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Züco wachten en ontvangen bij HAGELE kantoormeubilair


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Züco op hoog niveau wachten en klanten ontvangen.

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Züco wachten en ontvangen bij HAGELE kantoormeubilair

  1. 1. ZÜCO WAITING AREASitting pretty
  2. 2. Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria ▲ PR 331 PR 081 PR 081 Züco Perillo. The future of seating. Züco Perillo is the lounge chair which is as refined as it is extravagant. The seat surface, back, armrest and sub-frame merge together seamlessly to create a single designer object made from one cast. In a world geared towards efficiency, the cheeky, sculptured chair with a futuristic feel provides a welcome contrast to the sober linearity of lots of structural shells. Design Martin Ballendat
  3. 3. Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria ▼ PR 181 PR 181Martin Ballendat’s design exudes a whiff of glamour. This is why the Swiss Lounge chair manufacturer produces Züco Perillo with ahigh-gloss surface. This contrasts with the fabric bonding in the seat and armrest area, making Züco Perillo an enchanting sight whichprovides a high level of comfort while sitting.
  4. 4. Bregenz Festival and Congress House, Austria AL 082 AL 331 Züco Alterno. For working and waiting. Züco Alterno is multifunctional furniture that combines two opposites: waiting and working. One simple movement of the body is enough to set about concentrated work in this truly versatile revolving armchair. The optional auto-return function brings the chair back to its original position when you stand up – to keep everything looking neat and tidy all the time. Design Martin Ballendat
  5. 5. Bregenz Festival and Congress House, Austria ▲ RS 081 RS 320 RS 080 Züco Rilasso. Enjoyment instead of waiting. Züco Rilasso turns space into areas where people can communicate and relax at the same time, because this chair can be reassembled time after time to suit any requirements. As a ‘stand-alone‘ chair or a complete unit, the strictly cubic design with its straight lines fosters both communication and wellbeing – the success factors for modern companies.
  6. 6. RS 082 RS 089The lounge range offers two individual chairs, a couch, a sofa and occasional tables to create harmonious unity and sophisticated sim-plicity in any combination. The basis: the occasional tables are precisely aligned with the seats and armrests of the couch and chairs,matching functionality and a post-modern aura with a sure sense of style.
  7. 7. Bregenz Festival and Congress House, Austria RS 560 Züco Rilasso. Simply impressive. Outstanding craftsmanship combined with choice materials will encourage top per- formance from employees and visitors alike – and that‘s only possible where people feel a sustained sense of wellbeing. In executive offices, elegant foyers or working units, Züco Rilasso rides the waves of changing fashion: up-to-date today, and equally up-to-date in tomorrow‘s efficient and creative office world. Design Roland Zünd
  8. 8. Unique Airport Zurich Switzerland Züco Carat. Clear lines. A classic, cubic design in the Bauhaus tradition help Züco Carat to emanate an inviting and relaxed ambience where visitors will enjoy being welcomed. In waiting areas or lounges, Züco Carat testifies to your own clear lines. Its hand- crafted high-quality materials encourage regeneration as well as inspiration. Design Karl Zünd
  9. 9. CA 345 CA 088Züco Carat. Truly versatile. Züco Carat offers you ‘tailor-made seating‘ – in units from one to three seats, with only thefinest covering materials such as leather, Alcantara or textiles. A simple occasional table creates harmony and balance. The squareglass top is supported on the ‘chrome-plated metal‘ frame (painted on request).
  10. 10. CA 089
  11. 11. Unique Airport Zurich Switzerland Züco Destino. Classical relaxation. Customers will quite simply feel at ease in the stylish ambience created by Züco Destino. The basis for successful discussions. As an armchair or a four-section sofa, the masterly combination of comfort and aesthetic appeal makes Züco Destino the ideal choice in elegant waiting areas and reception zones, lounges and executive offices. Design Roland Zünd
  12. 12. DE 090Züco Destino. Style and stardom. Züco Destino‘s clear-cut lines blend harmoniously with the gentle, almost un-noticeable curves of the armrests, so the chair exudes a subtle yet distinct dynamism. The raised occasional table also embodies thissimple, cubic language of form, demonstrating a focus on the essentials.
  13. 13. DE 330 DE 082Züco Destino. Beauty all along the line. The lounge table contrasts with the four-section sofa, to create an exci-ting yet harmonious appearance that is convincing all along the line – not least because the office furniture craftsmen at Züco believein quality when it comes to materials too. Stained oak and textiles from the Züco collection can meet every wish.
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  15. 15. Unique Airport Zurich Switzerland ▲ RB 077 Züco Rilasso Banco. Simply beautiful. Refined simplicity and timeless beauty – that‘s the Züco Rilasso Banco, de- veloped in keeping with the Rilasso lounge family. The wooden traverse on the bench becomes the supporting element for a modular system that offers plenty of variety. Fitted with a reading lamp, a flower holder or a magazine rack, Züco Rilasso Banco offers unmista- keable order with a note of prestige. Design Carl Magnusson & Roland Zünd
  16. 16. RB 073Whether you want people to sit in a row or opposite one another for a face-to-face encounter, Züco Rilasso Banco offers you a freehand to arrange your seating – the flexibility of this innovative system knows virtually no bounds.
  17. 17. Unique Airport Zurich, Switzerland Züco Sarno Bench. Elegant understatement. The minimalist formal language of a Züco Bench merges the chrome-plated tubular frame harmoniously into the Reholz back shell. The armrests are seamlessly and invisibly transformed into the waist-high back. And the charming interplay of wood and leather or fabric emphasise the simple beauty of Züco Sarno Bench. Design, Dirk Tegtmeyer & Anne Homann
  18. 18. Züco Sarno Traverse. Minimal to the max. Understatement with sophisticated detail: the fine wood used forthe backrest and armrests is punched at intervals of a few millimetres, and pressed in several layers. The units are linked togetherlike a chain. The extreme curve of the back and arm section is highly striking and technically strong. Züco Sarno: impressive interplaybetween radii and organic forms.
  19. 19. Züco Sarno Traverse can be multiplied as often as you wish: seats for 2, 3 4 or 5 people. Seating rows can be extended as you wish – thepossibilities are infinite. You can also combine the seats with table tops, so Züco Sarno Traverse will set the trend as its simple elegancedominates your room.
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