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Enterprise Soa And Bpm


SOA Best Practices for Smarter Business Outcomes

IBM's SOA Business Executive (EMEA) - Garry Gomersall presents on "SOA Best Practices" for driving "Smarter Business Outcomes".

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SOA Best Practices for Smarter Business Outcomes

  1. 1. IBM Smart SOA Keys to Thriving in Today’s Economy with SOA Enabled Business Process Management An approach to driving Smarter Business Outcomes Presenter: Garry Gomersall, SOA Business Executive, IBM Software © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  2. 2. IBM Smart SOA Business pressures are compounding as IT constraints are growing Launch new Customized Business and innovative Shorter products for niche Pressures products change cycles markets Agents Employees Customers Suppliers Resellers 3rd Party Providers Complex Complex IT budget spent on IT Constraints processes applications maintenance, not new and systems and interfaces investments 2 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  3. 3. IBM Smart SOA Business & IT Need To Align Through BPM & SOA …To Drive Specific Business Outcomes Business Process Management Business Outcome WHAT WHY ? ? CRM F&A Order Claims HOW Check Availability ? New Customer Business & IT Alignment: Application View: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) SOA Composite Business Services Governance 3 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  4. 4. IBM Smart SOA Smarter Business Outcomes Through Smart SOA 2 Tame Chaos With 1 Drive Agility into the Process Organization 3 Meet New 4 Build a ‘Smart’ Customer Needs SOA Foundation 4 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  5. 5. IBM Smart SOA Smart SOA™: Distinct Value with Every Path Regardless of Where You Choose to Engage Value to Greater agility in Optimization and Business model Predictive Business specific, innovation across innovation to business departmental end-to-end support the automatically business areas business processes Globally Integrated responding to Enterprise market forces Collaboration Coordination Enterprise-wide Enact significant Scope within a line of across lines of organizational shifts without direct business business cooperation IT involvement Extend Adapt Foundational End-to-End Transform Dynamically Value to IT Focused, proven, End-to-end business IT for strategic Technology becomes high-ROI projects process management advantage and invisible to innovate and business model optimize innovation % functions expressed as <10% <40% <80% >80% services % of services <5% <20% <50% >50% reused Based on 5700 customers using our SOA offerings 5 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  6. 6. IBM Smart SOA Process Integrity Takes SOA to the Next Level Enabling Integrity of Transactions, Interactions and Information Extend Adapt Foundational End to end Transform Dynamically SOA Entry Points Process Integrity 6 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  7. 7. IBM Smart SOA Process Integrity is Critical to Advanced SOA Projects To Achieve Business Agility without Sacrificing Integrity Critical end-to-end processes require an SOA environment that can provide:  Full transactional support across distributed systems  Automated compensation and resynchronization  Recovery at all levels (service bus, application, database, server…)  Enterprise-class scalability to handle 1000’s service calls per minute CRM Supply Chain Supply Chain Financial (internal) (external) Application A Application B Application C Application D End-to-end Integration Connectivity (ESB, Messaging, Adapters, Registry/Repository, Standards) Process Process Automation (Choreography, Flow Control) Security Quality of Service 7 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  8. 8. IBM Smart SOA Extending the SOA Platform  Robust infrastructure  “Light weight” for Enterprise QoS  Business in control of consumer platform  Service management Policy and Rules in response to Events and governance  Facilitates creation  Enables dynamic, of user-defined  Facilitates creation industry-specific situational service- of composite business services based applications applications  Facilitates creation of next generation applications Business Services Web 2.0 Platform SOA Foundation Platform 8 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  9. 9. IBM Smart SOA Extending The SOA Provider Platform: Business Services Business Level Agility Business  Dynamic assembly and delivery of services Services Service based on business context Oriented  Reusable building blocks at a business level Applications  Incremental approach to business solutions that lowers risk Choreo- SOA-Enabled Process Automation graphed Service  Process driven choreography of services Services Orchestration  Process automation with associated business logic encapsulated within the business process  Improved flexibility and manageability with your SOA Simplify Integration Basic Standards- Services  Easier integration and connectivity based  Standardized components and Web services Integration  Based on well accepted technical standards Business Services Platform 9 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  10. 10. IBM Smart SOA Taking an Architectural view of the Business, Applications, and Technology Infrastructure…to help bridge the gaps between strategy and implementation. 10 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  11. 11. IBM Smart SOA Multiple valid starting points for SOA enabled change …some example patterns IT Transformation Start Business Business Model Transformation Start Information People as Service Productivity SOA Processes Business Process Start Start Start Roadmap & Management Governance Start IT Applications Start Start Application Application Connectivity Reuse IT Infrastructure Start Infrastructure Modernization 11 IBM Internal Use | Oct 6, 2009 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  12. 12. IBM Smart SOA Service Oriented Analysis, Modeling, and Design  Top Down Approach – Business Requirements can be rendered as a Business Process Model – Articulate and model the business intent as a process – Process model becomes an input for service design  Bottom Up Approach – Existing IT assets are discovered and evaluated as possible services – Identify existing components as candidate services – Assets can be transformed into service interfaces and implementations  Meet-In-The-Middle Approach – Identification of business goals and sub-goals – Goals and sub-goals correlate to candidate services  UML Profile for Software Services and RUP SOMA enforces discipline in designing software services 12 IBM Internal Use | Oct 6, 2009 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  13. 