Finacle - Core banking Software Solution Overview

  1. Differentiate their products and service
  2. Enhance customer experience
  3. Achieve greater operational efficiency
  4. Addresses core banking, wealth management, CRM, Islamic banking and treasury requirements of retail, corporate and universal banks worldwide.
  5. Empowers banks in over 131 banks across 65 countries with multiple sales, service and marketing channels including e-banking, mobile banking and call centers.
  6. Strong innovation-facilitator
  7. Agile operations ensuring lesser vendor dependency and faster adaptability to changing environment
  8. Unified view of customer across solutions enabling robust cross-sell framework
  9. Improved cross-sell framework by leveraging a unified 360° view of the customer
  10. Increased operational efficiencies enabled by Straight Through Processing(STP)
  11. Higher collaboration by leveraging the multilingual web-based single repository of information
  12. Provides banks tremendous flexibility to extend product portfolio and customize solution according to requirements, thereby enhances agility and helping to identify new opportunities and roll out new products
  13. Robust security
  14. Higher business agility which helps banks identify new opportunities and roll out new products
  15. Robust security framework
  16. Lower total cost of ownership
  17. Lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), proven scalability and robust performance for both conventional and Islamic banking
  18. A robust integration framework which leads to reduced turnaround time
  19. Leverages Infosys mConnect to provide a context-agnostic view to the transaction server and include various customer segments
  20. Reduced integration costs by leveraging common interface messages, maintenance and deployment costs
  21. Full STP for all supported instruments and a powerful integration framework ensures higher operational efficiency
  22. Flexibility to tailor solutions and create new product flavors and addition of innovative functionalities and features enables banks to easily enhance their product portfolio
  23. Increased process efficiencies and collaboration through automation
  24. Enhanced customer value through analytical insights that facilitate effective cross-sell and up-sell and improved stickiness
  25. Reduced time to market by leveraging predefined data mapping, extraction programs and data aggregation outputs
  26. Greater service efficiency
  27. Sustained cross-sell framework for banks to aggressively explore opportunities
  28. Aggressive customer acquisition and improved cross-sell framework
  29. Maximizes service efficiencies and cost rationalization, facilitates reduction in service distribution and transaction costs
  30. Robust security features
  31. The additional comfort of human intervention, through video, audio and data communication, creates a truly satisfactory customer experience
  32. Robust inclusivity framework extends the reach of banks’ services to various customer segments, including under-banked and unbanked communities
  33. Ease of operation through spot-registrations and customer on-boarding in online and offline mode
  34. Robust security features like fingerprint-based biometric authentication, URL encryption, referral URL check and session management
  35. Increased ROI is a direct result of the reduced downtimes on mission critical modules and complete automation of Finacle solutions’ monitoring
  36. Improved performance by managing operational data and relieving OLTP and other transactional systems at the bank off the load
  37. Data fidelity for improved strategy