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How to create a motivational fitness vision board


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How to create a motivational fitness vision board

  1. 1. How to create a motivational health and fitness Page 1 of 3How to create a motivational healthand fitness VISION BOARDImage courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netWhat is a Vision Board?A Vision Board is a poster / collage with images/ texts to help clarify and maintainfocus on your goals. Other terms for a Vision Board are dream board, inspirationboard, treasure map, creativity collage.Vision Boards work on the principle of law of attraction. The subconscious mindresponds very well to images. When our thoughts, mental images and emotions arein alignment, our subconscious mind takes actions and changes our reality.When we surround ourselves with images of who we want to become( think slim,healthy, attractive) what we want to achieve, where we want to live, our life changesto match those images and those desires.Vision Boards can be created for any area of your life, be it financial, career, personalrelationships, where we want to live, what we want to be/do etc. It is recommendedto create a separate Vision Board for every category. This avoids clutter and keepsyou more focussed towards your specific goal.
  2. 2. How to create a motivational health and fitness Page 2 of 3Benefits of creating a Vision Board• Clarify your goals• Encourage you to take action towards your goals• Reprogram your mind for achievement• Create a positive mindset• Fun to create.Private or Shared?Vision Boards can be kept private or shared with others. It’s entirely up to you. Ifyou fear criticism, judgement from others, it’s a good idea to keep your VisionBoards in a private location so that it can only be seen by yourself. But there isnothing like love and support of your loved ones in pursuit of your goals and dreams.7 simple steps to create a Fitness Vision BoardThings you will need1.Large sheet of Sturdy paper/ poster board – to glue pictures/ text2.Pictures of your face (optional but recommended)3.Bunch of old magazines/ flyers4.Computer, printer and internet connection5.Scissors6.GlueSTEP 1. Collect Health and Fitness PicturesBrowse through the magazines/ flyers and cut out all pictures/ texts which arerelevant to your fat loss goals. Remember this is your vision board and if you canvisualize it, you can be it. Be bold and creative.Look for pictures of:• slim and trim models,• models wearing beautiful fitting dresses which you always wanted to wear,• models wearing a bikini on beach• models exercising in the gym/ outdoors• pictures of healthy nutritious food• Model rejoicing over achieving her goal weight etc.Alternatively, instead of relying on old magazines and flyers for your picture needs,use the internet to find the images you are looking for. Google images of slim model,
  3. 3. How to create a motivational health and fitness Page 3 of 3flat abs, slim arms, slim thighs, healthy foods, exercise, etc to find the exact imagesyou are looking for. Download, save and print these images (preferably in colour).STEP 2. Collect Uplifting TextsLook for positive, uplifting texts in large fonts. You are looking for words likeSuccess, Fat Loss, Slim, Health, Strong, Youthful, Happy, Joyful etc. Cut out thesewords. Alternatively, you can use simple application like MS Word to type suchuplifting words in colour and artistic fonts and then print them.STEP 3. Arrange your pictures and wordsOnce you have a bunch of images and texts you like, its time to arrange them onyour board. Move things around so they fit well and look good.STEP 4. Glue them all.Once you are happy with your arrangement of pictures, texts start gluing them onyour board.STEP 5. Put yourself on the mapReplace the faces of some slim models with pictures of your smiling face. This is thefuture you. Slim, strong, healthy and happy!STEP 6. Write on your vision boardUsing a marker, write your goals/affirmations on the vision board in present tense.Eg. “I have achieved my goal weight of __ lbs”, “I am slim”, “I have a youthful face”,“I am healthy and strong” etc.STEP 7. Display your boardHang the VB somewhere where you can see/ access it everyday. View your board atleast once a day. More is better. Best times to view it are first thing in morning andbefore going to bed.Have fun and be creative with your Vision Board.!