave the name Vlamiki ? Why was he called Valmiki? Brahma , He came out of termite hill – valmeekam5. How many slokas were in original Ramayana ( written first by Valmiki ) – 100 crores – satha koti ramayanam6. How many slokas are there in present day Valmiki Ramayana ? 240007. How many aksharas for Gayathri mantra ? 248. What is Gayatri Ramayanam ? Ramayana with 24 slokas / consisting of askharas of gayathri mantram ? check9. Who all visited Valmiki ashram to advise him to write Ramayanam ? Naradha + Brahma10. Why did Valmiki name this epic as Ramayanam ? Ramayanam means Rama’s path.11. How many chapters are in Ramayanam ( kandams) ? list them ? 7 – Bala , Ayodhya , Aranya , Kishklintha, Sundara, Yuddha ,Uttara12. In which Yuga , Ramayana happened ? Tretha yuga13. Why was he called Dasaratha ? Can handle his chariot in 10 directions14. Who is Dasagreevan ? Ravana15. What does Ravana , Kumbakarna , Vibihsna represent ? 3 gunas ? Rajo , Thamo , Satva16. Who is the father of Ravana ? ( Visravas ) What was his Vamsa ? ( Pulasthiar) .. check ?17. In Ramayana – who is avtar of Vayu , Surya , Indra , Agni , Varuna ? Devaguru, Kubera,Viswakarma,, Aswini devargal? Hanuman ,Sugriva, Vali , Neelan , Sushenan, Dharan , Gandhamanan, Nalan , Maindhan& Dvidhan18. Relationship between 4 sons of Dasaratha and 4 vedas ? Yajur ( Ram) , Rig (Laxman), Sama (Bharat) and Atharvana ( Satrugan)19. What is the yaga done to gain son ? Putrakameshti20. Who did Putrakameshti for Dasaratha ? Who advised this yaga to be done ? Rishasringar , Vashista21. Who did Asvameta yagnam for Dasaratha? Rishyasringar22. Who first did the Asvametha yaga ? who found it out first ? Brahma23. Who was the father of Rishia sringer ? Vibandagar24. Who was his wife ? She belonged to which kingdom? Santha . Angadesam25. Who ruled Anga desam when Rishia sringer visited ? why did he visit ? Romapathar , For getting rain26. Rama jananam was in which tithi, , star , lagna ( navami , punavasu, kataka)27. Who is the parents of Indra ? Kasyapa , Athithi28. Who is the Guru of Surya Vamsa ? Vashista29. What are the three names of the Vamsam in which Rama was born & why ? Surya , Ikshvahu , Raghu30. Who is called Kakusthan ? Sri Ram31. List Four important Surya Vamsa kings up to Sri Rama ? Ikshvahu , Raghu , Manthada , Bagheerathan , Raghu32. What is the Ramayana in Hindi ? Who wrote it ? Ram Charitha Manas , Tulsidas33. What is the Ramayana in Tamil ? Who wrote it ? Kambaramayanam , Kambar34. Who wrote Sanskshepa Ramayana ? Valmeeki35. Who are 3 wives of Dasaratha ? List their sons with names ? Kousalya , Kaikeyi , Sumitra – Ram , Bharat , Laxman & Satrugan36. Who are the twins among this ? Who is the mother of the twins ? Laxman &Satrugan – Sumitra Devi37. Who is Laxman ? whose amsam is he ? Adhishesan38. Which is the river flowing in Ayodhya ? Sarayu39. Why this city got the name Ayodhya ? No war40. Mata Kousalya is from which ‘desam” or kingdom ? Kosala41. Kaikeyi is from which kingdom ? Kekaya42. What was the original name of Viswasmithra ? Kousikar43. What was his vamsam ? Kusi44. Why did he fight with Vashista ? To gain Kamadhenu45. How did he become Brimha Rishi ? By tapas and affirmation by Vashista46. Who is the rishi for Gayathri mantram ? Viswamitra47. Who was the king who wanted to go to Swarga with physical body ? He belonged to which Vamsa ? Trisangu , Surya48. Who tried to send him to heaven with physical body ? Viswasmitra49. How many planets were in a (exalted )top position in Sri Rama’s horoscope ? What are they ? (5- Sun, Guru, Sukra, Mars , Saturn) – Punarpoosam star or Punarvasu50. How did River Ganga was formed originally ? Who created it ? When ? – as Per Bhagavatham Brahma did patha pooja with water during