Drink Water For Your Health


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Do you drink enough water? It does more than just quench our thirst. Water is a key to a healthy life. It aids in building muscles, weight loss and a number of other health attributes. Find out a few of the benefits of drinking water.

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Drink Water For Your Health

  1. 1. Why You Need Water
  2. 2. You are what you Drink We are mostly water. Water is the main component of cells and blood is over ninetypercent water. While food has water, it is not enough to keep us hydrated. We must drink it. Aside from quenching our thirst, why do you need to drink it? Here are a few of the benefits from drinking water.
  3. 3. 5 Reasons to Drink Water
  4. 4. Fountain of Youth. Tired of looking old and feeling tired? When you are dehydrated, wrinkles appear. You will start to look like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Only you are not an aging rock star. Also, if you don’t drink enough water, your body will try to retain as much water as it can. You can look puffy and bloated.
  5. 5. Makes you Smarter. Want to know how your brain works without water? Talk to a marathon runner at mile 22. Water helps you think. It prevents fatigue. Keep your brain on full alert by staying hydrated.
  6. 6. Helps you Build Muscle. Do you want to get stronger? Drink water. Water makes up over two-thirds of our muscles. Water helps the muscles contract. When you are dehydrated, water abandons muscles cells and helps vital organs function. You may look thinner but you will be weaker.
  7. 7. Weight Loss. We don’t eat when we need food. We eat when the brain tells us to eat. It talks to the digestive system through hormones. An empty stomach is an angry stomach that tells the brain to feed it. Drinking water helps you feel fuller and it suppresses your appetite so you’ll want to eat less. Water also helps you burn fat by flushing toxins.
  8. 8. Depression and Illness. Water rids the evil toxins that want to harm you. You white blood cells are placed in the fast lane to fight viruses and bad bacteria. Water helps you make the neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps ward off depression.
  9. 9. Drink 80 and 120 oz. a Day Drink more if you are exercising or out in the heat or humidity. If you exercise an hour or more, add electrolytes to some of your drinks. You should also drink more if you are ill. Have it at your desk, near your bed and in your car so you can drink without thinking about it. Your health depends on it.
  10. 10. Fit in the Middle Weight Loss Program