13. IBM Smart SOA A Methodology for Aligning Business Architecture and IT Architecture • Break down your business into components • Decide what is strategically important, and what is just operations in the value chain domains Business • Analyze the different KPIs attached to these components Architecture • Prioritize and scope your transformation projects CBM • Assess your current SOA adoption maturity level • Identify the pain points for the scoped projects • Define the As-Is environment for the scoped projects Assess & Plan • Define the To-Be environment for the scoped projects SIMM • Identify the Gaps and build the SOA Roadmap • Define a Service Model • Identify your services based on your business components • Specify the services and components accordingly Service • Make SOA realization decisions based on architectural Modeling decisions SOMA • Implement a Service Model • Develop a service-oriented architecture to support the Componentized Business SOA • Implement service based scoping policy for projects Realization • Implement appropriate governance mechanism Business-Aligned IT Architecture 13 IBM Internal Use | Oct 6, 2009 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  14. 14. IBM Smart SOA Smarter Business Outcomes Through a Smart Approach to SOA  Drive agility into the organization Select and track a key agility indicator today!  Tame chaos with process Utilize BPM Enabled by SOA  Reach today’s changing customer Experience SOA extended by Web 2.0  Build a smart SOA foundation Take Advantage of SOA – Entry Points Reuse and Connectivity 14 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  15. 15. IBM Smart SOA 3 Ways BPM Projects Deliver Value With Customer Examples 15 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  16. 16. IBM Smart SOA Three Ways BPM Projects Deliver Value Smart Automation Smart Insight Smart Policy & Rules 16 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  17. 17. IBM Smart SOA Automate Manual Processes to Optimize Costs  Reduce staffing Manual Information Tasks requirements  Reduce handling costs Automated Process  Support rapid change and reduce cycle times 3x  Maximize investments IT Systems through reuse Source: An IBM Customer’s Supply Chain Process 17 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  18. 18. IBM Smart SOA Retailer Yansha Department Stores Streamlines Processes and Embraces Supplier Collaboration Challenge  Faced with the prospect of having to compete with highly efficient foreign competitors, Yansha had to streamline and automate its business processes  Yansha needed to find a way to get all 1,800 of its national and international suppliers to buy into a new, more efficient way of doing Business Benefits business  Reduced order lead time from Solution 2.5 days to 4.5 hours  Automates supply chain management processes among people, across multiple  Improved order applications and between Yansha and its acknowledgement rate from 80 suppliers. to 99%  Using a graphical process view Yansha provided suppliers transparency into  Reduced order error rate from customer buying behavior, sales trend and nine to one percent process information enabling them to adjust and optimize their operations to satisfy  Achieved ROI in nine months market demand. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  19. 19. IBM Smart SOA Smart Supply Chain with Automation automates logistics to improve operations and reduce costs Industry Pains  Inefficient, manual inventory and transport processes  Lack of visibility into supply chain assets Real Results  75% reduction in handling time  Reduced aircraft production and operating/maintenance costs 19 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  20. 20. IBM Smart SOA Capture Actionable Insights from Business Events Business Event Processing  Leverage insights for smarter decisions  Quickly react to threats and opportunities  Reduce costly exceptions 18% of Insurance Payments go to Fraudulent Claims Sources: North American government tax return process, Insurance Research Council, 2008 20 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  21. 21. IBM Smart SOA Smart Oil Production Driven by Actionable Insights rewrites the rules on production efficiency Industry Pains  Declining production levels  High maintenance costs  Lack of integration risked $10 billion in potential revenue Real Results  30% reduction in maintenance cost  5% higher production efficiency  Greener energy production with smart sensors 21 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  22. 22. IBM Smart SOA Use Policies and Rules …to Make Process Changes without IT Rework  Reduce the time and cost of change  Increase revenue and lower costs Analytics Rules Policies Sales goals Modify product Change in-flight are at risk offerings sales promotions Direct Deploy “Close the gap” Now between changes and the time and cost it takes to implement them Source: North American insurance claims process 22 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  23. 23. IBM Smart SOA Smart Customer Service using Business Policies delivers flexible service platform to support growth plans Industry Pains  High support costs inhibit profitable growth  90% of support handled through call center Real Results  Reduce customer on-boarding costs with dynamic “self-service” support channels  Support 100% growth plan without adding CRM agents 23 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  24. 24. IBM Smart SOA Building a Smarter Planet… SMARTER IS … SMARTER IS … Reducing a city’s traffic Knowing where your in- congestion and emissions process components are on through road usage tolls the factory floor SMARTER IS … SMARTER IS … Getting real-time line of sight Knowing real-time about across the transportation inventory changes in your supply chain supply chain Stockholm, Sweden: BMW: An intelligent toll system in the city center resulted in Implemented RFID container tracking system 20% less traffic, 40% lower emissions and 40,000 improving utilization by 10-20%. additional users of the public transportation system. 24 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
  25. 25. IBM Smart SOA 5 Keys To Thriving in Today’s Economy with SOA-enabled BPM 1. Agility Metrics 2. Smart Automation 3. Smart Insight 4. Smart Policy & Rules 5. Smart Skills 25 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
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IBM's SOA Business Executive (EMEA) - Garry Gomersall presents on "SOA Best Practices" for driving "Smarter Business Outcomes".


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