Trivikrama avtar in Satya Loka and ganga was formed originally . Hari patha theertham .51. Who explained the history of Ganga to Sri Rama ? when ? Viswamitra during journey to yagna samrakshnam52. How was Lord Muruga called in Ramayana ? Skandan53. What was the name of the Vishnu when he measured three worlds by 3 steps ? Tri vikrama ( avtar )54. What was the avtar called ? For whom it was taken? Vamana , Maha bali55. Who is Deva Guru ? Who is Asura Guru ? Braspathi , Sukran56. Ganga was whose daughter ? Who is the sister of Ganga ? as per Ramayana – Himavan , Uma devi57. How many avtars of Vishnu as per Bhagavatha purana ? 2258. In Kalki avtar in future , where and for whom God is going to be born ? when ? South India , Vishnu Yasas , end of kali yuga59. Which is listed as the next avtar of Vishnu ? Name it ? Kalki60. Who brought Ganga from the heavens ? Why ? Bhageerat , to get salvation for 60,000 Sagaras61. Who is Kapila Rishi ? Who are his parents ? Where was he doing tapas ? Vishnu avtar , Gardhamar and Deva huthi , Patal loka62. How many sons did Sakara had ? 60000 sons as Sagaras and one son called Asamanjan63. Who is the father of Amsuman ? Asamanjan64. Who is Raghu ? Most important Iskshuvahu vamsa king65. Who is the father of Dasaratha ? Ajan 1  
  2. 2. 66. Who wrote Raghuvamsam ? which language ? Maha kavi Kalidass , Sanskrit67. What made Dasaratha to give two boons to Kaikeyi ? Kaikeyi saved his life during war with asuras68. Who are the saptharishis ? Atri , Brigu , Kuthsa , Vasista , Gowthama , Kasyapa , Angirasa rishis69. Who is the Rishipathni s of Vashita , Gowthama , Athri , Kasyapa ? Arunthathi , Akalya , Anasuya , Athithi70. Who is the blood daughter of Janaka ? Urmila71. What was Janaka’s kingdom ? capital ? Vidheka , Mithila72. List two names of Sita with meanings ? Janaki , Mythili , Vaidheki73. Why was she called Sita ? She wa found in the yagna bhoomi when it was ploughed at the’ tip of the oak ‘ which I called in Sanskrit as SITA and also it means very patient – being the daughter of mother earth74. Who married Laxman , Barathan and Satrugan ? Urmila, Mandavi , Sruthakeerthi75. Who is the brother of Janaka ? Name his daughters ? Who married them ? Kuchathvajan , Mandavi , Sruthakeerthi76. What is the vamsam in which Jananka was born ? Nimi Vamsam77. Who was their guru ? ( Sadanandar)78. Who is Tripathaka ? Why ? Ganga , she is in 3 lokas79. What are the different names of Ganga ? meanings ? Bhagheerathi , Janhavi , Tripathaka ,80. Where did ganga land when she came to this earth ? On the head of Lord Shiva81. What is Triveni ? What is its other name ? Which are the three rivers in Triveni ? Confluence of 3 great rivers Ganga ,Yamuna , Saraswathi . Pryag82. Which Rishi lived on the banks of TRIVENI ? Bharatwajar83. Who was Sumantra ? Most important minister of Dasaratha84. How ministers did Dasaratha had ? eight85. Who were the sons of Thataka ? Subhahoo , Mareesan86. Who cursed Thataka ? Agasthayar87. Which were the mantras given by Viswamitra to Rama and laxmana ? Balai and athi balai88. What is Suprabatha ? Who said it to whom ? Song to wake up God and Viswamitra sung to wake up Sri Rama89. What are the two boons which Kaikeyi wanted ? Crown for Bhrataha , Rama to go forest for 14 years90. Who cursed Akalya ? Gowthamar91. In which form she was living for many years in curse till Rama came ? Stone92. What did Rama do to purify Akalya ? He stepped over the stone93. Where did Viswamitra conducted the yaga ? Siddashramam94. What was the place where Lord Siva killed Manmathan ? Kamashramam95. Who gave the evil idea to Kaikeyi ? Mantharai96. Who was Parasurama ? Who are his parents ? Vishnu Avtar . Jamadhagni & Renuka devi97. Which most famous