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Doberman pinscher


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Doberman pinscher

  1. 1. F-—/ "Jl«7> T’l/2 - 75‘/ ‘V DOBERIv1AIl PINSCHER is-—x')L7 ‘/ / /odel & Diagrams by Ares NOW“ s’ till -<i. ‘- l (| |.l)"I Fold and unfold angle bisectors on both sides. Tum me papa, oVe, _ Fold and unfold A vertical creases using the circled points. Fold and unfold along both diagonals. Fold and unfold honzorl; creases as shown. Fold and unfold perpendicularly Bring the edges to the circled ‘° ‘he edges 35 500"“- points, pivoting from the lower circled intersection. 1 0 Fold and unfold the comers . . to the circled intersections. // / "1 i ‘l <---. -rt‘--. -,_. _ -34-‘- 2 I i y 3/. ‘ Fold the lower right / ' edge up and bring the right corner corner behind. » / down. Fold the upper ~. . , illUl‘l'l Nil ll ‘:01! 4 222 ‘.2 I7 | l'llliill. l«‘lI‘Illl : .
  2. 2. Doberman Pinscher I Ares Alanya (Peru) / sfighuy m up Fold and unfold "19 ed‘: -le~ Next step will focus on the hidden flap_ the layers underneath. Fold the nearest R left cornerdown 7" using existing J‘ crease. Collapse using existing creases. "1 horizontal nu. -.-n. This is how the layers should look sincestep 14- Fold up the flaps. Tum "19 D395? 0Ve"- Tum the paper over. Bring the comer up. folding thesides to Close with a hall preliminary the middle as shown base on the ngm_ ‘ . ‘ ~ / Like this. Tum the paper over Repeat steps 9 to 11 on the left. V «l4 A I , . ‘ " ‘ " " " “""' ' (’l'lL'~lllH ltllllvliltill i7ii. l IIIII'l| lllll gun 223
  3. 3. F—/ '}la? ‘/ 7’l/ Z-775'/1" (»~ii. ~) Fold up the flap Fold and unfold an angle bisector on the hidden flap. Next step will show the top layer. Fold an angle bisector. Fold through all layers using the circled reference, Fold down the corner 30 Fold an angle bisector l llilll4l‘i ml ii‘ ‘Jiill -I H1;| iillliu‘ili’liilll I, 224 Sink / double rabbit ear told using, creases made in steps 21 and 22. close the layers as in the previous step‘ Repeat steps 18 to 24 behind Inside reverse fold. Fold using the circled reference i'. i.t~
  4. 4. Doberman Pinscher Ares Aianva (pew) Fold down both corners fr / Notice the shape oi the hidden tlap. Open sink using creases made in step 31. Rabbit ear fold. Fold the comer up. / Open sink using creases made in step 28. Swivel told Repeal step 34 behind. inside reverse lold. Fold the llap to the left Rotate the model. ' ‘ -. , ii, i,ii"i , ,i 1', ’ yr, “ ii iiiit. -.iiiii '| ’iiiit--i-lliii l7ili t'iiiil. -iiiini. gill]
  5. 5. Fold and unfold through all layers Repeat steps 51 and 52 behind. pattem looks like this. Open the first layer only. You will have to unlock the layers inside. 55 Push the layers. Pleat and sink when slim» notice the new layer arrangement. 226 I17 niltililiiia-my-/ satiinliih vril. l7 2011 fr
  6. 6. Doberman Pinscher Ares Alanya (Peru) 66 Fold the edge behind and inside reverse told on the hidden layers underneath the neck Repeat steps 64 to 67 behind. Fold the edge behind, the upper area ot the front and rear layer of the leg are unlocked since step 24. Repeat like steps 54 to 57 on the next layers of the same side the crease pattern will then look like this. Repeat steps 54 to 58 behind Fold and unfold angle bisectors. i‘ I, ,, l I . i , _ ""'““ -"1 1/ 1-“ll I iirw. .. r. tlllt'tiLuI mi l'| iilt‘IlllIIil still 227
  7. 7. ,2 Outside reverse fold again. this time between 1 layer in front and 2 behind. 228 tr. :7 lHlm‘-iU'o‘i: ‘IIl : . F—/ )l«7‘/ 7|/1-7'5‘/ ’rr (/ -)t«—) Closed sink on the upper area. Open sink on the rest. Check the crease pattem for help. Sink using existing creases. Outside reverse fold between 2 layers in front and 1 behind. Open and squash‘ . A. ih| >l~lU “.1 17 34:11:‘: Unfold to step 71. F-‘old down the hind '99‘ using the ontersecbfl” of the front and rear layers as reference Repeat sit‘? -*3 7‘ to 78 behmd I‘ l~ ii nv ‘tun
  8. 8. Doberman Pinscher Ares Alanya (Peru) Inside reverse Mountain fold the side of the leg 87 Repeat steps 77 to 78. 1 the Repeat steps 85 to 90 behind. l Outside reverse fold. told the leg down. Mountain fold the edges of the tail § we r- rid legs "°. 'Sr: CtiGn ' and we’ re‘-ere’-:9. ;5h: lve| told, consider Cltcled intersection 35 "it: rotation axis Focus on the hind legs‘ Closed sink in and out Pleat and untold as shown MUM" "' I’ W” ‘ "| ly. 'iHlll lttlt| I‘li. .|l lfili I i-ii. .»m. ... . Jul]
  9. 9. F—/ ')l«? ‘/ 7’l/2-T5‘/ ‘t’ (’‘)l«—) t th ’ht. Close the neck layers. Fold me flap 0 e "9 Repeat steps 98 to 103 behind. Crimp again on the back layer. Slightly open the neck layers. Crimp between 3 la ers in front and 2 behin . Softly fold the flap of the head to the left. Inside reverse fold. Next step will focus on the hidden layers. Repeat steps 9,; to 96 in front 94 Mod: the angle ol the swive told made on lhe rnir layers Swivel fold. ”"'°°'* de layers. t 230 . -, l7lHllliilUilI'| |l| I. i. in-Mil ml 17 2011 -'i I 7‘
  10. 10. Doberman Pinscher Ares Alanya (Peru) Mountain fold the comers. p.83, me up Crimp on both sides. of the nap as the edge Repeat 105 behind. Model Completed. Rotate the model. Mountain fold the lower corners. i’; / ‘ i V ‘ ‘N _ ‘_ W Shape the belly. Mountain told the edge You will have to swivel the hidden layers underneath "19 head and neck Repeat behind Mountain fold the edge. Repeat behind, Slightly fold up Repeat behind to 114 behind. the edge- Mountain told the edge Repeat steps 113 Shape the ears / "I'! l"i‘l i, ..i I7 jiull ii ii. ... v.. ... . 1.. .“. -.. i.. n i7iiit‘. ... i.-. .i. .~. .zuii 231