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Rundown for surprise xmas staycation


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Rundown for surprise xmas staycation

  1. 1. XMAS SURPRISE STAYCATION FOR HONEY EVENT INFORMATION Purpose: Romantic White Christmas Staycation Date: 24 December / Tuesday / 2pm onwards Location: The Porcelain Hotel 48 Mosque Street, Singapore 059526 Tel: (65) 66453131 Fax: (65) 66453132 Website: Nearest MRT: Chinatown Station EVENT RUNDOWN Day/ Time 22 December (Sunday) Programme THINGS TO PACK IN A BIG BAG: 1. Sexy red dress and irresistible high heels 2. Makeup, Contact Len Case + Solution, Specs 3. Polaroid Camera + overpriced special Xmas film bought at SITEX 4. Panasonic portable speaker 5. Iphone/ ipad charger 6. Canon Camera (because honey wouldn’t know he has to bring his zai camera) 7. Red tealight candles from IKEA (have to start locating them) or get a new candle from DAISO 8. Blindfold that’s a bit more manly else he wouldn’t wear it 9. Violin in my awesome red case (TBC, depends on my progress for his favourite Xmas carol) 10. Dissolvable Lavender powder bought from The Body Shop long long time ago 11. Macaroons (free ones, already in office) 12. LEGO Gifts 13. Crackers (for the smoked salmon)
  2. 2. 23 December (After work) Hougang Mall 1. Collect 6 packs x fresh red rose petals from florist 2. Collect 300g of honey glazed pork ribs and a few chicken wings from BBQ Express 24 December Before 1pm Internal Screening for HER at GV Plaza at 9am Plaza Singapura 1. Buy dissolvable soap from Laline (Lavender Lemon favor) 2. Get reindeer sockings from Marks &Spencer cause it’s just so cute and that honey loves reindeer. (TBC) 3. Disposable metal looking fork & knife from Cold Storage Office closed at 12.30 Leave office, and travel down NEL to Chinatown station 2pm • • Check in to theme suite – Choose the best one among the four To actually pay for it using my card – OUCH! Chinatown Point 1. Buy merry cupcakes and the Christmas tree gingerbread man from Delifrance (See Annex for pictures) 2. Buy packed Smoked Salmon and fresh strawberries / blueberries from NTUC 3. Get ice (Chill the wine at one of the sink. Ice can be bought at 711 near hotel) Back at the hotel 1. Setup Christmas decorations and music 2. Draw a Christmas tree with rose petals on the bed a. Follow this outline: If there are excess fresh rose petals, draw a snowman in the bathtub. 3. Layout the food on the giant metal plate 4. Melt the chocolate to prepare for the fondue 3pm • • • • • Keith to leave office (45 mins journey) Direct him to Chinatown MRT and have him wait for me if I’m not ready Blindfold him when we reach the start of Mosque Street and lead him to the surprise dinner destination Activate music as he removes his blindfold for the maximum impact!!! (WHOA!!! Mind blowing!!!) I know that he will give me a kiss IMMEDIATELY after
  3. 3. ANNEX