kshatriaya did he kill ? Kartha veeryarjuna98. Which danush did he carry when he met Sri Rama ? Vishnu Dhanush What did he offer to Sri Rama’s asthra ? ( arrow ) All his punya gained by taps Where did he go after meeting Rama ? Mahendra parvatham99. Why did Viswamitra wanted Rama ? To benefit him with all asthras and to get him married to Sita Mata100. What was Kamaashram ? who was killed there by whom and why ? Ref Q 104101. Which are the two great rivers meet in Kamashram ? Sarayu and Ganga102. Name few rivers did Rama cross after starting from Ayodhi ? List ? Sarayu , Ganga ,103. Who was Guha ? Where did he live ? Near which river ? town ? Hunter by profession , Sringiperepuram on the banks of Ganga104. Where did Bharatwaja’s ashram located? Triveni105. What is chitrakootam ? river nearby ? Place where Rama settled first after starting vanavasam on the banks of river Mandakini .After , Bhartan’s visit to Chitrakootam , Rama was upset and thought of changing the place and crossed Dhandakaranyam and reached Panchavati , a beautiful place on the banks of river Godavari.106. What is dandakaranyam ? Dense forest107. What did Bharatha carry finally back home ? Sri Padhuka108. What did he do with Rama padhuka ? where ? He crowned the padhka in Ayodhya . He lived like a yogi in Nandhi grammam109. Where and how did Bharata live till Rama came back ? Ref above answer110. What did Baratwajar offer to all and how ?why ? significance of this feast ? Feast . recognition of Bharata’sbakthi111. Who was Shravan kumar ? Young person kiiled by Dasaratha112. Why did Dasaratha hit him ? name of the asthram ? ( Sabthavedanam ) aimed at the sourse of a sound ..113. Who killed Vatapi ? Story of vatapi and illavan ? Agasthya114. By which God’s name did Agasthiyar digested Vataphi ? Ganesh115. What did Agasthiyar give to Sri Rama ? gifts ? purpose ? Vishnu bow , divine arrows , divine sword116. Who was Sarabangar ? Rishi who was wwaiting to have dharsan of Rama and submit all his punyas by taps at the holy feet of SriRam117. Who was with him when Rama went to meet him ? Indra came to take him to swargam118. Who was Sudheekshinar ? who directed Rama to him ? Rishi nominated by Sarabangar to help Rama to reach Panchavati119. Who was the guide nominated by Sudheekshinar to help Rama to go to Panchavati ? Dharmabridh120. What was Punjab saras ? who is living there ? rishi name ? Pond where music is heard . Mondakarni rishi lived there121. Who was Jatayu ? Explain its Vamsam – Vulture king . son of Aruna122. Who was the mother of Garudan ? Vinatha123. Who was the father of Jatayu ? Aruna124. Where was Jatayu living ? Panchavati125. Where is Panchavati located ? which river ? in modern India – which state ? Godavari , Maharashtra126. Who was Viradhan ? What was his curse ? who cursed him? Who was he originally ? Gandharva by name Thumburu . Kubera cursed him to become rakshasan127. What was original name of Viradhan ? Thumburu Gandharvan 2  
  3. 3. 128. How did Rama and laxman killed him ? By burying him alive129. Who made the ashram for Sri Rama in Panchavati ? How ? Where did he learn this ? Laxman . In Gurukulam130. Whom did Sita meet in Athri’s ashram ? Anasuya131. Ganga and Uma were born to whom ? ( Himavan + Manorama ( daughter of Meru)132. What was amrutha madhanam ? Churning of milk ocean133. Which was the mountain used ? Which Naga was used as rope ? mantra mountain , vasugi naga134. Who stood at the head and who stood at the tail of the Vasugi? Asuras at head side and devas at the tail135. Which posion came out ? who took it ? what was he called then ? Halakalam . Lord Siva . Neelakantan136. How & Who withheld the mantra parvatha on his back as support ? Vishnu as tortoise137. Who came