Infinity Marketing Group App Packet


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The benefits and reasons for choosing Infinity Marketing Group to create your app.

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Infinity Marketing Group App Packet

  1. 1. Infinity Marketing Group Mobile App Development. Redefined. www. |nfiniiyMGroup. com (303) 834-7344
  2. 2. www. |nfinityMGroup. com Mobile App Development. Redefined. Growing your brand through Mobile Applications Mobile Applications are very versatile and with I02 billion Mobile Apps downloaded in 2013, makes them an extremely valuable tool for any 'ness. With the power to can 1 directly to your clientele, Mobile Apps bring your product or service front er to any m ' device. and cent llMI§°[DI§ DRIED’ [E UIWUD 631333? [ii We take the time to learn your business and industry to better help provide the right custom product from your needs.
  3. 3. www. |nfinityMGroup. com Mobile App Development. Redefined. In 4-fill I r . ...1- or rd is : is. How Mobile Apps benifit your business. Vl"e'cl| lI1"’Vl : =1 * T ,1 . ' T sls. i'ili: l;l| _l. '_5rfl: l' H __. I z B the average user checlks their mobile aevice 150 times per any i L82 Billion smariphones in use v. 'orldv. 'ide v US consumers spend an averaae of I27 minuies per day using iviobile Apps The average user has over 100 Apps on their device a 2 Billion Apps are predicted lio be downloade each week by 2017 (in average, each smartphone user runs t: l Apps
  4. 4. www. |nfinityMGroup. com Mobile App Development. Redefined. Custom App development. You build your business from the ground up, so we build our App from the ground up. Creating your custom App catered to your vision is our specialty. Our io is not done until your App is perfected. lRl@ TEMPLATES, lt‘ll@ 8@E1T®ll| l"T'S When Infinity developes your custom App, you have access to a Personal Mobile App Consultant who will: 0 Provide expert support for all device platforms 0 Guide you through the process of App development ° Work close y with you to meet your oals and budget 0 Develop innovative interfaces for maximum User Experience 0 Create a one of a ind product iust or your business 0 Create custom tools and features to help grow your App
  5. 5. www. |nfinityMGroup. com Mobile App Development. Redefined. Beyond your App release. What happens to your App once its built and released? Infinity's team works hard to create a long- term relationship to ensure your App is properly maintaned and represented throughout its mobile life. Infinity is your one stop shop. We help keep your App current with: 0 General App maintenance, bug fixes and design upgrades 0 Spin-off App development 0 OS, new device and new feature updates And help grow your App through: 0 Innovative website development S5 0 Creative Social Media marketing 0 Custom SEO optimization 0 Personalized market consulting 0 Unique advertising options
  6. 6. V_ A. . H . ll — — A Was: -I '5 37.11 Ma 4. {B9 mum: l): |ll_ mu I Cllendlr www. |nfinityMGroup. com Mobile App Development. Redefined. In nit Manellmz cmuv . s ‘I’! v, ,.. ».. .., , v. uni : ... m.. .. Click on the images below and let our work speak for itself. << October 2010 >> ! _--_, ,,
  7. 7. www. |nfinityMGroup. com Mobile App Development. Redefined. Taking your business to the next level. let thle Infinity Mobile Application experts take your brand to the next level and make your App dreams a rea ity. Contact us today for a quote. let's build your brand! Infinity Marketing Group www. |nfinityMGroup. com (303) 834-7344