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Crown Fine Art Brochure

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Crown Fine Art Brochure

  1. 1. Sharing the passion Art CentralPurpose-built and high-tech – fine art storage and display on your doorstep. Sharing the passion For further information on how we can help, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7732 7610 or email us at
  2. 2. Every inch of the building is designed with you in mind. To show, to store and always secure Combining viewing rooms, private workspace, photographic rooms and museum-standard secure storage, Art Central is there to support all your fine art needs.
  3. 3. Five minutes from the centre of London, Art Central lives up to its name. Your art, centrally located At last, somewhere to store and display artworks that doesn’t involve leaving central London. Within easy reach of Mayfair and St James’s,Art Central opens up new opportunities in the art handling business. More accessible for you – only a short walk from overground and tube stations.
  4. 4. Art Central’s client viewing rooms provide privacy, and the perfect environment, for displaying and selling fine art. The rooms have adjustable LED lighting and secure access. Professionally designed, offering maximum discretion. Private viewing rooms Room height 4m, access height 3.4m, built to gallery standards.
  5. 5. Purpose-built rooms, within our centrally-located warehouse, are versatile spaces for viewing or photographing your works. White walls, LED lighting, secure access.Photographic rooms Convenient and flexible to meet your requirements.
  6. 6. Client rooms Make our place your own. Dedicated client rooms are available for short or long term hire. Our rooms can be used as a private gallery or a fully customisable storage space for your collection. Or they could be used for conservation or inventory management.With complete freedom to furnish as you wish, they can be as flexible as you are. Our experts will work with you to ensure you receive the maximum efficiency and value from your room.
  7. 7. Highly secure, and with restricted access, our state- of-the-art premises offers national Museum Security Adviser approved storage. Art Central is fully customs bonded, Department for Transport regulated and AXA GRASP approved. A four-hour, fire-rated Durasteel wall provides the ultimate protection. Kanvas, our in-house warehouse management system, has been designed to track your artwork within our facility – and across the globe. CCTV surveillance with secure inside loading. Humidity-controlled storage areas using the latest climate technology. Safe storage to the highest standards. Managed storage
  8. 8. Art Central ensures your objects remain in perfect condition from the moment they enter the building. We pride ourselves on our museum standards. Up to the minute and historical climate control reports are available. Complete temperature and humidity control throughout the building. The perfect climate for fine art
  9. 9. Art technicians share their expertise and their passion. On-site support Our experts are on-hand to support your visit. The industry-leading team is dedicated to ensuring that works are safeguarded with the highest degree of professionalism and care. They understand the need to treat every artwork individually.
  10. 10. We provide secure transportation, storage, installation and de-installation services across the world.They can be stand-alone, or custom-built, to suit your requirements. Airfreight Art handling Local and European transportation Insurance consultation Customs services Exhibition management Delivering unique services to a global network. Art Central makes dealing in fine art easier

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