out as Lord of ayurvedam ? lord of medicinal science ? Dhanvantri138. What are the items which came out and who took it .list in order ? ( Alakalam , Danvantri , Apsarasgal, Varuni devatha , Uchaisravas, Kosthuba mani , Kamadenu , Laxmi, Iravatham , Amrutham , (Mohini Avtar )139. Who was Karan ? First brother of Ravana140. What was the name of the kingdom managed by Karan ? Who was Dhoshanan ? Janasthanam141. Who informed Ravana about the death of Karan and decimation of Janasthanam )- Akampanan142. In which vesham did Ravana approach Janaki in her ashram ? Sanyasi143. Explain the valour of Jatayu ? Jatayu , a very old vulture without any arms , used its wings to destroy Ravana’s chariot , horses , bows before offering its life to save Sita mata . Great sacrifice for the cause of Rama bahakthi .144. In which way Ravana carried Sita mata ? By air in his vimanam145. Whom did she see on the way and what did she throw to them ? Vanaras under Sugriva’s camp in Rishiyamukam and she threw ornaments for identification146. What relation did Rama mention to Jatayu ? Brother of Dasaratha . Uncle147. What did Rama do after the death of Jatayu ? He performed last rites personally and gave moksham to Jatayu himself148. Who is Kabandhan ? A person called Dhanu , hit by Indra and his mouth and stomach are same .149. How was he killed ? by whom ? Rama and Lakshmana150. Who directed Rama to take the help of Sugriva to find Sita mata ? Kabhandhan151. Where was Sabari’s ashram ? In Rishya mookam adjacent to Pamba Saras152. Which river / Saras ( lake) was nearby her Ashram ? Pamba Saras153. Who was her Guru ? Mathaga risi154. What did her Guru gave her while leaving this world ? Rama nama for chanting155. Who witnessed Sabari’s moksham ? Rama156. What is the place where Sugriva lived when Rama came in search of him ? Risha mookam157. Who was sent by Sugriva to receive Rama ? Hanuman158. Who was Sugriva’s minister ? Hanuman159. How did Hanuman came originally to meet Rama ? As a Brahmin160. What was Rama’s opinion of Hanauman upon seeing him for the first time ? Most educated and knowledgeable person161. Which was the capital city of Monkey kingdom ? Kishkintha162. Who was Tara ? Wife of Vali163. Who was Sugriva’s wife ? Ruma164. Who was Vali’s son ? Angathan165. Who was the father of Hanuman ( king ) ? Kesari166. Who was Hanuman’s mother ? Anjana Devi167. Where was Hanuman born ? Anjanachalam168. Who was Hanuman’s Vidhya Guru ? Sooryan169. How many ‘ Viyakaranas ‘ did Hanuman mastered? Nine170. What was the boon given by ‘Devas’ and ‘Brahma’ to Hanuman ? Siranjeevi . No arms can harm him in warfare171. Who hit Hanuman when tried to catch sun? Indra172. Who were the two asuras killed by Vali ? Dhundhubi , Mayavi173. What was Mathangar’s curse on Vali ? Head will break in pieces if he steps into ashram area174. How did Sugriva used it ? He lived in Mathanga ashram without fear of Vali175. Who was with Sugriva when he was homeless and in exile ? Hanuman176. How many trees ( sala vrikshas) did Rama pierce to give confidence to Sugriva ?seven177. Who were the main team mates of Hanuman in search of Sita mata ? Jambavan , Angathan , Neelan178. Which direction did they ( Hanuman’s team ) go to find Sita ? South179. What did Rama handover to Hanuman ? Ring inscribed with ‘RAMA’ nama180. What was the speciality of the ‘kanayazhi’ or the divine ring ? It carrie the holy nama ‘ rama’181. Who was Sampathi ? Vulture king , brother of Jatayu , Sampathi helped in Rama karyam182. Who was Sampathi’s brother ? Jatayu183. Who requested Hanuman to jump across the ocean ? Jambavan184. Which mountain did Hanuman used for his launching ? Mahendra parvat185. What was the distance did he jump across ocean ? 