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Integration – Implementation – Associated Business
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  1. 1. CASE STUDY & Integration – Implementation – Associated Business ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © CitySprint 2015 HelloFresh is a fast growing online business built on consumer’s fast paced lives and convenience of having the right fresh ingredients matched with amazing recipes, all perfectly measured, so cooking becomes fun. CitySprint follows a formal and proven methodology in order to deliver consistent and predictable results, empowering our clients to achieve their business objectives. Our team of Project Managers and Technical Architects follow the methodology to the letter, thus managing the whole project from the initial requirement through to implementation and closure. The Project Managers are all Prince 2 certified, work closely with our 3rd party Dev teams. End to end process is closely monitored and reported within CitySprint IT. The Challenge Empower HelloFresh to the extend they can allow consumers to dictate their chosen Delivery Window Slot, Proactive Status driven Notification using Co-Branded e-mails , Full Track&Trace combined with Proof Of Delivery, Print Barcoded Labels prior to packing and support Change Management in case any order is amended. HelloFresh was planning to offer all this at no cost to their clients and with variable consignment volumes given they are a relatively young business. Capabilities Each vendor involved in the project will have its own definition of an integrated solution. To some, it means that they have standard Application Program Interfaces (or APIs) used to perform specific functions within their application. For others, it means they can create and/or receive file interfaces in specific formats to exchange data with other applications. Both these and other approaches constitute a form of integration with other applications. We believe in flexibility, where possible we strive to achieve simplicity and as such we support a wide range of integrations from full SOAP and ESB through REST API’s, XML, EDIFACT, CSV & Secure FTP with Pipe separated character .MAN manifest files request/response exchange. Integration & Implementation CitySprint managed to deliver all of the above within a challenging time scale and meeting agreed price points. Leveraging our expertise and available integration mechanisms, a solution comprised from Secure FTP + a .MAN manifest file and Status Report Solution was employed for integration, achieving a high degree of process automation, from receiving the Orders Manifest, Data Quality & Feedback, all was possible. Subsequently HelloFresh could print Barcoded & Branded Labels at packing stage and automatically notify their consumers the ordered BOX is on the way with CitySprint going to perform the delivery. Notably, this empowered HelloFresh to accommodate their consumers desire to dictate their preferred Delivery Window Slot whilst enabled automatic Scanning, Reconciliation, Sorting and Optimal Suggested Routing. Translating into numbers, HelloFresh achieved sustainable growth from 100 to 2000+ weekly orders, focusing onto what they excel by selecting CitySprint as their Logistics Partner.