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How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Registry Service


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Wedding registry services have become very popular over the years. While selecting these services, factors like free delivery, big range, accreditation, free gift registry setup, easy to use website should be taken in to consideration.

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How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Registry Service

  1. 1. How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Registry Service So, you’ve decided that you’re going to have a wedding registry set up for your big day – congratulations! This will make it so much easier for guests to give you something that you truly need and will cherish. But how do you go about choosing a wedding registry service to use? The big department stores carry a lot of items, but they probably don’t have everything you really want in store. The best choice these days is to pick a gift registry online. With an online registry, you and your guests are only clicks away from being completely sorted. So what sort of things should you look for in a gift registry? And why is Wedding Gifts Direct the superior service? Free Delivery If the items that you are receiving are gifts, then you don’t want to have to go and pay delivery costs on top of them then, do you? Wedding Gifts Direct offers free delivery on all items that are purchased from your online wedding registry. Big Range There’s no point in choosing a registry service if it doesn’t have absolutely everything on it that you want. Imagine having two different registries set up? That’s silly! Wedding Gifts Direct has a huge range of gifts available from appliances, to home furnishings, to jewellery and watches, and beyond! There’s also wishing well and honeymoon treat options and larger value gifts can be split up into shares. They’ve really thought of everything, so you don’t have to.
  2. 2. Accreditation Make sure that your registry is industry accredited to know that you’re getting the best products and services. Wedding Gifts Direct has accreditations from both the Australian Bridal Industry Academy and the Australian Bridal Service, putting them among some of the best in the biz. Free Gift Registry Setup Don’t look twice at any service that is charging you for signup fees – why should you spend your hard earned on sign ups when you’re getting products through them too? If you open an account with Wedding Gifts Direct there are no sign up fees, and you aren’t even obliged to follow through with the service if you decide that it isn’t for you. Easy to use Website This one is a must! If a website is difficult for you or your friends and family to use, everyone involved will just be frustrated with the experience. The Wedding Gifts Direct website is intuitive, well laid out, and works with all browsers. Resource Box: If you’re in the market for a wedding registry site, then check out Wedding Gifts Direct. The site features all of the above features, plus much, much more. Presented By