100 yojana ( nautical miles)186. Which mountain came across ? Who sent it ? Mainaka parvatam sent by King of seas187. Who was Simmigai ? Evil force , part of Rakshashi188. Who was Surasai ? Naga matha sent by Devas to test Hanuman’s capacity and skills189. Whom did he conquer while entering the Lanka city ?Lankini190. Who was the son of Ravana’s head minister ? Jambumali191. Who was Ravana’s chief minister ? Brahastan192. What was the name of the garden in which Sita was sitting ? Asoka vanam193. Under which tree she was waiting for RAMA ? Simshuba194. Who was Trijata ? Daughter of Vibhishana 3  
  4. 4. 195. List Ravana’s sons ? Aksha kumar , Inderjit196. Who was Ravana’s wife ? Mandodahari197. What concept did Sita mata advised to Ravana ? Friendship route198. What was Inderjit’s original name ? Meghanathan199. Why was he called Inderjith ? He defeated Indra200. What did he do to win the battle against Hanuman ? To used Brimhasthra201. What was Kumbakarna’s curse ? who cursed him ? To sleep for 6 months .Brahma202. Which God did RAVANA please by his pooja ? Siva203. How many HEADS did Ravana had ? 10204. How did Hanuman gain Sita mata’s confidence? By narrating Rama’s story205. What was the boon which Brahma gave to Ravana ? not be killed by anything except humans and monkeys206. In Rama’s life , which is the most important principle did he follow allow ? Satyam207. Which character describes Bhagiratha most ?Perseverance208. How many months Sita was in Ravana’s town ? 10 months209. When HANUMAN met Sita , how many months did she spend in Lanka already ? 8 months210. What did Sita give back to Hanuman to show to Rama ? Chootamani211. Who was KAKASURAN ? Original name? Whose son ? what was his mistake ? What punishment? Jayanthan .Son of Indra . he disturbed sita mata and Rama used Brahmastra against him212. What did Sita do before talking to Ravana in the Ashoka vanam ? She plucked a grass and put it between213. Who advised Ravana not to kill a dhootha ? Vibhishana214. What was the punishment given to Hanuman by Ravanan ? To set fire in his tail215. Why was the fire set by Hanuman did not affect Ashok Vanam ? Sita herself is fire216. Who said this information to Hanuman about asoka vanam not caught in fire ? Saranas who travel in the sky217. What was feast for Monkeys in the Madhuvanam ? Fruits and wine218. Who was the garden keeper in Madhuvanam ? Dhadhi mukahan219. Why did Sugreevan did not get angry when Dadhimukan informed about monkeys spoiling madhuvanam ? He was sure that team under Hanuman’s leadership would have had dharsan of Sita mata220. What was Hanuman’s first words when he met Rama after seeing Sita mata ? Kanden sitayai – Drishta Seetha221. In which direction did Hanuman bow down before talking to Rama ? South where Sita was sitting in Lanka222. Where did Rama did pooja towards Sivan ? Rameshwaram223. How did he get king of seas to surrender ? by using power of Kothandam224. How did the King of seas agree to support building the bridge in the sea ? by accepting to float the stones225. What is Sethu Bandanam? Construction of a bridge to cross ocean from Rameswaram to Lanka across Gulf of Mannar226. Who made the original plan for this bridge ? How was it drawn ? Rama . by his dhanus227. What was the place where this place was drawn ? where is it now ? Dhanuskoti . under water228. Who was appointed as the leader for this bridge construction ? why ? Nalan . son of viswakarma229. What did Vibishanan do ? what is it called ? Saranagathi230. Who was sent as a messenger by Rama after reaching Lanka to try peace ? Angathan231. Who came to rescue from Naga pasam ? Garudan232. What was Sanjeevi parvat ? Mountain in Himalaya where rare medicinal herbs are available233. Why Hanuman visited Sanjeevi Parvat ? To get mrithiyu sanjeevini herb234. Why did he bring the entire mountain ? he could not identify exact herb to paucity of time235. What is the medicine to be brought from Sanjeevi Parvat ? Mrithyu sanjeevini , Santhana kkarani , visalya karani , savarna karani236. Who advised to bring Mrithiu sanjeevini ? why ? Jambhavan237. What was the yaga planned by Inderjit ? Nikumbala238. Who killed Inderjit ? Laxman239. Who was the driver of the chariot ? SARATHY ? Mathali240. What is Aditya hirudhayam ? Song on praise of Surya Narayana swami to wipe out enemy and gain all prosperity in life241. Which Rishi appeared in the battle field to advise Rama to kill Ravana ? Agasthiyar242. What did he give for Rama ? what was that mantra called ? He gave Adithya Hirudhyam Storam243. Adhithya Hirudhyam is a prayer towards which God ? Surya244. How Rama and Sita reached Ayodhya from Lanka ? Pushpaka viman245. What was the special features of pushpaka Vimanam ? Flying , ever increasing capacity to accommodate any number of people246. Who informed Bharatahn about the arrival of Rama in advance ? Hanuman247. Where did Sita stayed while giving birth to the children ? Ashram of Valmiki248. Who are the children of Sri Rama ? Lava Kusha249. How many years did Rama live as per Ramayana ? 11000 years250. How many years did Dasaratha live ? 60,000251. What was the name of the divine bow used by Rama ? Kothandam252. Name few women who were fortunate to know the divine nature of Rama and have divinely dharsan of HIM ? Tara , Mandodari253. Name few rishis who knew the birth secret of Rama ? Vashista , Viswamithra, Agasthyar , Sarabangar , Mathangar254. What is uttra ramayanam ? Rama’s life after pattabhishekam sung by Valmiki255. Who were the sons of Kumbakarna ? Nikumban , kumban256. Who was the son of Karan ? Maharakshan257. In which cave , team of vanaras were caught while searching for Sita in the south ? Rikshabilam258. Who did they meet there ? What is her name ? A yogini by name Swambrabhai259. Who created Rikshabilam ? Mayan 4  
  5. 5. 260. Who is the wife of Vibishana ? Sarama261. Who is the father of Sugriva ? Riksharajas 262. How many did Rama prayed in Rameshwar in tharbhasayanam ? 263. Who is the Only one person who was addressed as Mahathma by Sri Rama in Ramayana ? 264. Who was referred as DASANANAN in Ramayana ? Ravana Some general questions for model purpose only :• Which Acharya in Kanchi Peetam did Nama Siddhthantham ? Sri Baghavanama Bodhendra Swamigal• Who built the Ram temple in Bhadrachalam ? Badrachala Ramdass• Who chants ‘Rama Nama “ those who die in Kasi ? Lord Viswanathar• How many kirtans believed to be sung by Thiyaraja Swaamigal in his life ? 24000• Who is the most famous Ram bhaktha who was Muslim by birth ? Santh Kabir Das• Who wrote Sri Padhukha Sahasram ? in how much time ? Swami Vedantha Desikar in one night• Name Periya and Siriya Thiruvadi in Sri Vaishnava Sampradhayam ? Garudan and Hanuman• Name the mantra always chanted by Jai Hanuman ? Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram• Name few other Ramayanas other than Valmiki Ramayanam – Anandha Ramayanam , Adyathma Ramayanam• Name the city in which Goswami Tulsidas , Santh Kabir Das lived and did Rama Bhakthi ? Varanashi or kasi• Who brought Sri Ranganathar upto Sri Rangam ? Who gave the diety to him ? Vibhishanan / Sri Rama• What is the underwater bridge ( Rama Sethu ) between India and Ceylon called by Englishman ?Adam’s bridge• Who wrote Raghuvamsam and in which language ? Mahakavi Kalidass /Sanskrit• Name a foreign country / s which has their own version of Ramayana ? Thailand ,Indonesia• Where is Ayodhya located in current day India ? in which state ? UP 5